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Myself, Mike Vermette and Josh Williams review the "Merc With A Mouth's" first real debut on the big screen (We like to pretend that "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" does not exist) with Marvel's 2016 (Non MCU) film "Deadpool" starring Ryan Reynolds in anticipation for "Deadpool 2."
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00:00:00You are listening to the next best picture podcast and this is our patriotic throwback review of two thousand sixteen's deadpool i love you waken fight this you're right cancer's only my liver lungs prostate brain things i can live without what if i told you weii can make you
00:00:21better you're a fighter we can give you abilities most men only dream off make you a superhero is promise you'll do right by me so i can do right by someone else and please don't make the super suit green or animated one thing that never supplies despite its
00:00:43sense of humor we'll see about that part spice oh come on you know leave me alone here with less angry rosie o'donnell won't suit i want to thank your mother for what way you may be wondering why the red suit Well that's so bad guys can't see me
00:01:29bleed this guy's got the right idea he wore the brown pants that he needs to express some rage wait how many ways reeks like old lady pants in here it sounds like you have a dick in your mouth motherfucker You ...
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