Beware "Yes" - Master "No

 Beware "Yes" - Master "No - Inside Selling
March 20, 2018 · transcript

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Stop pushing for yes and instead turn your questions into "no"-oriented questions to create safe environments where prospects feel comfortable opening up so that you can get to more truth. Lesson learned from Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Chris Voss.

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00:00:00or my favorite way to counter a price objection is if someone says you know you're too expensive or whatever variation of the price of Junction you get you of course can say compared to what is the classic of objection response to that but I might also say so it sounds like prices the primary driver of your decision is that right and often people will say well no cuz no one wants to feel cheap right so he'll usually say well no that's not actually the case and then I then we start a conversation will what are the drivers of your decision and now we get closer to the truth through that first no to take price off the table at least somewhat
00:00:43this is inside selling a podcast where we talked about how to sell without selling your soul in a way that feels comfortable for both you and your prospects today on the Big Show The Return of Liston weather El Liston how are you my long lost friend where is the Applause track is my question I'm good man I'll just pretend that people are clapping for me tha...
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