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When the summer lush beauty of the Cape and the Islands and the Berkshires draw thousands of visitors. It’s prime time for the hotels, the gift shops, the ferries, and restaurants in the resort areas, which depend on seasonal profits for their year round livelihood. For years they’ve also depended on temporary foreign workers assigned H2B Visas. But now the specialized Visas are in short supply and small business owners are taking a hit to the wallet.
Later in the show, Comedian Jimmy O. Yang 's funny memoir is a both a riotous and heartfelt remembrance of his coming to the US and becoming a citizen. Just in time for July 4th, this unique immigrant story is very much a love letter to America.

Nancy Gardella, the executive director of Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce & Tourism
Peter Hall, president and general manager of the Van Rensselaer's Restaurant & Raw Bar and general manager and sole member of Catch of the Day restaurant, both in South Wellfleet, Massachusetts.
And Jimmy O. Yang, author of “How to American: The Immigrant’s Guide to Disappointing Your Parents”

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00:00:01Under the radar meanies authenticity not being filtered it's a window in on the local stories that touch our lives and there's a huge roy in the traditional media covering this new faces of boston You may not be looking for a particular story but when you hear about it
00:00:18you're engaged under the radar means head of a curve it's also perspectives How does this particular story affect the community or neighborhood I'm callie crossley this week on under the radar with callie crossley summer when the lush beauty of the cape and the islands draws thousands of visitors
00:00:38it's prime time for the hotels the gift shop the fairies and restaurants in the resort areas which depend on seasonal profits for their year round livelihood For years they've also depended on temporary foreign workers assigned h two b visas but now the specialized visas are in short supply
00:00:57and small business owners are taking a hit to the wallet later in the show Comedian jimmy o yang's funny memoir is both a riotous an...


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