The Stupidity Of JR Smith, The Greatness Of LeBron And More

 The Stupidity Of JR Smith, The Greatness Of LeBron And More - In The Loop
June 1, 2018 · transcript

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In The Loop with Fred, Landry and Lopez discusses the biggest blunder in recent sports history last night and why it has them bothered.

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00:00:00You know once o'brien was hellish act that i came back to you know it was like oops so for me like a man great i cannot tell you how much better this is what they thought it was over and you know we were up one you know I
00:00:16thought we were all aware of what was going on that's my view so i don't know what jay i was thinking i don't know the question you're tryingto i was just trying to see if you you knew exactly what his state of mind was did he think that
00:00:27you guys had it won or did he think he was trying to make a play Not sure remember not sure if they lose this game i am getting the strap because his father you got no job oh welcome in h town happy friday everybody final week first week
00:00:50last show of the week what the hell ever is in the loop That's landry locker i'm fred davis we got a boy deejay figure role in the house john lopez doing what john lopez doesn't a friday fishing for cancer well when you say it like that that could
00:01:08be misconstrued ischinger to be candida...
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