#023 - Jason Solo

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In this episode of Lightning Film Review, Justin is still on vacation/sick so Jason takes the mic by himself.  Jason goes over the newest movie in the Insurgent series, Allegiant.  He also looks at the Lance Armstrong story, The Program.  And finally, the second installment to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon...:Sword of Destiny...but don't worry fans, Marc Wahlberg will be back next week.

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023 - Jason Solo

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By Jason Harney & Justin Roth
Professional movie critic Jason joins friend and movie geek Justin to review all things movies on a weekly basis. A film reviewer for 5 years, Jason has reviewed hundreds of movies on his website, www.lightningfilmreview.com. Join us as we review current and past movies, as well as comment on ground breaking TV shows like the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
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