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What an exciting week in the tech industry! 2018 has been exceptional so far. First, Facebook kicked off their Developer Conference on May 1st and 2nd. Then Google had their Google I/O event May 8-10. Simply incredible and gives you insight into what direction each company is headed.

First, I will be diving in with  WWDC event(s) that started yesterday on June 4th. There are 4 main pillars: iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. Today, I will be focusing solely on iOS and split them into 4 separate sections to make it a bit easier to follow.

Listen along as I high level precisely what they are doing. Once I get to the end of this series, I will specifically address the differences between these 3 companies (named above) along with what they have in common to suggest where we (as an industry) may be headed.

As always, love hearing your opinions, so please share your thoughts 💭 here or on Twitter. Enjoy!

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00:00:00alright happy Tuesday January 5th everyone is that time I cannot believe how quickly I thought this week is already blowing but maybe hey that's just because I'm excited being in this industry we've got this week at June 4th we have Apple's keynote or 2018 WWDC Keynote
00:00:20I should probably start drinking this Dasani sparkling lime but I'm not going to and I just want to take a quick specifically on Apple WWDC 2018 Kino and just things that they're doing and kind of walk you guys buy like step-by-step if you didn't watch it I'll just kind of clue you in with the high level of detail here there but mostly just high-level so you have an idea so this will be something that you can listen to while you're in the car you're at work and just give you an idea of what's going down so let me tell you how I'm going to break this down first and foremost I mean the keno was long it was roughly like 2 hours and 16 17 minutes Vanessa how long it was and that's pretty phenomenal just considering once again how ...
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