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This episode was originally published on June 2, 2008.

Chris Wanstrath and Tom Preston-Werner talk about GitHub.

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00:00:00okay see so restaurants %HESITATION eight second day Saturday saying here's Tom Preston Werner Chris once Ross of get hub boy I I mean is there anybody who doesn't know what get help is it seems like you got all the major rails projects he got rails itself you got
00:00:19murder but it seems like it should be doing pretty well roles we %HESITATION you know people people like if people like to use it people like when other people use it %HESITATION we like when other people use it it's it's also not just for me anymore left the
00:00:36popular web frameworks Britain Scala is using get Hobbes prototype script oculus knew the language that's a a list written in objective C. says that I'll use that so it's exciting to us and me personally are like the non reviews were starting to embrace it and put up their
00:00:50cool stuff which I'm normally not exposed to reading my very narrow vision ruby logs yeah we're actually %HESITATION we're starting to think about automation for the languages we did the the re...
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