Episode 81 - Video Game Adaptations & Trailers For "Mary Poppins Returns" & "The Grinch"

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For Episode 81, it is the unofficial beginning of Season 3 on the Next Best Picture Podcast as we return back to our regular format now that the Oscars are officially behind us. Myself, Will Mavity, DeAnn Chiazzese and Josh Williams introduce a new member of NBP in Jacey Aldredge, discuss the weekly poll as it pertains to "Tomb Raider" and give our reactions to trailers for "Christopher Robin," "The Grinch" and "Mary Poppins Returns."
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Video Game Adaptations

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00:00:00and the Oscar goes to
00:00:11frankly my dear I don't give a damn for real Market is slow week of words a little feel like I'm nothing
00:00:31something wrong goes to the shape of water up to episode 81 of the next best picture podcast I am your host Matt neglia and joining me today I will Maddie what's going on everybody it's been a long time coming she's already written two articles on the website and she has just been awesome for next best picture at least gentleman introducing our newest member JC Aldridge everybody
00:01:19how do you excited to be here excited I'm sure after reading some of your pieces on the website you wrote a piece of couple of weeks ago about Netflix and if they're going to be a factor in this year's Oscar season they have a couple of film slated to come out and then most recently you wrote a piece about Hollywood and the platform that they had especially at the Oscars to talk about political and social issues and is it the right place ultimately I now that we have you here I...
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