Ep. 54: Running a Successful One-Person Business - Elaine Pofeldt

Finance writer, author, and CreditCards.com columnist Elaine Pofeldt has interviewed dozens of successful entrepreneurs who aren't just getting by on their craft, but making upwards of a million dollars in the process. They're not growing their company with employees, but rather growing their reach through smart moves that allow them to earn big bucks while still working from home. In the episode she breaks down her findings in her new book, "The Million-Dollar One-Person Business."

So, let's get Charged Up! about learning how to run a successful one-person business!
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By Jenny Hoff
Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and creating financial security. Jenny Hoff is a veteran journalist, personal finance expert and managing editor at creditcards.com. To read transcripts of the podcast episodes and get more information on credit, visit creditcards.com