Wisdom Through Love and Compassion: Contrived and uncontrived practice


Episode 18: In this teaching, Harvey Aronson/Lama Namgyal Dorje reminds us that Dzogchen practice includes everything–samsara and nirvana–and both contrived and uncontrived practice are necessary in this path.  We can support our contrived practices (like cultivating compassion step by step) by feeling connected to the blessings of our practice lineage and by trusting our own buddha nature.

About this podcast
By Anne Klein and Harvey Aronson, teachers and co-directors of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism
Anne C. Klein, PhD, and Harvey B. Aronson, PhD, are the co-founders of Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism in Houston, Texas. Drawing from more than 80 years of combined experience studying with great lamas, translating written and spoken Tibetan, and practicing and teaching around the world, they offer guided meditations and teachings rooted in Tibetan Buddhist traditions that are accessible to modern Western students of the dharma. Now you can enjoy meditating with them and with the Dawn Mountain community! For more about Dawn Mountain, visit dawnmountain.org.