Episode 327 | Supporting 700+ services w/ Wade Foster

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In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Mike interviews Wade Foster of Zapier, about supporting over 700 services. Wade gives a brief history of Zapier as well as how they went from zero to 1.5 million users in 5 years. He also shares some early marketing techniques he used.

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Wade Foster of Zapier


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00:00:00in this episode starts the rest of us I'm gonna be talking to wait foster about how they support over seven hundred services with happier the stars the rest of us episode three twenty seven developers designers not yours be awesome at building blocks and growing software products for the
00:00:24first product you're just thinking about it a Mike and I'm waiting and we're here to share experiences to help you avoid the same mistakes we've made I doing this week wait until a great thanks for having me Mike awesome so it's great to have you on I want
00:00:36to give a very brief intro to you and to tell people about about who you are you're the one of the co founders of the happier happier is essentially the glue that holds together a lot of different applications and passes data back and forth between them but I
00:00:48guess with with that said I'll turn it over you because you're probably going to rephrase that much better than I possibly could well yeah the old what is after your dues question right ...
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