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Paul Martino of Bullpen Capital joins Nick to discuss the emergence of the Post-Seed round. In this episode, we cover:

  • Why Paul passed on joining Mike Maples at Floodgate in order to start Bullpen
  • The product/market fit algorithm he developed for Mike
  • If the stages of funding are moving out or if there are just more of them
  • How Bullpen is differentiated
  • The metrics they require to engage with startups
  • How his quant background has helped make this subjective discipline more objective
  • The hardest aspect of developing new, young VCs
  • We discuss lack of innovation in the asset class
  • Why herd mentality is pervasive
  • Other contrarian principles he and Bullpen embrace
  • If it's harder to get A or B round funding for the non-traditional founders or industries that he invests in
  • How Private Equity is impacting exits the differences in sourcing at post-seed and we wrap up w/ Paul's thoughts on how branding and investment focus helps drive opportunity for Bullpen
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00:00:32welcome to the podcast about investing in startups where existing investors can learn how to get the best deal possible and those that have never before invest in startups can learn the keys to success from The Venture expert your host is Nick Moran and this is the full ratchet
00:00:51welcome back to UTF are the pioneer of the pussy Brown Paul Martino joins us today on the program is from Bullpen Capital saw a distinct opportunity to fun healthy growing company that had graduated pass seed but could not yet attract a series a stage with the bar for investment seems to go up...


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