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The rise of one-million-dollar, one-person businesses in the past five years is the biggest trend in employment today, offering the widest range of people the most ways to earn a living while having the lifestyles they want. contributing writer Elaine Pofeldt talks about the solo-entrepreneurial insights in her new book, “The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want", that outlines the pathways to joining this entrepreneurial movement, synthesizing advice from hundreds of business owners who've done it. 
This Big Blend Radio interview originally aired live on on Feb. 7, 2018.
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00:00:15all the rides of $1000000 one person businesses in the past 5 years is the biggest Trend and employment today offering the widest range of people the most ways to earn a living while having the lifestyles they want it's exciting just a whole Revolution going on and um I'm excited because it's out on the Forefront Elaine post out knows all about it she's a contributing writer for and a contributing Editor to cranes New York business and she's joining us on big twin radios happy hour show to talk about the solo entrepreneurial inside spinner insightful and inspiring new book it's called the million-dollar one person business make great money work the way you like have the lesson for you want I like it is an awesome book I spend a couple nights I just I had to I just ate it up like just reading it and like I said it's very insightful a very practical you walk away from it going whether you or someone looking at getting into business or already in business you're already in business you're g...
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