Episode 2: Bill Nye

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Senator Sanders and Bill Nye the Science Guy sit down to talk about climate change and what actions we can take to transform our energy system.

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00:00:02when today is an exciting have a guard with us was done more I think than anybody else in our country to popularize science to make kids aware that science is not only important but it is fun as actually reading and thinking is a good thing so bill night
00:00:44welcome very much thank you senator wow this is this is great okay thanks so much for all that you've done all right let's cut right to it has that well we have a president of the United States who thinks that climate change is a hoax emanating from China
00:01:03we have a new administrator of the EPA somebody I strongly opposed who was in the process of dismembering of environmental protection regulations in this country what all the short and long term implications up for a president who has like you so when you say that the long term
00:01:22implications are potentially catastrophic everybody you can hate me you can hate everything I understand that but com is the speed at which the world is warming and the climate is changing it's not that...
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