# 270 - Tom Rhodes & ME

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I sit down in the mancave with Tom Rhodes to talk about hanging out with fans, the French revolution, traveling, snowboarding in Switzerland, and touring Charlie Chaplins house. 

Check out Toms podcast on iTunes "Tom Rhodes Radio Smart Camp" 

Tom also has a special on iTunes called "All Hail Laughter" 

Tom will be in Paris France on January 29th at the Theater De La Louve 

Tom will also be at the punchline in San Francisco Feb 7th-10th

For more tour dates go to www.tomrhodes.net 


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Tom Rhodes

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00:00:09hey guys brand new podcast it's the bee man sitting here with the
00:00:14no lie and it was a great podcast today the one who was great it was really great I wish we had more time to cut it short because my daughters were stealing daddy Georgia came to me this morning was like Daddy we need to play tennis today and I've been wanting to do that with her and I've been so busy I haven't been able to do it and so I want to play tennis with her instead of playing our tennis weed went over her interview for her the scallops high school she wants to go to a really great daddy-daughter moment to ask me questions I'll tell you how she answered it and then I'll show you how I told her to answer it what are you most proud of what achievement are you most proud of
00:01:00probably my boy comedy
00:01:03what should answer that for me was I don't know
00:01:20that's why I said well can I tell you what I think I would be proud of how are you choose what I said choir you made on your own to go to choir and it forced y...
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