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In one of the highlights of the year The Cinematologists screen Wong Kar-Wai's stylish masterpiece as part of the BFI 'love' season in association with The Poly, Falmouth. A veritable modern masterpiece In the Mood for Love stars Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung in iconic roles as lovers seeking refuge from disappointment, loneliness and the harsh realities of their surroundings. Dario and Neil also discuss their cinematic highlights of the year.

The Guardian article by Peter Walker referred to in the podcast can be found here: http://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2011/dec/19/in-the-mood-for-love


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00:00:25Wait welcome to the final episode off the year off the cinema atala gist podcast great to have you on board and down the line as usual is dr neal fox neil how are you this week I'm good thank you how are you I'm pretty good i'm just getting
00:00:49in gear now for the final week you've already finished but i've got one more week to go so i'm doing a lecture on the state of contemporary british cinema on tuesday so i've gotta try and figure out what that is so great so your students are gonna leave
00:01:00very depressed christmas that well i don't know it's it's not all that but i mean they were depressed enough last week when we were talking about the influence of crowdfunding and crowd sourcing and the unsustainability of current economic models in cinemas So yeah that wasn't exactly a barrel
00:01:17of laughs cheery stuff now to be to be fair i was being facetious then because i think that there's a lot of really great british film makers currently playing their trade however difficult it might be ...


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