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Straight from her Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom premiere, actress Daniella Pineda joins us this week. She shares how she stumbled into acting, always being prepared to be a superhero, and what it was like work with animatronics. She also delights us with tales of Jeff Goldblum.

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00:00:08Hey Jack third resulting how are you I'm good welcome to another episode of not you do very much you're welcome very much today we have an exciting young sprite lead talented female Danielle up Kaneda on today's episode yeah and I'm really excited because I've actually been a fan
00:00:26of hers have either a long time actually really how did you get into the Danielle a penne the school of entertainment so believe it or not she actually auditioned for me to really back in New York in back in twenty eleven yeah and so I was trying to
00:00:40castor in this shown alternately the EP's overruled me I didn't get to but I'm I was like your team Danniella yeah I really was because I was like she is funny and beautiful and she's got this really rad tech too and I was like she's gonna be assumed
00:00:55to be a huge star I just knew she gonna be you start I was like I want to get in on the his before she's like Superman and sure enough and then the seven years later she's not on the new Jurassic world I know a...


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