19. WWDC 2018 Recap

 19. WWDC 2018 Recap - Foxhole
June 5, 2018 · transcript

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Today on Foxhole, your hosts Mike and Miriam discuss the Apple WWDC 2018 recap. Get the exciting news as well as Mikes input on some of the new features you can expect with iOS 12.

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00:00:06Welcome to the foxhole a show that brings you insights into hot topics lifestyle design tips and tactics for success it was a very exciting day in the apple world yesterday yes it was it was the first day of the worldwide developers conference on dh the annual day that
00:00:27they announced all the new updates to their operating systems new features that will get to play with new capabilities that developers have in order to build better aps and this was an amazing w w d c keynote and uh now i know you're going to do an excellent
00:00:45recap on it for us right now but before we start i have one question if the memo ji is iowa's twelve how did you send me one this morning It sends when you send in the emoji or in an emoji itjust records a video and exports of video
00:01:00and sends that so that's favorable now if you have ios twelve insult on your devices yes you can go ahead and do that and you could even i think you should be able to send an emoji and me emoji to android users also because it's j...
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