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Check out this week’s content highlights, then listen to our interview with Chris Wanstrath, founder of GitHub, the popular web-based hosting service for projects that use the Git revision control system. Chris talks about creating GitHub, about the user-based, collaborative interface that GitHub employs, and about his love for neo-classical heavy metal music.
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00:00:02this is the developerworks podcast I'm Scott landing him Chris one straw founder of dgit hub is here today to talk about the popular web based hosting service for projects that use the get revision control system but first John Swanson is here with what's new from his developer works
00:00:18newsletters editor view point eight John eight got tired thanks not too bad not too bad we're celebrating a absolutely we had that great news about the ground swell of ward and now drum roll we get another when we got to the age of my partners small and medium
00:00:37business social media marketing awards the SMB marketing awards and %HESITATION they recognize just a couple weeks after the Forster words a %HESITATION they recognized developer works for community development we got the the best in class accolade for community development and the you know yet another sign that %HESITATION
00:00:57our our efforts with my developerworks are paying off so all that we're pulling together individuals and profiles and gi...
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