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A sermon by Pastor Chris Marlin about Jurassic World on 7.1.18.
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00:00:00you're listening to the grace City Church podcast and make sure to check us out online at Gracie also follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Grace City Vegas
00:00:12at the movies
00:00:18I've never done that before
00:00:22wow cuz I'm so pumped for this we have been talking about it for a long time and are you guys excited
00:00:29I mean for nothing else your popcorn has a sweet trailer this sermon could bomb and it would still totally be a good Sunday so I'm pumped about that too okay so over the next 4 weeks what we're doing this is your first time here we are doing a series called at the movies and so for weeks
00:00:484 speakers for different movies and I'm so next week next week is the greatest Showman
00:00:57and maybe even more exciting that it is our worship leader Leah who's preaching
00:01:07first time I getting to do that and so I make sure you come and let's read her on and I've never seen the movie I mostly okay calm down
00:01:18I mostly not seeing her because she's so passionate a...


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