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Ed, Ross, Mikey and Mim talk about two books that explore insular societies making bad decisions; Clive Barker's Cabal and Can You Brexit?: Without Breaking Britain by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson. Digressions include Tom Paton's Pandorica, Muppet Treasure Island and 2000AD's Dice Man. This is the penultimate show before we break up for our 2018 Summer Holidays.
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00:00:12Give him on a fire and he's warm for a day but set fire to and he's warm for the best of his life you're listening to britney words my name is ed i'm here wave on rose i'm lucky i men on on today show why don't these talking
00:00:30about two weeks we're gonna be talking about kai pulga's come about i will also go into talking about coming brexit without breaking britain by choose your invention of all my dear mom listen jamie thompson one of those books is about into a society that collapses in upon itself
00:00:46or the report of his power struggle We leave it as an exercise of listeners to which is which but before we do any of that jingle international just a quick advance notice this sure we are doing sure so big that is about current politics we don't normally touch
00:01:12politics you can probably guess we don't know we touch the books that's true so you might you know if this is something that raises your blood pressure we have no idea how the show is going to go but we're going to say you mi...


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