Locked on Hawks - Ep. 385 - NBA Draft philosophy and more with Tyler Jones

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Brad Rowland (@BTRowland, Peachtree Hoops) hosts episode No. 385 of the Locked on Hawks podcast and he is joined by Tyler Jones (@Jonesy2x4) to discuss the upcoming NBA Draft, Mike Budenholzer's exit, Taurean Prince, Dennis Schroder and much more. 
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00:00:00It's the locked on podcast network your team every day you are locked on hawks your daily atlanta hawks product based part of the locked on podcast network your tea every day hello friends welcome to episode three eight four of a locked on hawks podcast i am your host
00:00:38spread role in coming to you live on this fine wednesday evening for first time in a while i have a guest in the podcasts and that is a good friend of program tower does something it's going on everybody's good to be back has been a while has been
00:00:50what since trait it's been a little bit yeah it's been too long i'll take responsibility for that and you know i try and i try to try to save you for important matters now you know most of the podcast that it could be about being gay drafts of
00:01:04big picture stuff in fact sort of just had the idea to do a little bit of draft to talk with you on the pod based on twitter conversation earlier which one that will definitely sort of diving too before we get in that there was one...
About this podcast
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