The Saboteur: An Interview with Paul Kix

 The Saboteur: An Interview with Paul Kix - SpyCast
Jan. 30, 2018 · transcript

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SPY Historian Vince Houghton sat down with Paul Kix, deputy editor at ESPN the Magazine, and author of the book The Saboteur: The Aristocrat Who Became France's Most Daring Anti-Nazi Commando

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00:00:05hi welcome to spike from secret files international spy museum in Washington DC I'm documents of museums a store in a curator every week spike has brings you interesting conversations with authors scholars and practitioners who live in a world of global us you know any questions comments or concerns
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00:00:36minute review S. on I tunes or whatever platform you might be listening were always looking for ways to make spike has better and you can help so join today by Paul kicks was a deputy editor ESPN the magazine as workers appear to the New Yorker G. Q. New
00:00:53York men's journal in the Wall Street journal among others is the author of the book the saboteur the aristocrat who became France most daring anti **** commander he's in New York and he's got a day job so...
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