Archivist Leslie Berlin Tackles Silicon Valley's Past in 'Troublemakers'

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Silicon Valley job perks are mythic. Self-replenishing snacks. Unlimited vacation. A pile of stock options. But as much as these professional entrapments might seem like dotcom-era phenomena, the practice of sweetening the deal for tech employees dates back to the ’70s as a way to ward off labor unions. Happy workers, explains Stanford historian Leslie Berlin, are less likely to agitate for better conditions.
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00:00:00welcome to this edition of why fighting a wildfire in Texas building a network to connect forty million people to the internet cutting pollution with chain saws here Chuck customers tell their stories Chubb dot com slash podcast and stay tuned after the show to hear how a burst pipe
00:00:18in a family's house led to an adventure archivists Leslie Berlin tackle silicon valley's passed in trouble makers one attache TQ Silicon Valley John perks are mythic sell for punishing snacks unlimited vacation a pile of stock options but is much of these professional instruments might seem like dot com
00:00:40era phenomena the practice of sweetening the deal for tech employees dates back to the seventies as a way to ward off labor unions happy workers explain Stanford historian Lesley Berlin are less likely to agitate for better conditions that ensign is just one of many in Berlin's new book
00:00:56troublemakers well piecing together a timeline of the valleys early history picture and and sheets of paper covered...
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