Bill Nye Saves the World…With Space

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It was a big week for the Science Guy, and for science. Bill Nye served as honorary co-chair of the March for Science in Washington DC. His new Netflix series, Bill Nye Saves the World, premiered the next day. Two of the show’s thirteen episodes are devoted to space science and exploration. Bill talks about all this in a special conversation with Mat Kaplan.
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00:00:00bill Nye saves the world with space this week on planetary radio one example of the planetary society with more of the human adventure across our solar system and beyond a conversation with the science guy just days after premiere of his Netflix TV series that prominently features space exploration
00:00:26and space science no surprise there later we'll get Bruce steps take on the night sky and who are random space factor too Emily locked the wall he is not yet back from sabbatical but she will be next week planetary society digital editor Jason Davis is here to talk
00:00:44about the real beginning of the end for one of the greatest missions of exploration ever chasing you wrote last week about well an event that's already under way happened over the weekend tell us about the the latest from Cassini yes of the space craft did its final close
00:01:02flyby of tightened after all these years all these cool images and fly bys Anne I'm on the outer side of Saturn's rings went by Titan closely for the las...
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