Best Young Cores in the NBA, News Catchup

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The latest news around the league, including the Jimmy Butler injury, the latest on Kawhi, tanking prevention initiatives, and the possibility of a play-in tournament to the playoffs.
Then, we rank the best young cores in the NBA.
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00:00:00what wine to a Wednesday night edition of the show Gallatin News to catch up with ear and then we're going to hit something that was a good question on the little impromptu solo Twitter be a show that I did last night but which teams have the best young Kors going for it so of course we'll parts that Dad into great detail including arguing over what exactly are young core even means here but let's start Danny Bill Murphy and I discussed this to some degree of disgusted other forms but anything you wanted to add on the sad news of Jimmy Butler undergoing surgery on his right meniscus over last weekend going to get a much better sense of what this means for the Timberwolves as a team have a bunch of games against good teams in a bunch of games against Bad teams into the bad ones they should be able to win either way but what will decide on the road in the Eastern Conference it looks like
00:01:00teams in the 9 and 10 spots right now that's actually technically the nuggets and and the Jazz but all the ...
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