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For our first episode during Black History Month, we bring to you the story of the founder of The Chicago Defender, an African American newspaper founded in 1905.

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Robert Abbott


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00:00:07abandon all hope ye who enter here
00:00:30welcome to Potter and History X this is a podcast for me bring you very interesting tales of the little-known history with a side of sarcasm and a whole lot of ignorance I am Tom I'm joined by my co-host mr. Austin how are you today Austin I'm ready to learn about history what you've come to the right podcast my friend we are lexylicious I don't like that but I don't have Lexie with us today that is just Austin and myself learning bottoms histories and stuff like that
00:01:09I hope you are ready for an amazing tail this what this month we're going to be focusing on the not so crazy but the more inspirational well focusing on black history month and I have my issues with Black History Month as it is because I don't believe that you shouldn't come find all the black history into one month but I should clarify that but that is the sound really bad at all did it oh...
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