Gaslight Podcast #14: Github Culture with Chris Wanstrath

 Gaslight Podcast #14: Github Culture with Chris Wanstrath - Gaslight Podcast
March 28, 2013 · transcript

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Chris Wanstrath, co-founder of Github, joined us to talk about his company’s culture. We discuss the process they use to ship products, hiring good people, and beer thirty.

“Make sure the finished version is something that exists in your mind.”

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00:00:02Hey this is mitchell or is this the fourteenth episode of the gaslight podcast Thiss week kevin and i fired up skyping cross our fingers to bring you this week's way going you're doing pretty good Can you hear me loud and clear Our guest is criss want strong one
00:00:20of the co founders of get up and work on the product side get out dot com specifically i wanted to know whether it's a founder chris spent most of his day developing are working on other areas of the business I spent a lot of time developing still for
00:00:32the first couple of years when we were smaller and we didn't have too many people never one sorry that's a much cycle that's six that's call a racetrack like loving it when we first started and we were smaller like i was saying everyone sort of did everything so
00:00:51there was no such thing as a typical day you know you might go a couple days without even writing any code if there's an emergency or fire or you're out traveling doing something are you just don't trying to figure...
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