173 Marisa Fuentes, Colonial Port Cities and Slavery

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The histories of early North America and the Caribbean are intimately intertwined. The same European empires we encounter in our study of early America also appear in the Caribbean. The colonies of these respective empires often traded goods, people, and ideas between each other.

Marisa Fuentes, an associate professor of history and women and gender studies at Rutgers University and author of Dispossessed Lives: Enslaved Women, Violence, and the Archive, joins us to explore some of the connections mainland North America and the British Caribbean shared in their practices of slavery in urban towns.

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00:00:08Ben Franklin's World podcast about early American history with Liz cotard the study of history is key to understanding we are and how we can affect a better future than Frank introduce you to historical people and events that impacted and shaped our present-day world and now your host let's go Barbie 3 of Ben Franklin's World podcast dedicated to helping you learn more about how the people and events of early American past that shaped the present a world we live in you know we don't really get the full picture of the history of North America unless we also look at the history of the Caribbean because when we look at the Historical records at tell us about the past we all can find at the histories of North America and the Caribbean islands are intimately intertwined and this makes sense the same European Empires that we encounter in our study of early North America a...
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