Episode 29: An interview with Jennifer Radke, CEO of National Institute for Social Media

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An interview with Jennifer Radke, CEO of National Institute for Social
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00:00:00you're listening to the twins eclectic podcast conversations with creative with your hoes Jenna Redfield this podcast is being reported at Studio coworx a brand new co-working space in Golden Valley that has a DIY podcast booth that can be rented hourly so make sure to go to Studio cort.com to learn more about that this podcast is all about talking to look entrepreneur's bloggers instagrammers small business owners and of course just creative people in the Twin Cities if you're near the twins is collected make sure to go to our website to insist collective.com and join our Facebook group www.facebook.com groups of forward slash twins is collective make sure you know you found out about us on the podcast make sure to subscribe and reviews on iTunes and just sit back relax enjoy this episode I hope to see you guys there
00:00:44welcome to the podcast I'm your host on a red field and welcome again to conversations with creative and today I was special guest that's great to be here yeah so we met like 2...
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