DOES London 2018 Preview w/ Mirco Herring, DevOps for the Modern Enterprise

 DOES London 2018 Preview w/ Mirco Herring, DevOps for the Modern Enterprise - DevOps Chat
April 14, 2018 · transcript

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Mirco Hering is a DevOps expert with Accenture. He is also an accomplished blogger and now a DevOps author. His book DevOps for the Modern Enterprise from IT Revolution is available on Amazon and other sites that sell books. Mirco in his role with Accenture is also very tuned into the Asia-Pacific region's DevOps scene, as well as Europe.
We discuss a little bit about both AP and Europe as well as a preview of DOES London 2018. Great conversation with a real DevOps practitioner.
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00:00:11Hey everyone it's your own show Mulder about star com and where you're listening to another DevOps chat today's guest on DevOps chat is a friend of mine well known DevOps personality DevOps or so with the ninety revolution book and they are a lead DevOps person an eccentric Brcko
00:00:31herring mackerel well come thank you Alan good to talk to you again good to speak to you my friend so let's see the last time we spoke I think was it does London and it wasn't does San Francisco disco excuse me yes I was just testing you you
00:00:51passed it wasn't that severance is go and they had just announced I guess the your book going to print it I am I am both proud and embarrassed to say that I have I think it's not copy number one all my date is it is I have given
00:01:12you my first copy yes by mistake and I told you though the next time I see you all take it with me and will will vote for it I'll give you back your first copy I'll take another copy but I I do have car number one but since
00:01:27then the ...
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