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On this episode of Rebel Park Podcast, Ryan the new treasurer of IF I DIE YOUNG joins for his first episode, and guest Lloyd Maz joins to talk about the reason that some of his newer tracks have been recently removed. 

We take anonymous questions from the organization tumblr, and give a fresh perspective on self harm and how over reacting on the situation actually provides a negative outcome. 

"You don't need arms to shoot your parents, just the will" - yeah you heard that right - we take on some pretty funny news stories so stick around. 

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00:00:08it's kind of a Twist on what most people think of is like a rebel
00:00:53wake up still so distant
00:01:25hey what's up guys walking back to the rebel Park podcast today I've got Ryan who is the new treasurer for our organization If I Die Young sitting with me and we also have the special guests coming home with us Lloyd ever say what's up hey hey hey yeah it's like radish R&B like chill like why you got so much heavier rap and then some like real like auto-tune my chill R&B like kind of ever since I call your old a little bit older stuff is more like heavy and then like you're in your nowadays ignore me
00:02:08yeah I really I really just try to find myself in my sound I did a lot of a hardcore step metal vocals in my old music
00:02:18what kind of bands did you play with like was it like post-hardcore Doom metal with hardcore
00:02:29as far as like drums vocals and guitar instrument for chicken like you don't have to rely on other people you can kind of step in and be like hey I think you...
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