How should CMOs face the content challenge?


In this first of a two part "content challenges" series with Michael Brenner of NewsCred, Jon Reed of chats with Michael about the problems facing the digital CMO, the ROI of content, and why he has staked his career on content. 

About this podcast
By Jon Reed
In this semi-regular video and podcast series, Jon Reed of talks enterprise media with folks who are dismantling tired ideas about PR and marketing with fresh approaches and kickass content. Informal talks hit on the creative use of media to earn attention and authority, and navigating the perils of disclosure and virality. Guests have been known to put Jon in the hot seat also. Some episodes are not completely safe for work, especially if the topic of Klout is brought up. Social networks are not the focus of this podcast series - creating effective media is. But some discussions of social networks, and how not to screw up the use of these tools, is unavoidable.