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In this wide ranging conversation, the world famous astrophysicist, Director of the Hayden Planetarium, television host, author and all around badass talks to Michael about how his early years opened his mind to the universe and laid the path to his future success. In this candid interview the two discusses how he deals with fame, why he thinks NASA is so important, and how he approaches science deniers.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson


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00:00:01think about the nineteen sixties what a turbulent decade that was most turbulent in a hundred years on American soil with assassinations campus unrest a hot war in that Southeast Asia Cold War with the Soviet Union were there any jewels in our crown that you could point to yes
00:00:17there was we were going to the moon the moon it's how to be amazing on Michael Ian black I know my guests today a little bit and I want to make an observation about him I have never been around somebody who elicits so much joy from his audiences
00:00:45and not just joined but I have myself observed ladies audibly site in soon yes I will say it swoon in his presence and even though I am in arguably better looking I never get that kind of attention nor have I ever been named people magazine's sexiest astrophysicist alive
00:01:08like my guest today has Neil degrasse Tyson is part scientific swashbuckler part evangelize are for rationality and all astrophysicist he is America's most famous scientist he is also the director...
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