121. Chamath Palihapitiya @chamath on Facebook, AIM and WinAmp

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Most of you know Chamath Palihapitiya as one of the most prominent and progressive venture capitalists working today. But before forming Social Capital, Chamath was an early employee at a startup we've already covered, WinAmp; was the head of AOL's Instant Messenger product; and of course, was an early employee at Facebook.

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00:00:35Welcome to the internet history podcast i'm your host brian makhan so for the second of my san francisco trip episodes thie good people at social capital were kind enough to host may for a interview with jamaat palihapitiya Most of you know jim off as one of the more
00:00:53prominent and progressive venture capitalist working today but before he formed social capital mammoth was an early employees at a started we've already covered women was the head of a wells instant messenger product when that really meant something And of course he was an early employees at facebook where
00:01:13eventually he was in charge of user growth on today's episode we get into all of this with the fascinating jamaat palihapitiya jamaat palihapitiya thanks for coming on the internet history podcast thanks for including so i think you're your story is somewhat well known that you grew up You
00:01:34were born in sri lanka move to canada age six i think it was you were essentially a refugee from civil war so you grew up in ...
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