Programming for the GPU

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On this episode we invite Mark Harris, Chief Technologist at NVIDIA, to talk about programming for the GPU. Show notes:
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00:00:11episode 54 programming for the GPU take it away Patrick we're here today with Mark Harris from Nvidia Mark are you going to introduce yourself tell us a little bit about what you do it in video okay yes my title and videos Chief technologist for GPU Computing software and my role is kind of twofold what is inward facing in one is outward facing so it might and when facing role is to help Define are software strategy for for computer video and search for the best for things like Cuda programming which will talk about more hopefully and the other aspect is the external facing roll which is a little bit of evangelism giving talks at conferences such as the GP technology Conference Center and I also run a a Blog called parallel for all which is on a video please
00:01:11drop a link after the show recording and we on that block it's a developer blog written by Developers for developers and it's it's deeply technical blog about parallel programming in GPU programming
00:01:26so what is can you maybe just g...
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