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This episode of EPC Weekly was recorded on 12/17/2015. We live stream the podcast every Wednesday-ish at 6pm-ish central time over on twitch.tv/exispc
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The Good Talk Podcast #18

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00:00:09how long it's good to go
00:00:13Mommy is fine
00:00:17that wasn't the song I thought it was but it still seems to work
00:00:23I guess if I knew it
00:00:27well I'm glad what kind of song are you expecting I was expecting another watch Plex early even everyday for a year before we went live so technically he was here before us I mean technically yes but not right so either you're just like super loyal or weird like always just a little late from six I mean I don't think we've been on time ever accept like maybe the first maybe 2-3 weeks
00:01:08baby were on time void how did just cuz I mean we we need to figure this out regardless but how we doing it next week when it's Christmas all over shoot this Christmas this Christmas Eve this Thursday
00:01:27maybe like I don't know if you're doing anything Saturday I don't know yet I'll know tomorrow what you're doing next week
00:01:38hold on cuz my schedule
00:01:48yeah I guess so
00:01:51should be interesting be I still need to get festive hopefully I'll hopeful...
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