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Join us for Part 3 in The Tools interview series as Phil Stutz and Barry Michels walk us through the two Tools we didn't touch on in the prior chats: Grateful Flow (the way to deal with anxiety) and Active Love (powerful tool to deal with anger). Super inspiring, practical wisdom. Hope you love it! (Learn more about Phil + Barry + The Tools at

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00:00:02You're listening to optimize with brian johnson more wisdom in less time hi this is brian welcome back to the optimal living interviews serious damn thrilled to be chatting with phil starts and very michaels this is going to be part three in our discussion on their great book the
00:00:29tools i've raved about this book throughout our notes in our prior chats and phil and i chatted and then bury night shouted and we covered three of the five tools so there are five tools and you can go back and listen to those interviews to hear the first
00:00:44three reversal of desire which is basically dealing with fear The second one we talked about was inner authority dealing with your shadow and insecurity that sort of thing and the third when we talked about was willpower and realizing i'm never going to be exonerated from challenges and time's
00:01:01ticking we're not going to live forever so check out those interviews for that This is part three we're going to talk about the two tools we have yet to discuss...


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