Google Cloud Platform Podcast: Post-Quantum Cryptography with Nick Sullivan and Adam Langley

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Nick Sullivan, and Adam Langley join Melanie and Mark to provide a pragmatic view on post-quantum cryptography and what it means to research security for the potential of quantum computing. Post-quantum cryptography is about developing algorithms that are resistant to quantum computers in conjunction with “classical” computers. It’s about looking at the full picture of potential threats and planning on how to address them using a diversity of types of mathematics in the research. Adam and Nick help clarify the different terminology and techniques that are applied in the research and give a practical understanding of what to expect from a security perspective.

Nick Sullivan

Nick Sullivan runs the cryptography team at Cloudflare, an internet security and performance company.

Adam Langley

Adam Langley is a Principal Software Engineer at Google, responsible for a variety of cryptography-related efforts.

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Question of the week

How to stream realtime coding?

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00:00:17hi and welcome to episode number 123 of the weekly Google Cloud platform podcast I'm not mad and I'm here with my colleague is always Melanie work how you doing today Melanie I'm good how are you doing I am slowly still getting over this cold it's not a hundred percent gone but I got in there ending elness pretty much around we do we are going to be talking about Quantum security Quantum Computing Security in particular and we're talking with Nick and Adam which will be fun to hear about but before we get into that world Ivan are cool things the weekend of course is always we ever question the week that comes at the end and the question this week is how do I stream real time when I'm coding like how do I do real-time coating I've been doing that so I think you might okay cool anyway cool things of the week some may have heard of an event called Google IO and that's coming up May 8th through the 10th done it a few times now there's quite a a popular event
00:01:17since tickets are out are there will ...
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