Mastering Jobs To Be Done Interviews [Pt 2]

 Mastering Jobs To Be Done Interviews [Pt 2] -
Feb. 7, 2018 · transcript

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Part two of our mini-series on Jobs To Be Done today. We welcome back Bob Moesta who spent hours with us recording real interviews with Industry attendees and unpacking the conversations to answer the question - what Job does Industry serve for it’s attendees.

Today, we get to hear one of those interviews as Bob shows us some of the essential techniques of Jobs To Be Done interviews. 

Adding Jobs to be Done to your bag of tricks gives you a leg up in the product world. We breakdown Bob Moesta’s exclusive interviews with actual customers of Industry conference. The best way to learn is by unpacking real decisions that consumers have actually made and this is a rare opportunity to learn from the master himself.

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00:00:31so Mike we're back with part 2 of our jobs to be done episode featuring Bob messed up yes I am super excited for this of course if you haven't listened to the last episode we did you generally want to go back and check that out there was a lot of setup that's going to lead right into this episode but this is the episode where we really dig in with one of the attendees for my conference industry and mess up basically becomes my jobs to be done coach basically your Sensei and what a better what a better Sensei I can't think of anybody else that I would rather have as my job to be done Sensei then Bob m...
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