How Silicon Valley Came of Age: The Role of Little-known Innovators

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Stanford historian Leslie Berlin discusses her book about Silicon Valley's origins, and some little-known yet significant innovators.
00:00:01this podcast is brought to you by knowledge of Wharton we have no Silicon Valley to be a place of great innovation over the last few decades but with the good has come the bad the culture in that region of the country is taking its lumps whether it be
00:00:22sexism in those companies or lack of opportunities for women the issues have crept to the forefront of media coverage we know that some of the household names in that region like Steve Jobs over the years but what about some of the lesser known names who are just as
00:00:37important to the innovation but also part of the cultural issues as well Leslie Berlin is a project historian for the Silicon Valley archives at Stanford University and she looks at what has happened and why it is happened in her new book troublemakers how Silicon Valley came of age
00:00:56and it's a pleasure to have Leslie on the show with us right now Leslie welcome thank you so much glad to be here thank you so they I mean obviously in in archiving a lot of what Silicon Va...
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