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The Shift is your destination for lively conversation. Justin “Drex” Wilcomes. Drex brings his unique off-the-cuff personality, no-holds barred interview style and offers a fresh perspective on the headlines that have Canadians talking. The Shift ...

Последний звонок

By Константин Сёмин, Евгений Спицын
«Последний звонок» — народный фильм о ситуации в российском образовании. Мы — группа единомышленников-добровольцев, объединённых чувством тревоги за то, в каком состоянии оказалось отечественное образование. Едва ли кто-то рискнёт отрицать, что ...
The Lobbying Show - a podcast about the people in government relations, how they got into it, what their jobs entail, what works, and what doesn't.
Glenn and the team recap the important stories of the day.
Le célèbre agent des stars du 7e art raconte quelques unes de ses plus belles rencontres...
Fuera de la Caja con Macario Schettino dedica sus intervenciones a analizar lo que ocurre en México y el mundo, así como a plantear formas diferentes de pensar en la realidad actual. Lo único constante es que los planteamientos siempre son “fuera ...

Our Curious World

By Kristian Lander: Filmmaker, Writer, Content creator and marketing...with a taste for the unusual. Looking to explore life's mysteries.
Exploring this curious world
موقع اسلامى زيدي يتبع لمركز الامام عزالدين بن الحسن عليه السلام الموقع يحوي تلاوات قرآن حديث تفسير مقالات اناشيد صور دعوية دليل مواقع فيديو صوتيات يوتيوب محاضرات فتاوى كتب فلاش
Join Larry Kwirirayi, Farai Mwakutuya as they cover the topical issues of the day.
Resumen semanal de tan sólo 15 minutos sobre las noticias del diario acontecer del Alto Tribunal.
The Kevin Jackson Show integrates rapier wit, humor and satirical style while educating fans on America’s political and pop culture ironies and hypocrisies.
This future-gazing series examines an assortment of speculative scenarios, what-if conjectures and provocative prophecies. Not all of them will come to pass, but thinking about possible futures can help us understand the present, and catch glimpse...
Loosely based on our common sense of knowledge daily topics specific to us and our people...Breaking the barriers on content they won't talk about on other shows.
Top stories from the 24/7 Newsroom
Justice in America is a podcast about the American criminal justice system. Each episode our hosts, Josie Duffy Rice and Clint Smith, discuss a topic and try to explain what it is and how it works. Episodes will also feature interviews with those...
The Podcast about the important things in life
Bring Compassion - Peace - Mindfulness to the world
Sports news from your typical southeastern, American living room. Hosts: Will Mehall, Tyler Combs, and Jimmy Fanning. Producer: David Grayson
Faced with a legacy too complicated to whole heartedly embrace, this African man shed his identity in search of his and all humanity.
Che cosa hanno in comune le calzature del Brenta, la gomma del Sebino, la meccatronica del barese e la pasta di Gragnano? Sono i prodotti che stanno trainando la ripresa e arrivano dagli oltre 150 distretti italiani. Sono cresciuti del 13% negli u...
On Talking Liberties with the ACLU of Illinois, we are here to chat about the big issues of the day, both home in the Land of Lincoln and across our country. We are here to help educate and tell you how you can get involved so we work together tow...
The podcast on history and the events of today.
We are a weekly newscast run by Journalism students. We air every Saturday at 4 PM-EST.
With new guests every episode, Byond Life is an enigmatic exploration into the world we live in. Covering topics from Entertainment, Lifestyle, News, Politics and everything in-between.
From the team that brought you the satirical TV news show China Uncensored comes a...well...less scripted look at China. Chris Chappell and his team are off the teleprompter and on the mic to interview China experts, or discuss the issues of the d...
The top news of the day impacting people living in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Top News from WTOP is produced Monday - Friday and released by 6 a.m. each day. Get the latest news in the DMV from the neighborhood source you trust.
Neeme Raud. Siin on eetris laupäeviti kell 10.00-11.00. Nädalavahetuse mõnus kaaslane, mis sisaldab natuke päevapoliitikat, reisimissoovitusi, aga ennekõike palju elustiili teemasid nagu maailma trendid moes, disainis ja kultuuris. Rõhuasetus on ...
Cultural Institute
Che cosa succede quando un incontro inaspettato cambia prepotentemente la vita e il destino di due persone? Tra voci che si rincorrono, sensazioni e colpi di scena, torna il programma di successo di Giacomo Zito: un racconto, due storie, sullo sfo...
Get hype and get informed: this podcast provides weekly breakdowns of law and politics in a way that makes sense for both laypeople and law people.
Dylan Nicholls, News Director and Janet Michael, host of The Valley Today take another look at local news stories from the week. They'll talk about the week’s news stories, give you some updates on things that may have happened since they first ai...
Versa is an honest and fun news and culture YouTube channel.
A deep look into the mind of black people, specifically black women. In this podcast, nothing is off limits. It's time to say the unspoken, and truly understand the Inside of Her Melanin Mind.
Podcast that examines legal issues & policies, & the impact on women of color. We aim to inform, educate & provide concrete tools to empower, expand & help our community.
Police interviews, law enforcement stories and street survival for civilians.
Hey there. I'm Jennifer Carole and my dad and stepmom were killed by the Golden State Killer. I blog and this podcast is just an extension of my blog (think of this as the sprinkles with extra opinion!).
A concise presentation of the world's most important, interesting news
Boyd Matheson interviews national and Utah state thought leaders on the issues that are shaping our world.
Une émission préparée et animée par Emmanuelle Adda et Caroll Azoulay, dans laquelle elles recoivent diverses personnalités, du lundi au jeudi à 23h00 sur la bande FM.
FindLaw's 5 Cases in 5 Minutes is a weekly podcast bringing you the most important, amusing, and outrageous legal decisions from the past week in just 5 short minutes. There are thrills, chills, and bitter pills in this weekly peek at our nation's...
All things in and about THE CULTURE
A media co-operative shaking up local journalism. Join 2000 others and own your media. The Bristol Cable is an investigative magazine in Bristol, UK committed to holding power to account and amplifying local voices. It also hosts public talks an...
L'estate di Radio24 vi propone un viaggio nell'esplorazione spaziale targata Europa. Le donne, gli uomini, le missioni, le ricerche che ci avvicinano al futuro in un racconto corale attraverso le voci dei protagonisti. Come possiamo vivere sulla L...
Um grupo de gente (ainda) com esperança.
Todos los lunes estaremos hablando de diversos temas como por ejemplo; noticias, opiniones, misterios sin resolver, cosas que pasan en el mundo, deportes, mejores lugares para visitar, temas de pareja , tema de farándula , que piensan los hombres ...
För mig. Kanske för dig. Sällan för någon annan. Ni når mig på [email protected]
Voir Dire is a French word that translates to "Speak the Truth." After 23 years of practicing criminal law Scott Reisch is done with not doing anything but "Speaking the Truth." Knowns for his grab-'em-by-the collar advice and tough questioning, R...
A podcast about the role religion plays in Australia today.
Too the point rants and advice with unintended satirical humor.

Voces Inquietas

By Carlos Eduardo Vargas: Abogado, Emprendor y Conferencista
Conversaciones y entrevistas sobre habilidades blandas, innovación política y desarrollo sostenible. Ideas Inquietas ®
Greg Edwards and Bradlys Philoctete break down life as stand-up comedians living in LA, discuss weekly topics in comedy, and interview some of the hottest comics on the LA scene. BLACKSTAGE is hilarious, thought-provoking, and gives you insight in...
Insightful stupidity from a man in the midst of a slight crisis.
Podcast by Center for Arizona Policy
The OG Podcast Network
This podcast is made up of uploads from our YouTube channel and other original audio sources. The main topics are the future, economics, technology, and cryptocurrency. Come hangout and enjoy the discussions.
A podcast about Springfield, the Ozarks, and the rest of Missouri
Walking and talking at the same time. Topics vary.
Digging into the research, knowledge and expertise at Manchester Metropolitan University, to explore the world around us.
Part rant, part group therapy. Two angry AF - slightly messed up humans, give you their opinions (oh so many opinions) on everything ... weekly!
Case Ravel is a resource and investigative team for missing person and doe cases.


By TheMarker Labels & Leumi Digital
בסדרת הפודקאסטים החדשה של TheMarker Labels בשיתוף לאומי דיגיטל נדבר על מה נכון לעשות עם הכסף שלנו ועוד יותר חשוב – מה לא לעשות איתו. איך נכון להיכנס לעולם שוק ההון, מה המושגים שצריך לדעת, איזה שווקים מרתקים מחכים לנו ומה חשוב לדעת כשאנחנו מתכננים ...
A psychologist, a philosopher, and an anthropologist walk into a Podcast. We hope to offend anyone that holds entrenched views, pop some bubbles, air out some echo chambers, see if we can tackle familiar controversies, and try and find a third wa...
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Global Futures is a podcast about global politics and how rising powers like China and India are changing it. We discuss foreign policy, economics, war and peace, and how the world is changing with experts from across the world.
San Diego’s choice for breaking news, weather, traffic, sports, and entertainment & lifestyle from ABC 10 News. 
Il nuovo appuntamento dell'estate su motori e mobilità di Radio24 Con la programmazione estiva di Radio24 parte Road24, trasmissione dedicata al variegato mondo dei motori e della mobilità. Tutte le domeniche, dalle15.30 i microfoni si accenderann...
Das ist mein Podcast wo ich über alle möglichen Themen sprechen werde
How San Francisco created America's first bicycle felon
India's 1st defence & strategic affairs news & analysis website.
Все главные новости автомобильной жизни: изменения в правила дорожного движения, новые штрафы, "скользкие" места автострахования и т. д. Ведущий программы Андрей Гречанник не просто расскажет, но и обсудит вместе с вами в прямом эфире.
You are witnessing the coldest and realest podcast in Buffalo! Tune into the show for social commentary on a broad range of topics ranging from relationships and music to local news and personal stories. Be prepared to laugh, cry, think and questi...
Zwei Menschen mit unterschiedlicher Meinung und manchmal auch ähnlicher diskutieren. Ziel ist es unsere unterschiedlichen Blasen kollidieren zu lassen und zu zeigen, dass ein konstruktiver Diskurs auch bei verschiedener Meinung möglich ist! Trotz...
Reportaža, pravijo, je kraljica novinarskega dela. Nedeljska reportaža na lahkoten način govori o zaokroženi temi, o zanimivih krajih in ljudeh, tudi o stvareh, ki delajo naše življenje zanimivejše; je razmišljanje o vsakdanjiku, je včasih tudi po...
Welcome to Unrecognized Real Podcast. Unrecognized Real is the people’s podcast. Join your hosts, Aliyah, Bang and Reese as they discuss a range of topics such as; Culture, Music, Politics, Relationships, Current events and everything in between.
RIGHT NOW is a production by New Right Network. We are a coalition formed to support President Trump's America First agenda and give the country back to the people. We support MAGA candidates and meet with interesting Right-Wing personalities to s...
Every week, we take a look at trending #content on the web. We interview hot #celebs, explain the news, and share the latest and greatest #memes. We can't wait to be your friends. You're so valid.
Let's start a conversation. In this podcast, I speak of the topics that no one wants to discuss. LGBTQ rights, female rights, racial equality, atheism, agnosticism, and any other current social and political topics. It' time to get real! Facebook...
Sibylline is a leading strategic risk and threat advisory firm. We support businesses, governments and NGOs through the provision of high-quality threat-based analysis and services. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, our gl...
Floyd 1:18 takes on weekly current events centered around Music, Politics, and Culture. Week to week the show will feature guest hosts from several various fields in arts and entertainment as well as weekly guest to offer their unique point of vie...
Red State Resistance is a show to give voice to progressives living in states controlled by the right. We stand up to the unrelenting right wing propaganda machine.
Alcuni discorsi hanno segnato la storia e scolpito il nostro immaginario. Questa serie è un viaggio nell’inconscio di chi le ha pronunciate e nel cuore di quelle parole, alla ricerca dei loro significati più profondi e delle risonanze che hanno av...
Noticiero matutino con información del momento, un excelente trabajo periodístico y un punto de vista profesional y reflexivo de su conductor y colaboradores, tratando los asuntos de mayor interés para los radioescuchas.
«Jours de polar», un podcast des Chaque semaine cet été, retrouvez un nouvel épisode: une histoire policière racontée par des comédiens et des comédiennes. Ces récits ne sont pas inspirés de faits réels, ce sont des faits réels. Présenté...
Since our founding in 1996, our vision has always been the same: to evangelize elected officials and lead them toward maturity in Christ.
July 10, 1998 held so much promise for Shanara Mobley. The birth of her daughter, Kamiyah, gave the teen a chance to make her troubled life right. But in a matter of hours, it all went so wrong. When a woman in scrubs walked out of a Florida hospi...
V Slovenijo se ljudje priseljujejo že od nekdaj, sodobni čas pa je glede tega še posebej pester. Vsak torek predstavljamo novega prišleka, priseljenko ali migranta, ki so jih v Slovenijo prinesli ljubezen, poslovne priložnosti, stiske ali študij, ...
There is no grey....only black and white. Danny & Jackson aren't afraid to speak the truth or be politically incorrect. If it's in the news, we will talk about it.


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