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The ASPI Podcast

By Australian Strategic Policy Institute
ASPI is an independent, non-partisan think tank that produces expert and timely advice for Australia’s strategic and defence leaders.

The One

By Shabd Singh
Every two weeks, join Shabd in learning about Sikh history, philosophy, and culture in the form of interviews with leading minds in the Sikh world. Meant to be accessible to all people regardless of existing knowledge.


By Corrado Bilzi
Nel concetto di erotismo (dal latino tardo eroticus, a sua volta da ἔρος, "amore") si compendia ciò che attiene alla vita amorosa degli esseri umani. In senso specifico, il termine si riferisce alle manifestazioni comportamentali inerenti alla vita sessuale, prescindendo dalla componente funzionale della riproduzione, alle tecniche atte a conseguire il piacere connesso con l'attività sessuale, alla sua origine e alle sue fonti. Come forma espressiva elementare, l'erotismo ha un ruolo di rilie...

Plan de Contingencia

By Plan de Contingencia
Política, Sociedad, de Todo un Poco

Why marijuana should be legal

By Everett Lindberg / Anchor
Reasons why marijuana should be legal in all fifty states

WienLiebe - mit Peter Kraus

By Peter Kraus
Im WienLiebe Podcast trifft Peter Kraus Menschen, die durch ihre Ideen und Initiativen Wien - und die Welt - besser machen. Es sind Gespräche über unsere Stadt, was wir in Wien lieben und worüber wir so richtig gerne sudern.

Special Report on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

By Special Report on National Prescription Drug Take Back Day
Every day prescription medications end up in the wrong hands, killing more Americans than car accidents or firearms. In this podcast, Dan Rather sits down with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator, Robert Patterson, to discuss the nation’s drug epidemic. They cover alarming statistics about prescription drug misuse and overdose death, as well as National Prescription Drug Take Back Day – happening April 28. Listen to the full special report to find out how you can dispose of...

State House Takeout

By State House News Service
State House Takeout brings you weekly takeaways from Beacon Hill with the reporters of the State House News Service.

Talks at GS

By Goldman Sachs
"Talks at GS" convenes leading thinkers to share insights and ideas shaping the world.

Weather Geeks

By Weather Group Television
Hosted by Dr. Marshall Shepherd, a professor and former president of the American Meteorological Society, Weather Geeks looks at how weather intersects with technology, pop culture, industry--and everything in between. Each week, Dr. Shepherd interviews guests to bring you closer to weather than ever before. From the people behind The Weather Channel TV network.

Minute papillon!

By Anne-Laetitia Béraud
Minute Papillon ! Tous les jours à 12h et 18h, retrouvez le journal audio de 20 Minutes. Un format court, pas plus de six infos et, derrière le micro, une journaliste, Anne-Laetitia Béraud. Société, éco, sport ou télé, c'est tout ce qu’il vous faut pour vous informer sans vous déprimer. Minute Papillon!, c'est trois minutes bien remplies pour vos oreilles. A écouter sur Soundcloud, Pippa, iTunes, Deezer, mais aussi sur le site 20 et nos applis mobiles.

The Documentary Podcast: Archive 2011

By BBC World Service
The BBC World Service's wide range of documentaries from 2011.

Freedom Empowered

By Nick and Mason
Our aim on freedom empowered is to prove to you that massive success is not accidental but rather the byproduct of incredible effort and a desire to achieve personal freedom. The individuals that we will discuss on this show faced and overcame government, social, and economic obstacles to turn their vision into a reality. we are here to guide you on your journey to do the same

On-Demand Audio

By Eves Broadcasting Inc.
Hear our Daily Newscasts, Meet Cortland County, Interviews & More when you want On-Demand!

U.S Politics

By Sponge
Daily new on U.S politics


By Channel NewsAsia
Perspectives brings an expert panel and live audience together to discuss issues that will impact Singapore and the Asian region in the future.

The Trump Thumpers Podcast

By Bill Schmalfeldt/Diane Kelley
Bill Schmalfeldt and his lovely companion Diane Kelley thump the Trump administration with music and satire.

Lucian Ferraiolo

By Lucian Ferraiolo / Anchor
Lucian Ferraiolo

Inalienable and Free with Johnny Blue Star and Dr Hugo Rodier

By BBS Radio, BBS Network Inc.
How can we, the people of Earth, take back the power and privileges granted to us by God and addressed so significantly in the United States Declaration of Independence? Our rights are inalienable for citizen of all countries, not just America. They are, indeed, given by our Creator and “incapable of being taken away from or given by another.” Our program, “Inalienable and Free: Voice of the Coalition,” hosted by Johnny Blue Star and Hugo Rodier, M.D., addresses the grave challenges to these...

Anger Management with Nick Clegg

By Anger Management with Nick Clegg
Are we living in an Age of Rage? On ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG the former Deputy Prime Minister talks to major guests from across the political and cultural landscape to ask why our world has become so driven by anger – and what is it doing to us? Is the furious populism that produced Trump and Brexit a passing phase or a new permanent feature of our politics? What’s behind the unprecedented rancour spreading through social media? Can objective truth survive in a time of fake news that ...

Babblement Podcast

By Babblement Podcast
Babblement is a more than occasional podcast of musings, ramblings and a cavalcade of hilarity.

Get Your Full Audiobook in Newspapers & Magazines, News & Culture for Book Lovers

By You Get 1 Full Audiobook Free By Starting a 30-Day Free Trial. Go to *** ***
Download a full audiobook of your choice free at Let Us Tell You a Story. We've got more than 100,000+ incredible audiobooks that will take you anywhere you want to go. We have it all! Bestsellers, classics, award-winners, romance, thrillers, Fiction, business, bios, young adult and more. What do you want to listen to? Take your books anywhere with our free apps for iOS and Android. Listening on-the-go has never been faster, easier or more enjoyable. We've intr...


By Morgan Edwards/Robert Nishimwe / Anchor
Two high school seniors who met at the U.S. Senate Youth Program -- Morgan Edwards & Robert Nishimwe -- have a freewheeling discussion about politics. Call it a filibuster, if you will.

Global Black Caucus Power to the People Podcast

By Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus
Are you an America Expat? Are you concerned with the current political situation in America. Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus podcast is a discussion of the issues of the day that are important to Americans at home and abroad and how you can help from where ever you are.

Ecke Hansaring

By Das seitenwaelzer-Team
Gefährliches Halbwissen, populistisches Gepöbel und eine ordentliche Priese schwarzer Humor - dafür steht das Podcastformat "Ecke Hansaring" aus dem Hause seitenwaelzer. Die beiden teilzeitinformierten Historiker Michael und Moritz schwingen sich vors Mikro und diskutieren und spekulieren über tagesaktuelle Themen, die die Welt bewegen.


Willkommen beim Podcast von SCHULTERIESENKAMPFF. Wir sind eine Wirtschaftskanzlei aus Frankfurt am Main und beraten in den Bereichen Arbeits- und Kartellrecht, IP/IT/Datenschutz, Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht/M&A und im öffentlichen Wirtschaftsrecht. Miriam Butzke und Michael Roth bringen Recht auf den Punkt! Die Anwälte von SCHULTERIESENKAMPFF. berichten verständlich und praxisnah über aktuelle Rechtsprechungen und sprechen mit Ihnen über fachspezifische Themen. Feedback, Anregungen...

La Una: En la Ciudad

By Radio Fórmula
El damo y el vagabundo se juntan para recomendarnos a donde ir, donde comer, los festivales a asistir, los lugares de moda y hasta donde es el after.

cold pizza party

By Adam & Ljubica
cold pizza party is Adam & Ljubica, talking about TV and politics and politics on TV

The Medicare Muse

By Steve Russell: Medicare Expert & Consultant
Reviewing Medicare details and considering Medicare coverage options - Helping people put the pieces of Medicare together - fresh honest commentary on Medicare issues

The Adam Sank Show

By Adam Sank
The popular gay comedian talks pop culture, politics, sex and whole lot more, with celebrity guests like Wilson Cruz, Bianca Del Rio, Suzanne Westenhoefer and Frank DeCaro! Live shows air Sundays at 3PM ET at Powered by DNR Studios.


By Jack Bai
「白社匯」是由白老師 Jack 主持的一檔時政點評欄目。嬉笑怒罵,談笑風生。不諂媚、不妥協、三觀不正。

The Suss

By HeadStuff
Too busy to read the papers? Sick and tired of your social media feeds clogging up with clickbait? Fret not, The Suss got you. Each episode of The Suss will take a central topic, there'll be a range of guests invited to speak their minds plus analysis of the week's biggest stories. So, pop the kettle on and join hosts Glenn Fitzpatrick and Stephanie Costello as they wade through the spin, media circus and buzzwords to find out what's really going on. Make sure to subscribe to The Suss on iTun...

The Confab Diary

By Maz Artang & Dammy Og
2 homies from 2 different sides of the political spectrum come together to discuss politics, culture and sports.

The Girl Gang

By The Girl Gang
A thought-provoking fortnightly podcast created by Phoebe Hayman and Caity Jakeman. Each episode features a conversation with a femme-identifying or non-binary babe kicking goals in whichever way they please, as well as bandter, book chat and probably some nonsense anecdotes. **Created on Wurundjeri land. ***Intro/Outro music by Chaka Khan.

podcasts – Bearing Drift

By Bearing Drift
News and commentary about life, policy and politics from Virginia's leading conservative website,

The Docket

By San Antonio Express-News
Courts & crime reporter Elizabeth Zavala breaks down the biggest & most interesting court cases from the San Antonio area.

The Red Pill Report

By Andrew Drapper
The Red Pill Report is a ministry of Bible Matters and is our news and current affairs podcast. The idea behind the red pill report is to help people, (especially in the UK and Europe), to think about what the media is telling us and to ask, “Is there another side to the events that we are seeing?” Particularly asking the question, ‘Are we being played?’ Is the mainstream media keeping us in the dark, or misleading us by omission or by commission? Probably, most of you have connected the na...

The Power Hour Nation

By Daniel Brigman
The Power Hour Legacy Lives on with your host, Daniel Brigman. At The Power Hour we focus on subjects which inform and educate about the real challenges we face as a nation . Come join us as we discuss current events, medical and naturopathic solutions with the best experts on radio, and learn from some of the most insightful commentators you will find in independent media. Also, join us as we “go to the fridge” to restore the Bill of Rights to its pre-eminent legal position in this country a...

El món a RAC1 - Apunts imprescindibles

Podcasts del programa El món a RAC1 - Apunts imprescindibles


By Вести ФМ
Работают трансляционные сети радио "Маяк" и "Вести ФМ". Главные радиоведущие страны. Главные новости. И главные ньюсмейкеры. По пятницам после 18 часов.

The Weather Channel Podcast

By The Weather Company, An IBM Business
Come explore deep weather news and commentary from the scientists and experts at The Weather Channel and

La faute aux médias

Émission d'actualité politique apportant une perspective communicationnelle au débat public. Chaque semaine, un thème est abordé par les chroniqueuses et les chroniqueurs qui est ensuite débattu à plusieurs. Tous les jeudis de 17 h à 17 h 30.

La bufala in tavola

By Radio 24
Nicoletta Carbone, la voce del benessere di Radio 24, dedica lo spazio della domenica alla controcultura delle fake news che predominano sui temi della salute e dell'alimentazione. Sappiamo che siamo quello che mangiamo, ce lo ripetono da anni e ne siamo ormai convinti, ma questa nuova diffusa consapevolezza del ruolo del cibo per il benessere e la salute psicofisica ha alimentato mode e dato dignità a notizie senza alcun fondamento scientifico. Ogni domenica alle 12 con "La bufala in tavola"...

The Sports Capitol

By The Sports Capitol
Welcome to The Sports Capitol podcast network, featuring the only complete set of podcasts covering sports in Washington, D.C. The podcasts that cover the Capitals, Nationals, Redskins and Wizards are powered by insider access, exclusive interviews and unrivaled local sports knowledge.

The Fintech in China Show

By Luke Deer and Xiaochen Zhang
The Fintech in China Show brings you in-depth interviews with people involved in some of the most exciting developments in financial technology in China. The Fintech in China Show is brought to you by Luke Deer and Xiaochen Zhang, founder of Fintech4Good and the Blockchain Frontier Group. Listen in to get the inside stories of how fintech is changing the financial landscape inside China and increasingly across borders. Subscribe to get the stories behind the numbers from key people in fintech...


By ETW Studio
你的白话国际新闻。《声东击西》(和《三十实验室》(微信公众号:lab-30)联合推出。东八区周二到周六早八点更新。 Five minutes to start your day!

The LKMco Youth and Education Podcast

Iesha Small and Dr Sam Baars of LKMco (along with their expert guests) explore developments in education and youth research and policy. There is a particular focus on how research can affect teachers, educational leaders and policy makers as well as others with a wider interest in improving outcomes for all of our young people. This is a UK based show.

The Halifax Daily News with Jamie and Lisa

By Jamie & Lisa
Veteran broadcasters and married couple Jamie and Lisa give their spin on the Halifax happenings of the day from deep inside their Beaver Bank bunker... that is, unless they go off on a tangent!

The Morning Show

By Wisconsin Public Radio
Every weekday from 6 to 9 a.m. on The Ideas Network stations, listeners can hear "The Morning Show" with Kate Archer Kent talking with a wide variety of guests about issues that matter -- from politics to popular culture.

The Vanocur Group

By Broadway Media
Weekly political talk show hosted by Chris Vanocur.

The Unseen Podcast

By The Unseen Podcast
A Podcast dedicated to UK missing people and unresolved cases.

L'invité du WE

By France Inter
L'invité du WE

Québec Quoi?

By Quebec Quoi
Une perspective nouvelle, une critique des medias, un approfondissement des manchettes, mais surtout, un plaisir. Québec Quoi? saura vous divertir, et vous informer.

La Red con Jesús Martín

By La Red de Radio Red
Noticiero de la Tarde

The Strategy Bridge

By The Strategy Bridge
The Strategy Bridge podcast features interviews on strategy and history.

The Alex Jones Show - Infowars

By Alex Jones - Infowars
Alex Jones is a filmaker, media analyst and seasoned radio broadcaster who regularly hosts individualists immersed in the Infowar. Understand the players in the battle for your thoughts in this on demand news podcast.

The Facts Facing the UK's Future: A Colloquium at The Queen's College

By Oxford University
At a time of great uncertainty on the matter of Brexit, The Queen's College Colloquium brings together leading experts from the UK, Europe and the US to provide an informative synthesis of the future facts on possible outcomes to ongoing negotiations. Speakers will consider what could lie ahead for the UK, what solutions should be sought and actions now taken, with a concluding Round Table Discussion and Questions chaired by Ngaire Woods CBE, founding dean of the Blavatnik School of Governmen...

The West Block

By Global News
The West Block reverses the convention of political talk shows, speaking directly with Canadians in communities across the country and bringing their concerns to Ottawa for answers. The Global journalists behind the West Block not only ask questions, but seek solutions. The end product is a show that doesn’t just follow the agenda, but helps set it. We ask for your input on this — in fact, we need it. What do you want to see on the show? What about government concerns you? We will deconst...

neuwal podwal

By various journalists from
politik- und wahljournal - mit gesellschaft, bildung, kultur und arbeit in europa.

The Stacks

By Traci Thomas
The Stacks is your one stop shop to talk books and reading. Guests will join the host, Traci for two episodes of bookish conversations. In their first episode guests will talk about their reading habits, likes and dislikes, and much more. In their second episode, they'll discuss The Stacks Book Club (TSBC) pick. Get ready for fun and thoughtful conversations about books and reading. Make sure to check the website for more details, including upcoming The Stacks Book ...

The Drink

By Mark and Hutton
Two friends who turned their regular talks about current events, personal development, and sports into a regular podcast.

LA Podcast

By Hayes Davenport, Scott Frazier
A podcast for people who live in Los Angeles. Hayes Davenport and Scott Frazier get together to talk about LA news, just like you and your friends do every day.

The Betoota Advocate Podcast

By The Betoota Advocate
The Betoota Advocate, Australia’s oldest newspaper. The Advocate has built and maintained a cult-following of ordinary Australians who have a taste for independent and discerning regional journalism. It reports real and apolitical news and will never allow itself to be hijacked by any of the family news dynasties. Packer, Fairfax or Murdoch. The publication has a highly engaged readership, greater than traditional publications such as the The Australian...

The Local News

By Tommy Johnagin and Alex Stone
Comedians Tommy Johnagin and Alex Stone host "The Local News", a podcast that gives you news stories that won't make you sad. And maybe make you laugh.

The Other Half: The History of Women Through the Ages

By James Boulton
Women make up half of the world's population, and yet history books often consign them to the sidelines. They are dismissed as merely the wives of powerful men; babymakers and nothing more. Yet women have been the driving force behind history for millennia, from female Pharoahs, warrior princesses and pirates, to the revolutionaries who sought to topple the male-dominated political systems of their day. From host of the popular 'Queens of England Podcast', The Other Half tells the forgotten a...

The Brian Nichols Show

By Brian Nichols
The Brian Nichols Show is a political show for anyone and everyone. Whether it's a discussion about climate change, gun rights, abortion, or big issues like discussing the fundamental role of government, Brian Nichols brings on guests from all forms of political thought to have meaningful conversations about the issues you care about. Every show has one primary goal: to discuss the news objectively to help educate, enlighten, and inform our audience.

The Brief Podcast

By SheerLuxe
Time poor? Never get around to watching or reading the news? Aware you’re not quite as on top of what’s happening in the world as you should be? Well, The Brief Daily from is the daily email that brings you the scoop on the breaking news and current affairs you need to know about each day In this weekly podcast, we round up all those stories into one neat, half-hour episode. Subscribe, keep listening and stay informed Get the news from The Brief straight to your inbox...

The Mogul Lounge

By UML Podcast Network
Have you ever been a fly on the wall when a group of men decides talk music, culture, politics, cigars, and pizza? Well now is your chance. The Mogul Lounge is a weekly show where any and everything is within the limits of discussion when the crew gets together.

The Rahman Experience

By Rahman Johnson
Former Nickelodeon host and news anchor Rahman Johnson is here with a unique take on news, politics, entertainment and pop culture! Welcome to the Rahman Experience!

The Liberty Forge

By Kyle Turnblazer
My guests and I are discussing everything the average every day person can do to add a little freedom into their lives. From Bitcoin to bullets, we're finding more and more ways to add a little bit of liberty to your daily routine. #ForgeLiberty

The Steel on Steel Short Show with John Loeffler

By John Loeffler
Our goal and pledge for the last twenty-plus years that we've been blasting out into the airwaves, has been to be an early warning service to connect seemingly unrelated dots in t he areas of economics, politics and religion. Project seemingly unrelated trends and show you how those trends are all really coming together just over your horizon, where for the most part, the herd doesn't see them because the herd is always running in the wrong direction.

Программа - Эхо Кавказа

By Радио Эхо Кавказа
Новости, репортажи с мест, интервью с политиками и экспертами , круглые столы, социальные темы, международная жизнь, обзоры прессы, история и культура

La Chaîne Débarquée

By Productions Podcasse - H2O
La chaîne débarquée, c'est ta source de nouvelles insolites #1. Chaque semaine, on t'invite à venir dans notre univers où on découvre les histoires les plus absurdes des médias populaires. Simon et Vincent se posent les questions du vrai monde: Est-ce que Valérie Plante ronfle ? Si t’étais en prison, tu le cacherais où ton cell ? Et plus encore ! Une fois la chaîne débarquée qui sait où ça peut nous mener !

The Morning News with Gord Gillies

Wake up with Gord Gillies as he discusses the stories that are likely to have the biggest impact throughout the day.

Shut Up I'm Talking

By No This Is Patrick / Anchor
A middle school boy talks about politics and such

Fed Up

By Marc Sterne
Fed Up! is a fresh, irreverent take on the political landscape. Hosts Roy Neel and Mark Plotkin rip apart the headlines and the gossip to peel back the underbelly of national political craziness that has engulfed the country since 2016...and actually long before that!Fed Up! will feature guests from the left and right, with analysis that will educate and outrage our listeners. After an episode with us, you’ll think Maddow and Hannity are milktoast moderates!

Cedric´s Sonntagsbox

By Cedric‘s Sonntagsbox
Jeden Sonntag. Immer um kurz vor 12Uhr ;)

Maximus Dowdy's News and Opinions

By Max Dowdy / Anchor
A step in to my perspective in regards to how I view certain things as well as news and tips

The Jury Room Podcast

By CBS Reality
What happens behind the closed doors of the jury room? How do twelve ordinary people balance their emotions with the cold hard facts? Will they handle the pressure of reaching their all-important verdict? Brand new CBS Reality original series “The Jury Room” re-examines true crimes with real murder cases where convicted killers have always maintained their innocence. The accepted facts are presented to the twelve members of our CBS Reality Jury and you at home. As our jury reaches its ve...

The Sup Live Podcast

By Betches Media
In this weekly news and politics podcast presented by Betches Media, Betches Co-founder Sami Fishbein and News Editor Alise Morales give their honest take on wtf is going on in the world. Adapted from their hit Facebook Live show, it's like getting a weekly news rundown from your funniest friend at brunch.

The Jim Colbert Show

By Real Radio 104.1
The Jim Colbert Show on Real Radio 104.1

A Up Let's Talk Podcast

By JJ James
A Up Let’s Talk is an independent politics channel based in the UK, hosted by JJ. The A Up podcast aims to provide you with a diverse range of voices from across society and critique the status quo. Mainstream debate has become ridiculously sanitised and predictable, with media group think now commonplace. JJ aims to break this trend and will speak to interesting guests (from a range of backgrounds) on a weekly basis covering politics, media, and societal issues.

The Outlines Podcast

By Jess Carter
A UK true crimes podcast with a regional focus.

The New World

By BBC Radio 4
Are we at a series of global tipping points?

Kanal K - Talk - Der flotte Dreier

By Kanal K - Talk - Der flotte Dreier

Mali Morris

By Mali Morris / Anchor
Business in The Gambia Africa current affairs from a diasporan perspective


By as king / Anchor
I will stop the crime is in this planet I will be Justice I would have found clean because they call me Vector a Tyrell and I will help the police anything I have on there well good luck all of you

Liberty Applied

By Brian and Breanna Ziarnick
Podcast focused on applying liberty to current events and everyday life.