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By JOY 94.9
Current affairs for our community
By Universehead Podcast Network
Dan and Scott know more about football than anyone knows about Star Wars. Both subjects add zero value to the planet Earth and humanity, but just like a Star Wars fan, they don't care
By MindMine
Craving authentic & insightful perspectives on society and culture? Listen as we dig deep into the arts, tech, politics and everything in-between that makes up the human experience (within Western culture). Each week we take on the conversations, reviews and news you care about (but don't get to talk about). Hosts: Tatiana Ivan & Evin Anderson Love what you hear? Make sure to subscribe to be the first notified when episodes go live! Make sure to also show your love through ratin...
By I Love You Man, but I Disagree
Two Best Friends, one liberal the other conservative. This isn't your typical political conversation.
By Utah Politicast
A podcast about Utah politics from two people who know very little about Utah or politics.
By Podcast Detroit
Right On 14th is a podcast designed to reach out to the citizens of the 14th congressional district, and neighboring Michigan communities. The intent is to create an engaging, informative, and entertaining show that will attract people to the Republican party and vote for its candidates. This weekly podcast will discuss mainly local issues but national issues as well and show that Republicans do care about people, and have the most sensible solutions to fix major and minor issues we face
By Memphis Chris / Anchor
Today we talk H&M drama and Oprah for president.
By Not a Rhino
Join us each week for the latest takes and perspectives on current political issues. We bring commentaries from historical and contemporary sources into conversation, as well as discuss how you can get involved in the national discussion through grassroots action.
By Millennials on Media
Young journalists discuss the state of media, youth and how the next generation will consume the news.
Un podcast hebdomadaire francophone sur les questions et enjeux sino-africains.
By Audioboom
WalesOnline chief reporter Martin Shipton in conversation with leading figures from Welsh politics and public life. Martin specialises in controversial and investigative stories and has been involved in covering the National Assembly since its outset.
By Salem Media of Colorado, Inc
He's the producer for Peter Boyles and Dan Caplis Weekdays - now it's Casey's turn - Sunday nights from 8 - 11 PM
By B. OYAMA / Anchor
Welcome to OyamaFM, your premier Broadcast Station for World News report and Style Tips on anchor.com. Get connected now!
By MrChrisTJones / Anchor
A fresh voice on hot topics..
By Vadå feminist?
'Vadå feminist?' är en podcast om varför feminism behövs och hur sexismen och patriarkatet påverkar samhället.
By James Fox
UK-based Political talk show by and for millenials. Hosted by James Fox, regularly joined by Alex Maskil and guests
By Australian High Commission New Zealand
The Australian High Commission in New Zealand presents Trans-Tasman Tales, a free podcast for those interested in international relations, public policy and the Australia-New Zealand relationship.
By Janet Whalen
She Breaks The Mold is a podcast for women who are ambitious for themselves and each other at work. I interview women who break the mold in their corporate, entrepreneurial or not-for profit jobs every day and offer them a chance to share what makes them ambitious, the challenges they face as a woman in what’s often still viewed as a man’s world, and to hold some ambitious space for another woman they want to help lift up.
By Call To Freedom
America's favorite redneck Muslim Libertarian Will Coley and his merry band of co-hosts discuss Libertarian drama, the cryptocurrency economy, and all things freedom, LIVE from the Vertcoin Studio in the Shire. WEEKDAYS 4-7 P.M. on LRN.fm and our partner stations.
By Abnormal Times
Sure, news headlines are full of stories that range from politics to sports to celebrities. But, if you look a bit closer, you'll find stories that are a little more weird, humorous and just plain strange. Join Johnny Townsend, Brandon Fuller and Chris Chavez as they explore these Abnormal Times.
By George Tung
Tune in every morning to hear the latest news, analysis and get investment opinions on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.
By Matt & Fran
Two friends talking about whatever they feel like.
By Jayme Joshua / Anchor
Discussing the important things that people care about in today’s world
By Jake Shirk / Anchor
An opportunity to have a normal uncensored discussion with anyone willing to listen. Covering everything from politics, fights and trying to raise kids.
By Grind Effect
Unfiltered, Uncensored, Raw news and commentary. Hosted by Max Veritas and Celebrity Model Ana Braga
By Missshowmedalight
The Fix in the Mix 2.0 is an online radio station at thaafterpartyradio. You can catch the show every Friday night from 8-10 pm central time on thaafterpartyradio. Don't forget to download the app from your app store thaafterpartyradio.
By Guy Higgins
All about Edge of Jupiter, epic Rock band from the snowy underbelly of western New York. Join Mike and Guy as they feature original band members, famous and infamous guests, and fans of the music.
By ABC News
The latest headlines from ABC News, refreshed hourly 24/7.
By Comedy Central
Listen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central’s Podcast Network.
By Joseph Rocha
Hosts, Joseph and Joey recap the weeks Portuguese league results, the latest news, controversial topics, and all things happening in the world of soccer. While there is a strong focus on the Primeira Liga, they make sure to provide coverage from other leagues, including but not limited to: English PL, La Liga, Champions League, MLS and more!
Ruth and Lars don’t easily fit into one category. They are entrepreneurs, mentors, mom and dad and deeply spiritually connected. In each episode they tackle important topics with unique and sometimes controversial insights. Their style is conversational and sometimes erupts into preaching. Give it a listen!
By 러키제이손,파파,블루,케니
앗싸필리핀,필리핀 정보, 음식, 관광, 골프, 필리핀 전반적인것
By Officially Denied / Anchor
A politics and current affairs podcast.
By Adam Sostrin - Criminal Defense Attorney
Looking for a good time? Not Endorsed by the Bar offers carefree and insightful discussion regarding the important social and legal issues of our time. This channel is run by attorneys Adam Sostrin and Seppi Esfandi. They’ve fought for the little guy throughout their careers, and they’ll keep going until the Energizer Bunny runs out of charge. Adam and Seppi bring a much needed yeoman’s perspective on all the media noise and michigas the human race is subjected to on a daily basis. Opra...
By Conservative Hero / Anchor
Republican Warrior: Zac Rivera
By Adrian Slade / Anchor
Constitutional Conservatarian - Looking to smash the media lies and the disinformation. Bringing to light the stories that are left on the cutting room floor, when they actually impact our lives more than the media would ever want to allow. Podcasts are weekly and typically posted on Saturday afternoons, or Sunday evenings. Subscribe to support the show : https://www.patreon.com/AdrianSladeShow Find the podcast here, or on the venue of your choice: iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-in, Google Play, ...
By Tonya / Anchor
Feels good to have someone to keep it True and Real... it’s hard to find someone Trill. Cuzzo Tonya is her to keep it Trill about situations going on today and I’m sure you’re going to relate
By Capital & Main
Hosted by the Drucker Institute’s Rick Wartzman, author of four books and a Fortune contributor, The Bottom Line puts a spotlight on companies that are advancing social progress—and those that aren’t.
By MakeWeYarn Podcast
Podcast by MakeWeYarn Podcast
By Radio C.L.A.S.H
Podcast by Radio C.L.A.S.H
By Raz Shafer, Founder of My Campaign Coach
Small things can make all the difference! Every business day, we bring you easily digestible campaign tips that will help you win at the ballot box. You'll learn something new in each episode, as you listen to My Campaign Coach Founder, Raz Shafer, present some of the most powerful tips he's learned. With each episode packing campaign winning tips in just 60-90 seconds, you don't have the time NOT to listen!
By Texas Tribune
Audio recordings of The Texas Tribune's live events series. Our events feature in-depth discussions with prominent elected officials and newsmakers moderated by Evan Smith and other journalists from The Texas Tribune. For more info on TribFest, visit https://www.texastribune.org/festival/
By The Theologician
A Podcast of Opinionated People. Three underweight, tall white guys shortly discuss heavy topics. Contact us at [email protected]
By Steve Appell
Work Comp Matters is a weekly Podcast that informs listeners about currently events including, but not limited to, labor law, employment law, workers' compensation and some "News of the Week."
By David Carr
Join David as he discusses humorous and serious topics. From politics, the latest space tech, road safety tips, and amusing stories, you can expect just about anything in this podcast.
By Dog Ears Podcast Network
Robin just talks.
By Reclaiming Uncommon
That Transgender Podcast centres the narratives transgender people including topics such as transphobia, media representation, news stories, and educational resources.
By Robert Huygens
A political philosophy podcast.
By Modern Rebels Podcast
A college age conservative bringing a weeks worth of news along with campus interviews to create a youthful spin to conservative media.
By BirGün Medya
Semih Güven Ece Zereycan ve Haftanı Konuğu ile Ekonomi, Para Piyasaları, İstatistikler ve daha fazlası her pazartesi BirGün Medya'da
By BirGün Medya
Berkant Gültekin ve Güven Gürkan Öztan'ın yorumlarıyla Türkiye'de ve Dünyada olanların arka planına bakıyoruz...
By Butler Cain
Alabama Five is produced by Butler Cain, a Democratic candidate in Alabama's 5th Congressional District.
By Ashley Jacobson, MA, CRC
A mix of true crime, social justice, and education, the Legally Abled Podcast provides compelling perspectives by people with disabilities, experts, and advocates about current legal cases, events and resources pertaining to navigating life and the law with disability. Hosted by Ashley Jacobson, MA, CRC, who has devoted her career to working with the disability community, this podcast dives into the complex and captivating issues facing one of the largest minority groups in the United States.
By Indonesia In-Depth
Indonesia In-depth focuses on topics related to Indonesia such as politics, business, policy and even culture. We provide listeners with in-depth information about Indonesia in a casual and easy to absorb format. Each episode will feature discussions among colleagues or interviews with special guests such as lawmakers, key government officials, top business leaders and various experts.
By Mark Harrison
Where people who work for a living find their news
By China Clashes with the West
Our mission is to introduce China-related stories with the English speaking world as friction between the two civilizations heat up due to the rise of China. We want to help people understand each other better before conflicts escalate out of control. We aim to accomplish this by inviting guests of different fields discussing different topics.
By Christopher Media
Life got you down? Tired of your job? Need a laugh? Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Listen to the Were Going To Hell Podcast. Caleb and Zach, two comedians in NYC, give their outlandish opinions about current events, pop culture, and everything else in between.
By Chris and Gavin
Just two University of Oregon college students talking about college things.
By Uncle Haze / Anchor
The breakdown of fb live.
By Jace and Liam
Welcome to Spinning Yarns, the hit new podcast critics are calling “pretty good,” “better than silence,” and, “I don’t get it.” Jace and Liam, two best friends living on opposite sides of the planet (Liam in Perth, Australia, and Jace in Portland, USA) get together each week via the magic of the internet to discuss the latest news and events in both Australia and America. Listen in on this glorified long-distance phone call and see for yourself whether or not these yarns are worth taking an...
By A. Okhi Irawan Wiryanatakusumah
Spirit kultur muda Nusantara!
By Talkin' Tustin
Episode 001: From Missing to Murder We talk about the tragic story involving Blaze Bernstein that recently unfolded in Orange County, CA.
By Brian Adams / Anchor
Broad Spectrum News
By Nugget / Anchor
Life in all its glory. Sex, love and life!
By Luna and Christina / Anchor
We chop it up about news and politics the way you wish everybody did.
By Tanisha Simpkins / Anchor
Shows associated with Table Talk Production
By Meech / Anchor
Opinions and facts! CTC TV show is an open conversation about everything hip hop to politics. Subscribe today!
By Radio Cardiff
Radio Cardiff's weekly news magazine programme, hosted by Rhys Phillips and Ella West. Featuring headlines, reports, interviews, sports updates, the week's community noticeboard and a 7 day weather forecast for the city.
By ATG Sports
The best sports takes from the guys at ATG Sports!
By Damien Roberts
Join us to complain about anything and everything.
By Pranay Kotasthane and Saurabh Chandra
Podcast by Pranay Kotasthane and Saurabh Chandra
By Alex Spenser
In our inaugural episode, the wonderful and talented Ms. Erin Barker joins us for the interview, I step on my Soapbox, and have a moment to bring peace into the New Year!🍾🥂🕊 Join us!
By Ian Schrauth
A political podcast channel hosted by Ian Schrauth
By Jack King / Rachel Lucas / Kaile Prosser
Progressive U. is a political podcast hosted from the perspective of college-aged progressives to present a younger viewpoint on the news. Rachel, Jack, and Kaile offer opinions on the latest news from Capitol Hill, the White House (or Mar-a-Lago :/), the Resistance, and other current events.
By Jered Benoit
A conversation between Jered and Esther. The things we find interesting and the conversation that ensues, usually over a glass of wine.
By GHOST / Anchor
I am a indie artist support everyone
By F.R.E.S.H / Anchor
F.R.E.S.H represents Fashion Respect Entertainment Sports & Hip Hop!
By Jontae Davis
Whether you are listening in your car, in the house, or you are on your daily commute, this podcast will give you a great deal of insight about why Jontae views the world the way he does. He starts off by telling you about life experiences that has shaped the way he views the world! No subject is too large for him to conquer. Politics, music, racism, sports and anything else you can think of, this is a one-stop shop. This is where psychology and a black man's point of view meet head on. "T...
By Barnstorming PA
Building the Movement One Pod at a Time
Montana politics, elections, and government news from Montana Public Radio.
By SpeakLife / Anchor
By Dan / Anchor
Just introducing myself to this podcast
By Temp / Anchor
I do a lot of new videos and giving my opinions
By AJPAC / Anchor
News and politics
By Mister Gecko Or Mr. Gecko / Anchor
I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gamer / professional wrestling fan Christian slash married I love to speak what's on my mind whether it be professional wrestling gaming politicians music whatever in general I will always I will always tell you what's on my mind no matter what I believe in speaking the truth
By Road Version
Comments on News and political events.
By SupChina
China has emerged as a global powerhouse in tech. It is now home to some of the world’s most valuable tech companies and most motivated entrepreneurs. How can U.S. companies succeed in China and learn from China? How can Chinese tech companies go global? From Silicon Valley to Beijing, we interview movers and shakers of China's tech industry, as well as tech leaders who have a U.S.-China cross-border perspective. Brought to you by GGV Capital, a leading cross-border VC firm that has been inve...
By Two Stable Geniuses
Podcast by Two Stable Geniuses
By WatermelonBrigades
Views, voices, chews and tunes from a new generation of Palestinian American activists. Tune into our podcast to hear a Pali perspective on politics, organizing, arts, food, and culture. Free Palestine, save Israel and defend the Americas.
By Choose Your Grooves
In our Hearts, we know that a Kinder World is possible. A world where we live in such appreciation of these magnificent bodies and this stunning planet, that living in harmony with each other and the earth is quite, quite normal. There is a Wisdom flowing through each one of us. It is the Creative Intelligence that shapes the whole universe and creates with such abundant diversity, As we relax into this Wisdom, we discover within, visions of More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possibl...
By SYMWYP - Stuff You Missed
This is "Stuff You Missed While You Were Pissed". A show that covers current and underrepresented legislation in DC. We look at Bills and Laws that may not have mainstream media hype and discuss them openly.
By Wait Wha Podcast Lansing
Wait Wha Podcast - A show where 4 guys from Lansing Michigan pretend to know some stuff about local and world news and events, look up some stuff and admit they're wrong about stuff. Wait...wha?!
By Robin Zimmermann
In diesem Podcast geht es um die ganze Welt des Fußballs News, Spiele, Diskussionen und vieles mehr, genau der richtige Podcast wenn du up to date bleiben möchtest
By Nashville Sounding Board
Nashville Sounding Board is a new podcast dedicated to discussing social and political issues affecting the Nashville community. Nashville Sounding Board is produced by Benjamin Eagles.
By BirGün Medya
BirGün Medya'nın yayınları artık podcast olarak iTunes'ta...
By Medha Jaishankar
Facilitating everyday action through everyday stories of the Asian American experience
By Purple Commentary
This is Purple Commentary, a show where we express the liberal blues and the conservative reds of everything. Hosted by Bryan Yalta, Skai Brown, and Pablo Ortiz.