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The RG Show is a podcast that ranges from giving my thoughts on certain topics to talking with friends, thought leaders, celebrities and politicians about South Africa. It's a relaxed conversation styled approach. Be sure to hit the follow button ...
Let's really understand how powerful you truly are.
After years in rock radio Randy moved to Chicago to study at the infamous Second City Improv theater. But film and television was always his passion. For the last couple decades he has been performing in and directing various films, television sho...
“Putting the spirit of the Badgers on the Airwaves”
Are you sick and tired of American and World news media? Are you sick and tired of being lied to by politicians, news anchors, celebrities and
Versa is an honest and fun news and culture YouTube channel.
The Longleaf Podcast is a production of Longleaf Politics, the smartest way to follow North Carolina news and information. In each episode, we'll dive into a hot topic in N.C. politics — in 20 minutes or less.
La radio de todos
The premiere episode of Dan Rather’s podcast couldn’t come at a more appropriate time. All signals are blinking red. The United States is under attack from a foreign power. Our president has a sworn duty to protect us against enemie...
Diplomacy 201 is a podcast series aimed at unveiling the best practices in diplomacy and optimizing the effectiveness of interventions to advance future economic, security and political objectives.
The Podcast featuring interesting people from Sports, Business, Entertainment and everything under the Sun

Round the world topic

By Alexzandra Rodriguez 🧚🏼‍♀️
I’m going to be talking about things happening in the world. It will be funny, or serious, maybe even depressing.
Marianne Fellous Cohen, prépare et présente la chronique « Juridique » un Jeudi sur deux, pendant le 12/13
Issues of today and yesterday. We have many interests and the world is not perfect. So many things to keep us busy.
Bite-sized news segments of what’s happening around Lincoln, NE delivered on an as needed basis.
Der Podcast für positive Meldungen aus Deutschland und dem Rest der Welt! Genervt von den üblichen Nachrichten aus TV, Radio und Social-Media, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen mich mehr mit den positiven Seiten des Lebens zu beschäftigen. Für jeden...
Welcome to See Beth Run, an intimate journey inside what it takes to run for office with first-time candidate Beth Finn for Philadelphia City Council at Large.
Rank and File Radio - Prairie Edition is a spoken word show exploring the labour movement on the prairies, providing news, interviews and political analysis from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. It airs Sundays from 4 - 4:30 PM on CKUW 95.9 FM ...
Le journal de 9h de la rédaction de France Bleu Normandie (Caen et Orne)
AnglicanTV Ministries, Inc is a "501c3" non-profit organization, incorporated on February 5, 2008. AnglicanTV started as a personal ministry of Kevin Kallsen. Then, toward the end of 2007, Kevin sought out like-minded individuals and formed a Boar...
What you focus on determines everything! Good News Good Planet was created in 2015 in response to the already growing barrage of discouraging news in the mainstream media. The world is actually full of amazing people doing incredibly good things i...
Chaque samedi, Yves Coppens remonte le temps de l'humanité pour mieux comprendre le présent et éclairer l'avenir.
Lets have an honest discussion about our most pressing issues and be civil enough to have cocktails after.
Somos un medio de comunicación dedicado a reunir la información más importante del día en la ciudad de Chihuahua, México, y el mundo. La resumimos para que puedas estar informado en menos de 5 minutos. Además, en nuestra página encontrarás informa...
Chroniques humoristiques hebdomadaires contenant des blagues artisanales taillées dans des matériaux de qualité. Chaque épisode contient autant de sarcasmes qu'un enregistrement pirate de Wauquiez en conférence privée
Updated local weather for Portsmouth, Dover, and Rochester from and
Updated local weather for Daytona Beach, Florida from the Daytona Beach News Journal.
Local news brief from the Providence Journal, Providence, Rhode Island.
Local news brief from the Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, North Caronlina.
The Writ Race has been run and Ontarians elected a new Progressive Conservative majority government on June 7, 2018 - led by rookie MPP Doug Ford. Premier Ford faces New Democratic Leader Andrea Horwath as the leader of the Official Opposition in...
Local news brief from Daytona Beach News Journal, Daytona Beach, Florida.
Spend some time exploring lunacy, pop-culture, politics, geography, sandwiches, and “all the things”. You'll laugh. Join them on a journey to say things you wish you didn’t think.
A podcast where we discuss everything that gets under your skin. A place where real people talk about "real" problems.
Another Podcast, bringing common sense to your ears. Every Wednesday we post a new episode with great guest, news, and topics. Join us every week for a good time.
At Realism Speaks we attack issues all across the political spectrum. Whether you may like it or not it's the truth and that's why it's called realism.
Se faire hypnotiser pour subir un traitement dentaire, pour calmer une douleur chronique ou pour mieux dormir ? C’est possible, et c’est bien moins farfelu qu’on pense. Catherine Dubé vous explique comment ça marche et vous invite à vous faire hyp...
A Conservative voice and viewpoint on US and world news.
The 3 Lefts Show covers topics from issues of the day to the ongoing from a Radical Left perspective. We talk to other comardes while not being an interview show. Discuss ideas without being a theory show, and cover current events without getting ...
Trevor Chapman Show on KCAA
Don't mind me everyone, I'm just here to Steel Your Girl on my weekly podcast. We'll see what drives these women to be the queens that they are, and how they stole their moment in the spotlight. There's never a right or wrong time to flex your fem...
Two chill Canadians discussing a wide range of issues that you won't hear anywhere else.
Listen…and become the most intelligent person you know
This is a branch podcast of “That South African” that concentrates on the days news affecting South Africa. A daily podcast that will hopefully act to inform people on the current South African Landscape.
Israel Seen is a labor of love and is a portal to the other side of Israel. We provide content from a wonderful array of innovative, interesting, and dynamic Israelis. Our content is rich in vision, compassion, education and understanding of the h...
Hancock Hour, the video podcast featuring key thinkers and agents of change from around the world who are pushing boundaries and bringing back new ideas to make the world a better place.
Welcome to Latino Voices!
The NüVoices podcast is hosted by Alice Xin Liu and Joanna Chiu, who will explore the work of women in media and the arts in Greater China, the impact of sexual harassment, abuses of power, international and domestic politics, and their own person...
Church & State is about getting people plugged into politics and back into pews. The U.S. Constitution and the Holy Bible are our pillars.
S premislekom se odzivamo na aktualne dogodke, raziskujemo, soočamo. Reagiramo.
Justice Watch with Attorney Zulu Ali on KCAA
Fame Black and the Purple Palace Crew are in the studio in the early AM, to bring you a quick rundown of topics or thoughts for that day. DJ Gullah Gullah drops the song of the day, hoping to get it stuck in your head.
Straight talk conservative perspective of current news and events through the eyes of everyday ordinary Americans just like you!
Man of Steele is a podcast hosted by former Republican National Committee Chairman and Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Each week, Michael moderates a barbershop style discussion about the key political and cultural issues of the day. ...
Le Journal de 8h de FB Pays de Savoie
Le journal de 7h de FB pays de Savoie
Join Al and Tylor as they delve into a dark web of conspiracy madness. Bringing a view to conspiracies from the heart of Cleveland. Throughout history there have been moments where the understanding of money has shifted in the consciousness of society. These shifts have moved vast amounts of wealth between nations, out of the hands of generational w...
Entretiens entre des militantes et militants de la Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) et les membres du comité exécutif de la confédération.
Aqui você pode conferir os programas jornalísticos da rádio Difusora Live, de Machado - MG. O jornal Primeira Mão, veiculado de segunda a sexta-feira, às 6h40 da manhã, e o jornal Redação Difusora, que vai ao ar de segunda a sexta (exceto às quart...
From Al Jazeera-Your World starts your day with news headlines you won’t hear anywhere else. In 4 minutes or less find out what’s happening and why it matters.
A topical, entertaining and accessible discussion about the law in Canada and beyond. Join Hilary Young, Oliver Pulleyblank and Robert Danay as they offer their insights into the latest developments in the law.
Pilar Jufresa ha dedicado muchos años de su vida a comunicar a través del teatro, de la escritura y desde hace 20 años pondera la radio hablada para transmitir inquietudes y valores como ciudadana comprometida con su comunidad.
Add a description here.
In 15 minutes you can learn a bit more about the world and how you can help change it. CARE Canada fights poverty by empowering women and girls around the world, in more than 94 countries. Join us each month as we speak about subjects that are af...
Rede de podcasts da Agenda Preta, o calendário colaborativo da comunidade negra
Radio 531pi has served our Pacific communities since 1993 with a blend of news, views, information and talk back - all combined with a music mix you'll hear nowhere else. During the day, our programmes cater to first and second generation Pacific ...
Espacio dedicado a tendencias urbanas y calidad de vida. La ciudad mueve a las personas y las personas mueven a la ciudad.
Un podcast para hablar de género, tendencias y convivencia.
Brief, probably conservative, satirical presentations of news and events. Designed to be humorous, not offensive. Intentionally rudimentary studio.
From the airwaves to your earbuds, Nick Vasos goes in-depth with our on-air guests at FOX4.
The Morning Breakfast Show is like a breakfast buffet. It's the show that keeps on giving, with two explosive personalities that bring you relate-able, funny and accurate content. Start your day with S&M.
Ciceron Fredrik Lindström guidar dig bland svenska dialekter. Ansvarig utgivare: Nina Glans
PATRICIA SUÁREZ • NotiFórmula PM • 14:00 – 14:30 hrs. Espacio informativo con las noticias puntuales más importantes que acontecen en Quintana Roo, con notas objetivas y veraces, y el tono dinámico que caracteriza a su conductora.
ARTURO MEDINA • NotiFórmula AM • 7:00 – 9:00 hrs de Lunes a Viernes Noticiero matutino con información del momento, un excelente trabajo periodístico y un punto de vista profesional y reflexivo de su conductor y colaboradores, tratando los asunto...
Welcome to Fired Up, Ready to Podcast! where folks who know they should follow progressive politics but lack the time or, frankly, the interest to do so, can get just enough information to not feel like a dumbass.
Pour? Contre? Absolument ! Cet été, L’actualité ramène à la mode le goût de s’obstiner avec une série de «grands» débats. Chaque semaine, Mathieu Charlebois, Jean-Philippe Cipriani et Nadine Mathurin débattent ainsi de sujets vitaux et tentent de ...
From gaming, to movies, to music, to politics- the Wizards of Nothing are here for some fun facts, or at the bare-minimum a few laughs.
At Home With Breffnie, 001: Breffnie O'Kelly talks to architect Eva Byrne about how to get the most from your existing space


By Jewish Council for Public Affairs
Tune in to JCPA’s CRCast series, in which we tackle the issues of the day. In each webcast, JCPA’s David Bernstein interviews a special guest expert or practitioner about the most pressing topics that are affecting the Jewish community and the Com...
Podcast by Michelle Pini
No to the Westminster bubble. Here at Eastminster we take a broader perspective on politics, culture and society. Clare Precey and Alan Finlayson explore the themes that matter. If you like us check out our blog at
Warning: Since 2007, the joy from this network has destroyed the great multitude's ability to remain politically pissed. Symptoms include screaming, 'Oh snap, Roy still likes me and has inspired the hell out of me with those 3 songs at the end of ...
Warning: Since 2007, the joy from this network has destroyed the great multitude's ability to remain politically pissed. Symptoms include screaming, 'Oh snap, Roy still likes me and has inspired the hell out of me with those 3 songs at the end of ...
Unofficial podcast of West Virginia IWW Here for ALL workers of the Upper Ohio Valley Contact us: [email protected] Solidarity Forever!


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