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The Re-Wrap

By NewstalkZB
All the best bits of the Mike Hosking Breakfast on Newstalk ZB that you might've missed, put together by GlennZB.


By 周忆清
访问学者、留学移民、立足美国、遨游世界。这里是为您高端定制的《美国思维》 精品节目。

A New World Order

By That's Not Canon Productions
THE WORLD IS A MESS! BUT WHO CAN WE TURN TO TO FIX IT!? THE UNITED NATIONS? THE DALAI LAMA? THE LONG-LOST HEIR OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE!? Frankly, all of those options would probably be better than listening to three white guys from Australia wax lyrical about how everything in the world would be better if they were the one and only supreme dictator. And yet, here we are.

Liberty First!

By Mark Pantano
Insights and commentary on the political issues of the day through the eyes of a independent Constitutional Conservative.

La buena vida

By Spainmedia Radio
Alejandro Hidalgo profundiza en el día a día del mercado del lujo, mostrando el pedigrí de las marcas que importan. @AlexHdlg

The Left Media Podcast

By Mike and Mitch
Mike and Mitch sit down to analyze and review media of all forms from a Leftist perspective

The Africa Report Podcast

By Jeune Afrique Media Group
The leading pan African politics, business and culture monthly magazine. Say hello @theafricareport

El Mundial 2018 - Podcast

By Beto Reymunde
Información acerca de la edición del Mundial de futbol 2018 en Rusia, con efemérides, historias interesantes, datos curiosos y mucho más. Un contenido ideal para sumar a la programación y grilla de la radio con el tiempo justo y necesario para ir informando sobre el evento deportivo que mayor audiencia mueve en el mundo entero, cada 4 años.


By Dame Podcast
We are a podcast about women. We explore women who have shaped significant events in American history and how those events have shaped other women's lives moving forward.

The Anoncast - The AnonHQ Podcast

We Are Anonymous. The Anoncast is the latest phase in the evolution of the Anonymous Collective, bringing independent and investigative news and stories from around the globe. Find out more at As always, the finest in independent and investigative news can be found at Anonymous Headquarters, news or questions to [email protected] Us.

On the Table

By On the Table
These are the stories of where our food comes from, the people who make it, and how one law could change everything. Join NET's Grant Gerlock as he serves up the Farm Bill in delectable audio morsels that explain how all this will affect your life.

Pinky and the Brain Show

By Pinky and the Brain
Welcome to the “Pinky and the Brain Show”. Join hosts Brandon Breckenridge and Jeremy Brownlee for a weekly podcast as the guys try to figure out just what the hell is going on during these crazy ass times we’re living in. They’ll discuss a variety of topics including current events, politics, shitty drivers, sports, annoying family members, drugs, music, and the catastrophic degeneration of social graces.

Lessons from the Dojang

By Lessons from the Dojang / Anchor
A Dojang should teach you more than just martial arts. It should also open doors to allow you to become a better, stronger person. So what's it like when a couple of martial arts masters get together to discuss the issues of the moment? Well, probably not what you're expecting. Masters Grant Miller and Patsy Zarilla discuss the weekly trending news stories and the role modern day martial arts plays in helping navigate and process these events. It's an open, honest, completely spontaneous, no...

Trust Us, We're Experts

By Infinity International
This is the best Podcast you're ever going to listen to in the continental world. Lizardpeephole

Ground Game

By PodcastOne
A conversation with AP reporters in the field about the top issues coming up in American politics ahead of this year’s midterm elections. Hosted by Magan Crane.

DLP Dreamers

By DLP Dreamers
Podcast by DLP Dreamers

Что происходит?!

By chp-show
"Что происходит?!" - это ток-шоу, в котором мы обсуждаем самые резонансные события прошедших дней из области политики, общества и массовой культуры. С нас – только честное мнение, проверенные данные и справедливые оценки. С вас – час внимания 3 раза в неделю, во вторник, четверг и воскресенье в 22:05. Ведущие Никро666 и Андрей Залго.

The Salvation Army Forster Tuncurry

By The Salvation Army Forster Tuncurry
The weekly sermons/messages from The Salvation Army Forster Tuncurry

The Stafford Voice

By The Stafford Voice
Conservative in a world of Liberal.

The Dirt

By NC Conservation Network
Expert interviews, stories & discussions on the environment and environmental justice in North Carolina and across the nation. Every fourth Tuesday of the month, host Brian Powell digs into environmental topics most outlets ignore. Brought to you by the North Carolina Conservation Network.

POK Podcast

By Jordan and Dillon
A real talk podcast breaking down the facts in trending news stories and societal issues, without any of the political bias.

Calling Justice

By Sahra V. Nguyen
A podcast exploring news, culture, racial justice, immigration, & intersectionality through the voice of Asian Americans + allies.

Metrópoli al Día 1ra Hora - Notisistema

By Notisistema
La historia de las últimas horas y la información del momento. Análisis, comentarios y entrevistas bajo la conducción de Talina Radillo.

Three Naked Men

By Thee Naked Men
The unedited, uncensored and unashamed ramblings of three London degenerates.

Journeys with Joanne Joseph

By Afternoon Drive with Joanne Joseph
Complementing her popular Afternoon Drive radio show on 702, Joanne presents a series of specially produced audio experiences revealing previously unexplored elements behind prominent news stories.

Hirsch will es wissen - Der Radio Hamburg Interview-Podcast

By Radio Hamburg
Rainer Hirsch ist der Leiter der Aktuell-Redaktion von Radio Hamburg und bittet in seinem neuen Podcast zum Gespräch. In fesselnden Gesprächen, von Person zu Person, interviewt er in "Hirsch will es wissen" regionale Wirtschaftsgrößen, Politiker und andere wichtige Persönlichkeiten. Jeden Monat gibt es einen neuen Gast und in der Pilotfolge hören wir HOCHBAHN-Chef Henrik Falk, der sich Rainer Hirsch gegenüber redselig und sympathisch zeigt.


By Enuff Said and DaRealMVP
Weekly episodic social commentary podcast where topics include sports, music, politics and current events.

Simplicity Talks

By Siegel+Gale
Every two weeks we gather to share our insights on the issues and trends shaping the business landscape through our unique lens of simplicity.


By Michael Sheldon / Anchor
Welcome to the MichaelsheldonforGovernor podcast where amazing things are going to happen in Alaska.

Global News for Local Listeners

By Beyond Borders Broadcast
Broadcasting weekly news highlights from around the world. Designed to summarize global news for local listeners on the go. If you have news you think should be highlighted, please send an email.

Range Minded Podcast

By Independence Indoor Shooting
Conversation about anything and everything firearms from Ricky Casner, Steve Zimmerman, and Mark Long

News Talkers

By Robert Burns / Anchor
Catch up on the week's most unusual and hysterical news headlines. Hosted by local TV news anchors Robert Burns and David Bodden.

Metrópoli al Día 2da Hora - Notisistema

By Notisistema
La historia de las últimas horas y la información del momento. Análisis, comentarios y entrevistas bajo la conducción de Talina Radillo.

Colloquium Podcasts

By Aida, Alejandra, Estella, Diego, Joheliz
Somos colloquium podcasts siempre buscando historias para compartirles

The Daily Weekly

By The Michigan Daily
Want to stay up-to-date on the most newsworthy stories from the Michigan Daily? The Daily Weekly brings you a recap of the must-know stories published each week.

The Sit Down

By The Michigan Daily
Tune in as The Michigan Daily sits down for intimate interviews with student leaders, artists, athletes, local business people, and the Ann Arbor icons in between.

The Peace And Liberty Podcast

By The Peace and Liberty Podcast
The Peace and Liberty Podcast is dedicated to all those who suffer or who have suffered at the hands of the State.

Podcasts from the UCLA Center for Middle East Development

By Podcasts from the UCLA Center for Middle East Development
Podcasts from the UCLA Center for Middle East Development.

Foul Play-by-Play

By Anthony Varriano, Sportswriter, and Michael Haase, Attorney
A talk radio show providing play-by-play commentary on the week’s cheats, cheap shots, and alleged criminals in sports.

Old-growth Podcast

By Julia and Eric
Two young professionals discussing science and the environment.

Korea Story You Never Heard

By Mike Lee
Making sense of what happened, and did not happen, at the Trump-Kim Summit. In so many ways the Korean story is also an American story. The US has sacrificed tens of thousands of America lives in east Asia, from WW2 through the Korean war. For over a hundred and fifty years America has tried - and is still trying - to influence events in Korea. Much of the how and why we got to the brink of nuclear war with a tiny nation in east Asia has not just taken place in the blue and white light of ou...

Difference Makers with @SavannahOpinion

By From the Newsroom: Savannah Now
A longform podcast hosted by Savannah Morning News editorial page editor Adam Van Brimmer (@SavannahOpinion on Twitter) that looks at the movers and shakers in Savannah, Georgia.

Politics Plus

By Michael Baranowski: Political scientist
Political scientist Michael Baranowski talks to authors and thinkers from all across the ideological spectrum about ideas that matter in American politics and policy, economics, history, and culture.

Reboot Republic Podcast

By Reboot Republic Podcast
Welcome to Reboot Republic - Hosted by Rory Hearne and from the Echo Chamber Podcast team, comes the new podcast that offers solutions to the big issues facing our country. In each episode we’ll aim to look at the issues facing us as a people, as a society and as an economy - how these problems are interlinked and how we can tackle them. Talking to experts, we discuss where other countries are getting this right and how we in Ireland could do it differently. Rebooting this Republic of constan...

CounterCultureWISE Radio

By CounterCultureWISE Radio with heart in mind...


By Crooked Media
Political commentator and comedy writer Erin Ryan is joined by a bicoastal squad of opinionated, mouthy women to discuss news, politics, and cultural stories that affect women's lives, from serious to absurd. Women: 51% of the population and 100% of this podcast. 

Real Talk w/ Dee

By The Shop FM Network
Join Dee with co-host A'milian Styles every week. No topic is off limits, but everything is Real!


By AtticusShrugged
We talk about politics, culture, and the South.

Europe's Changing Political Climate

By Alexandra Sasha / Anchor
European Union

The Words

By The Words
The new podcast from Simon & Schuster UK

Bill Spadea's New Jersey

By Bill Spadea
Bill Spadea is Diggin' In, and tackling the issues that face the Garden State. In about 60 seconds, hear about what's interesting, important, ridiculous, amazing, absurd, hilarious or consequential today.

Corresponsales de Paz

By Onda Universitaria | UFV
Corresponsales de Paz es la sociedad de antiguos alumnos comunicadores de la Fcom de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. El objetivo de este podcast es mejorar la práctica de la comunicación social en España a través de entrevistas, reportajes y análisis sobre temas de actualidad fundamentales para el hombre.

English Podcasts

By Katherine Karafelis / Anchor
Welcome to Katherine’s podcast, where we talk about dress code, women’s rights, and I share with you my This I Believe Essay.

Great Minds Drink Alike Show's Podcast

By Great Minds Drink Alike Show
Not your grandma's podcast! We cover current events, topics, and pop culture, while having a few laughts!


By Max Foster
CNN's Max Foster on the power of clout and how you can develop yours.

Secrest Wardle Podcast

By Secrest Wardle
Subscribe to Secrest Wardle’s podcast pertaining to various areas of the law. Host contact information will be provided along with each podcast. Questions and/or comments from listeners are encouraged. Secrest Wardle is a law firm specializing in defense litigation and counsel for insurance, municipal, and commercial clients headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with additional offices in Grand Rapids and Lansing. For additional information, please visit, send an email to in...


By WNYC Studios
In summer 2016, a police shooting upended the life of Arnaldo Rios Soto, a 26-year old, non-speaking, autistic man. Aftermath tells Arnaldo’s story — a hidden world of psych wards, physical abuse and chemical restraints — and asks the question: How did Arnaldo’s life go so wrong? Aftermath by Only Human is produced by WNYC Studios, a listener-supported producer of leading podcasts including Freakonomics, Death, Sex & Money, and On the Media.

Everybody Thinks Twon Is Crazy

By Antoine Williams / Anchor
Any and every thing goes. Let's talk, argue, and debate about sports, news, weather, current events, relationships and more.

Chitchatting with Rohan

By Rohan Rajapure / Anchor
Here I discuss things that interest me and sometimes try to make sense of them through the discssions.

20H00 - 20H10 TU

Le Journal en français facile : un vrai journal d’information qui raconte chaque événement dans son contexte, son histoire et ses personnages pour comprendre les mots et les concepts de l’actualité mondiale.

バイリンガル学生のゆるゆる『日中雑談・中日闲话』 中国語・日语

By バイリンガル学生のゆるゆる『日中雑談・中日闲话』 中国語・日语
Just another WordPress site

le Berger d’Israël

By le Berger d’Israël
Le Berger d'Israel

Savannah to Suburbia - South Sudanese Australian Stories

By Morningside Sound Productions
Little known stories from a unique perspective

Meu Podcast

By Isabella Saldanha
Podcast by Isabella Saldanha

What's The Context?

So, what's the context? Host @MattHoltmeyer and Producer @Rockandruso offer unique and (hopefully) insightful perspectives on issues that matter.

Opinativa com Sávia Barreto

By Sávia Barreto
Um olhar opinativo sobre o Piauí. Sou doutoranda em Políticas Públicas pela Universidade Federal do Piauí, mestra em Comunicação pela Ufpi e jornalista formada pela Universidade Estadual do Piauí. Trabalho como editora-chefe do portal OitoMeia e apresentadora na rádio CBN Teresina. Esse é o primeiro podcast com conteúdo jornalístico do Piauí e é um prazer dividir meu amor pela comunicação e visão crítica de mundo com vocês.

Christian’s revision

By Christian CM / Anchor
Revision ting

Lou Brydges & Associates: Foreclosure Defense and Personal Injury Attorneys

By Lou Brydges - Foreclosure Defense Attorney
A PowerPress site

Audiobeweis - Der Tagesspiegel-Podcast zur WM

By Der Tagesspiegel
Welche Mannschaft spielt sich in den Favoritenkreis? Welche Taktik setzt sich durch? Wie ist die Stimmung in Russland? Und was macht die deutsche Nationalmannschaft. Regelmäßig berichten unsere Korrespondenten vor Ort und unsere Experten in Berlin über die Fußball-WM in Russland.

Effektvoll News - Positiv.Motivierend.Anders. mit Jeanine Hurte

By Jeanine - Effektvoll
Positiv. Motivierend. Anders. Effektvoll bietet dir jede Woche die positivsten und motivierendsten Nachrichten. Bis jetzt haben Medien uns das Gefühl gegeben, dass die Welt untergehen würde und wir in Angst und Schrecken leben müssten. Doch damit ist es jetzt vorbei. Effektvoll bietet dir jede Woche die besten News aus den Bereichen; Nachhaltigkeit, Business, unserem Zusammenleben, der Politik, Wirtschaft und vielen mehr In diesem Sinne #GreatNewsStattFakeNews

12H30 - 13H00 TU

écouter la session 30 min, AFRIQUE MIDI

Full Bird Am - Pm

By Charles wilson / Anchor
Welcome to the most controversial podcast in the world

Thomas Enahoro

By Thomas Enahoro / Anchor
It's Primebazeweb Podcast. Official Podcast if

Simple Politics Podcast

By Simple Politics Podcast
Podcast by Simple Politics Podcast

Fridays At Work

By Drew Moldenhauer, Nathaniel Benke, Brennan Trimble
Podcast by Drew Moldenhauer, Nathaniel Benke, Brennan Trimble

Agenda Externa Podcast

By Jefferson Oliveira
Política Externa Brasileira com hora marcada.

We are IR

By Robert Ballante / Anchor
Welcome to We are IR, a podcast about International Relations, Geopolitics and Societies around the globe. With me, Robert Ballante.

This Week in Labor Ep. #02

By Tim Billado
News from the front lines of the labor movement.

Alex and Hunter Podcasts - Episode 1

By Hunter
Alex and Hunter talk about gaming news, movies, and more in this weekly podcast you for sure don't want to miss.

Our House

By Art Humanity Action
OUR HOUSE is a podcast by Art, Humanity & Action, featuring stories from activists and organizers about the first time they realized they needed to get involved, what happened next, and why the upcoming midterm elections are so consequential to the issues they’re fighting for: from LGBTQ rights to immigration rights to environmental protection, gun legislation, and much more. Each episode also features one specific way for listeners to make a difference in the 2018 elections and help flip...

Humanities for Humanity

By Austine Model - Writer & Cultural Critic
Humanities for Humanity creates a space through the arts and humanities for open and honest dialogues about our society, culture, and the important issues we all confront in our world today.

Policy Talk

By Hudson Institute
Policy Talk is a public affairs podcast that brings unique analysis and fresh insights to some of the most complex and urgent foreign and domestic policy challenges facing America and our allies today. Each episode features a deeply knowledgeable expert in an engaging, in-depth conversation about a specific public policy topic. Policy Talk seeks to educate and inform listeners who care about key public policy questions so they can better participate in the consequential debates occurring in...

Thoughts and Prayers

By Max Patten / Anchor
A podcast about keeping the fight for sensible gun legislation in the news. Interviewing people weekly.

Don Wickstra for State Senate - MI

By Don Wickstra
Hi! I’m Don Wickstra. I’m a Republican running for the Michigan State Senate, 26th District. The 26th is located in beautiful SW Michigan and is a dynamic blend of city, rural, and lakeshore lifestyles. Like the other two State Senate candidates in the GOP Primary on Tuesday, Aug. 7, I am Pro-Life, Pro-2nd Amendment, and a rock-solid conservatives. I’m not a career politician and I believe in local control and common-sense; listening to the people and the experts closest to the specific situa...

Culture Wars Radio

On Culture Wars Radio, Ed Brayton and Dan Ray explore the interface of politics, religion, law and culture with a particular focus on constitutional law, separation of church and state and the often absurd nature of American political culture.

The Gateway - A Podcast from the Middle East

By Al Bawaba News
Cascades of breaking news stories flood front pages and social media feeds, cataclysmic events happen every day, entire industries have been formed around dissecting and understanding the news. With The Gateway, we'll go in-depth on developments submerged under the ocean of breaking news developments and explore issues poorly or under-reported on. From our offices in Amman, Jordan, we at Al Bawaba are breaking through the news.

Sport Calgary Stories

By Sport Calgary
A collection of various stories from the Calgarian sports community.

Live Wire Today

By Steve Osborne Media
Live Wire Today brings you a mix of entertainment, sport, talk and lifestyle conversations with our regular presenters.

Four Four Tweet's World Cup Podcast

By Four Four Tweet
Listen to comment, analysis and the fan's view about the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Produced by Adam Mendez. Hosted by Ali Rowley. Follow us on Twitter - @FourFourTweet

Let Me Bend Your Ear Podcast

By Let me Bend Your Ear Productions
Podcasr - Hosted by Frank Goicuria - Lively discussion of sports, movies and politics.


By Aj Lornie, Pete Morgan, Alex Palmer-Killingbeck
The insane comedic ramblings of 3 friends. Alex, Pete & Aj sit down each week to talk about the worlds funny news, mews over hypothetical questions & listen to Alex's rants, all wrapped up in a uniquely Sharktank medium.

America In Crisis

By James Macecari / Anchor
Welcome to the newest podcast hosted by James "Hollywood"Macecari. America in Crisis will explore the hard subjects head on happening in America right now. No Propaganda, No Spin, Just a show dedicated to bringing the truth.

Avertle Talks

By Avertle Talks / Anchor
Welcome to the Avertle Talks podcast, where I talk about my political opinion, make jokes, play music, and just discuss general topics

Mexicanos al grito de ¡ya estuvo bueno!

By Univision Noticias
México está frente a la elección presidencial más compleja de los últimos años. La sociedad está más polarizada que nunca. El descontento es general, la discusión permanente, la tolerancia mínima y hay una sola cosa en la que todos los mexicanos —sin importar por qué candidato van a votar— parecen estar de acuerdo: no se puede permitir más la ineficacia de su clase política.