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Pod Save the People
By Crooked Media
Organizer and activist DeRay Mckesson takes you inside conversations about culture, social justice, and politics by exploring the history, language, and people who are shaping the struggle for progress — and talking about the steps that each of us can take to make a difference.
The Erick Erickson Show
By Erick Erickson
Erick Erickson hosts the Erick Erickson Show every weekday from 5pm to 7pm ET on the nation's most listened to new/talk station, WSB Radio in Atlanta, Georgia.
» WonkCast
By Policy Perspectives
Policy matters. From under the radar regulations to innovations in social policy, the Trachtenberg WonkCast navigates the wonky world of policy so you don't get lost in the weeds. Nathan Rupp steers this roundtable discussion while regular contributors Haley Dunn, Adam Brooks, and Elizabeth Morehead offer their analyses of crucial policy topics served up by a range of special guests.
The Minds of Madness - True Crime Stories
By The Minds of Madness
An investigative discovery, uncovering the series of events, circumstances, and state of mind which cause ordinary people to do unthinkable things….
No Spin News Audio Podcast
By Bill O'Reilly
Bill gives his thoughts on the latest news and inside updates on his many projects.
Unregistered with Thaddeus Russell
By Thaddeus Russell
A show about what you're not supposed to say. Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States, interviews people who break the rules of conventional discourse and expand the realm of the possible.
Hosts of Eden
By Jay Mcfarland
Hosts of Eden is a fictional podcast, written and performed by Jay Mcfarland in an 11-part serial told in cliffhanging science fiction style. Dr. Marian Turner has been studying multiple personality disorder for years. Her life is mostly ordinary until one of her patients starts to display some very unusual behavior. After a series of unexplainable events, Marian risks her career and her life to free her patient. An unexpected ally comes to the rescue, but also reveals truths that cause Marian to question her own reality. They soon realize they have become unwilling participants in a plot to overthrow the government. Whether they like it or not, they must exercise whatever means necessary to foil this plot and expose its conspirators.
The Chicken Social
By Obes & Cha
A deeper look at society through the eyes of pop culture. This is The Chicken Social
The Roundtable
By WAMC Northeast Public Radio
WAMC's The Roundtable is an award-winning, nationally recognized eclectic talk program. The show airs from 9am to noon each weekday and features news, interviews, in-depth discussion, listener call-ins, music, and much (much) more!
Jim Fannon Show
By Jim Fannon Show
Political takes and local music. Nothing to see here. Move along.
Redneck Revolt Podcast
By Redneck Revolt
The history of the white working class is one full of resistance, collectively and individually, against the rich elite that hold power over all of our lives. From massive armed uprisings like the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921, to the resistance to coal mining in predominately white rural Appalachia today, white working people have been in conflict with those that uphold predatory economic, political, and social systems. The history of the white working class is also one filled with collaboration with those same rich elite power holders. White working people have played the role of foot soldiers for the political and economic elite, participating in genocide and the enslavement of other peoples, and overall protectors of the ruling class. White working class participation in state and paramilitary organizations and formations like the Ku Klux Klan, the Minutemen, the U.S. Armed Forces, and the Council of Conservative Citizens has undermined the struggle for freedom among all people. It is with these conflicting histories in mind that we hope to incite a movement amongst white working people that works toward the total liberation of all working people, regardless of skin color, religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, or any other division that bosses and politicians have used to fragment movements for social, political, and economic freedom. f this speaks to you and you find affinity with these principles and want to collaborate, hit us up at [email protected], and we'll talk about next steps for starting a chapter in your locale.
04-13-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Confere
By chiki&bella
04-13-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Conference audio English
Half Hour Liberty Hour
By Brett and Rob
A libertarian podcast from behind enemy lines in the People's Republic of Portland, Oregon. We discuss topics of liberty, politics, and philosophy all while drinking our livers into cirrhosis.
W S H Radio
By W H A T S U I T S H I M
Weekly podcasts hosted by W S H project curator Larry J. Sanders featuring guests from varying backgrounds. Podcasts will likely follow the theme of the week's original essay, found on whatsuitshim.com
So... What Do We Do?
By Angela M. Webber & Storm DiCostanzo
Storm DiCostanzo & Angela M. Webber host “So... What Do We Do?,” a podcast for anyone who feels like they want to tune into what’s happening in the world, but doesn’t want to feel terrible. Ask questions: https://ask.fm/sowhatdowedopod
By Will Stockton & D. Gilson
Two guys’ journey to discover their actual beliefs. Full of friendly arguing, fervent narcissism, and abounding faggotry, each episode begins with one of us asking the other a question. A question about politics, culture, or whatever is on our mind. A question unbeknownst until the time of its asking.
Amplify Podcast
By Harrison Painter
Hosted by Harrison Painter & Douglas Karr. Amplify Indy is a platform designed in partnership with DK New Media, Lifeline Data Centers, and the Speakeasy Indy to amplify the awesome in our communities through locally produced multimedia content and live events. Amplify Indy is the place to share everything we love about central Indiana coupled with positive stories about the people and organizations doing great things in the area. Our mission is to help build an even stronger community through conversation and content that really connects people.
Denton and Sasquatch Show's Podcast
By Denton and Sasquatch Show
Two good ol' boys from different ends of the sticks telling you how it is or making it up as we go along. Either way they love this country and all she stands for.
About That AFSCME Life
A podcast for AFSCME members to tell our stories. Stories of public service, Stories of fighting for our rights. Learn more about the benefits we earn as AFSCME members.
Old Mole Variety Hour
By KBOO Radio
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Political Ramblings with Owen Jones & Ellie Mae O'Hagan
By This Is Distorted
Journalists Owen Jones and Ellie Mae O’Hagan chat all things political as part of a new fortnightly podcast. This week the pair tackle Jeremy Corbyn, the French elections, Trump’s air strike on Syria and Owen’s sartorial choices for a GQ interview.
Positively Revolting
By KBOO Radio
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
FQ Radio
By FQ Radio
News, inchieste e blog su politica, cronaca, giustizia, economia a cura de ilfattoquotidiano.it
Calm the F--k Down with Alex and Jordan
By Calm the F--k Down with Alex and Jordan
Tired of all the division in this wonderful country of ours? Welcome to club, "US TOO." Every week, Alex and Jordan (that's us) tackle a different topic. Though we come from the perspectives of Democrat (Alex) and (Small-l) Libertarian (Jordan), our goal is to tack to the center, find compromise, bring us all together and help everyone CALM THE F--K DOWN!
Colunistas Eldorado Estadão
By Estadão
De Brasília, o jornalista Alexandre Garcia - colunista da Rádio Eldorado, expõe uma visão crítica dos acontecimentos da política brasileira. A jornalista Eliane Cantanhede analisa os fatos mais importantes da política, da economia e do mundo no Jornal Eldorado, que é apresentado por Haisem Abaki e Camila Tuchlinski O ex-presidente do Banco Central e sócio da Tendências Consultoria Integrada, Gustavo Loyola comenta, às segundas e quartas-feiras, a economia nacional e internacional no Jornal Eldorado
Buenas tardes mercado
By el conquistador
Toda la información económica nacional e internacional, abordada desde una profunda y lúdica mirada.
Courant Events
By CourantAudio
On-demand digital audio from the country's oldest continuously published newspaper.
Global Inquirer
By Global Inquirer
Using case studies that often go untouched in news media, we strive to explain and examine global trends that are impacting real lives and international politics. Music: Audissey https://open.spotify.com/artist/27PasEOltfafDKVv1TPTQR
Conexão Estadão
By Estadão
Conexão Estadão: Os temas de maior relevância na política e economia, e os destaques internacionais, são abordados com o time de jornalistas do Estadão, no Conexão Estadão.
Versus Trump
By Versus Trump
Versus Trump is a podcast where we discuss how the Trump Administration is breaking the law, and what people are doing about it.
VOA Asia - Voice of America
VOA Asia presents the best and most interesting stories from our veteran reporters covering Asia. VOA Asia tells what U.S.-Asian relationships might mean in your daily life, and what Asians think about life in the United States.
Spotlight 19
By Justin Tracy
A new podcast featuring Justin and Sajaa Tracy reviewing Representative John Faso's votes in Congress and other local and state issues affecting Congressional District 19. Each week, we will interview a new District 19 resident to address issues you care about!
Ronan the Contrarian
By Ronan Dodds
Political discussion from Newcastle upon Tyne
Trial by Podcast
By McCabes Lawyers
A podcast brought to you by Sydney based Australian law firm, McCabes Lawyers.
Real Estate Leaders & Legends
04-12-17 Lavrov - Tillerson (en/es) - and more
By chiki&bella
04-12-2017 - Lavrov y Tillerson dan una rueda de prensa conjunta en Moscú audio Spanish * 04-12-2017 - Lavrov, Tillerson press conference after talks in Moscow * 04-12-2017 - President Donald Trump Press Conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg * 04-12-2017 - Ann Coulter on The Joyce Kaufman Show audio English
04-11-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Confere
By chiki&bella
04-11-2017 - Sean Spicer White House Press Conference audio English
04-11-2017 - Mad Dog Mattis Gives Update To Syria
By chiki&bella
04-11-2017 - Mad Dog Mattis Gives Update To Syria Strikes Warns Assad Of Future Attacks audio English
Feminism Out Loud
By Feminism Out Loud
Feminism Out Loud is a mix of discussion, analysis and interviews with an Australian focus. Episodes are produced monthly and include details of upcoming feminist events around Australia.
Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh NC podcast
By John Pugh
The Raleigh Raleigh Raleigh Podcast is all about Raleigh, NC. We'll be hosting interviews with all the cool folks in town, and talking about all the cool things about Raleigh. Our website is located at www.RaleighRaleighRaleigh.com
Warfare Fire
By Joseph Q.
Warfare Fire is a ministry focused on mind control, satanic ritual abuse/torture, alien/demonic abductions, military abductions, emotional healing, deprogramming, and the everlasting love of God Jesus Christ. Find more @ warfarefire.tk
Cultural Anomaly
By Cultural Anomaly
Anna and Emily are on two sides of the world but find each other hilarious. Follow along as they dive into all things cultural and what it means to be a human on this planet.
Toked & Woke: Cannabis | Politics | Comedy
By MzMettaJuana
Toked and Woke is a humorous, skeptical take on politics and current events hosted by medical marijuana activist, legal researcher, and MindMantraYoga creator Lauren Davidson a.k.a. "MzMettaJuana." New episode every week!
Dimes in the Dozen
By D. Lazer, S. Ray
A podcast from 2 guys who might have something to say about that thing you heard about that one time, and maybe a little more #DITD
On The Fringe
By Bradford Betz
On The Fringe is a podcast that deconstructs ideology.
Disruptivo y Cursi Noticias In-Forma
By Lilián Musi
Pásele, pásele, aquí tenemos noticias novedosas, donde todos entenderemos cómo la tecnología y la innovación nos dará un mejor futuro.Si lo que quieres es conocer cómo todos estamos ayudando a que tengas éxito, aquí te lo explicamos. Mediante noticias novedosas y disruptivas te llevaremos a confiar más en ti y ser más feliz.El cambio de tecnología y la manera de pensar está todo el tiempo en las noticias y en ti.Todos estamos siendo parte del  futuro y podrás lograr lo que siempre quisiste (parte Cursi).Lo disruptivo y novedoso nos hace estar inmersos en la tecnología, aquí te explicaremos esto. Con ejemplos claros, tú mejoras y llegaras a donde tú decidas, de manera física o virtual.Todo indica que muchos de nosotros viviremos más de 100 años, por lo que podemos cambiar, ser disruptivos, crear nuestro futuro y conseguir el éxito.En este programa de radio, que se llama Disruptivo y Cursi, te platicaremos de lo innovador que tú puedes llegar a ser.Las Noticias Disruptivas y Cursis, te hace estar en cambio y feliz.También te guiaremos para que tus deseos, sueños y todo lo que desees, sea exponencial. Una vez inmerso en este pensamiento, lo comenzarás a ver en tu día a día.Si lo que quieres es correr, nosotros te ayudaremos a volar, si lo que quieres es volar, nosotros te llevaremos en este viaje de innovación, tecnología y felicidad para todos.En esta nave entramos todos, yo ya te veo dentro desde el primer clic que nos diste. ¿Cuánto viajes quieres hacer?, ¿A dónde quieres ir? Nosotros te seguimos y acompañamos.Crear tu futuro es parte de lo que te lleva a conseguir tus sueños y tu felicidad. Aquí tendrás noticias y ejemplos que te darán eso y más.Queremos crecer contigo y que tú nos ayudes a crecer también. Te esperamos todos los miércoles a las 21:00 horas.
Podcast – PenPoint News
By Daniel Banguel
Exclusive Content: News, Politics, Education, Sports
The Migrant Offshore Aid Station formed in 2014 and has been saving the lives of men, women and children making the perilous Mediterranean sea crossing ever since. This podcast wants to engage you in what MOAS does, to learn about why the people we save make the crossing and importantly, to hear from the people themselves.
MLM ZOOM - Network Marketing in Italia
Interviste ai protagonisti del Network Marketing in Italia, pillole di formazione per networker e molto altro.
News In Depth
By KBOO Radio
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
Newsradio 1070 WKOK
By Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation
Newsradio 1070 WKOK's weekday local talk show discussing issues effecting the Susquehanna Valley.
NoCo Morning News on 1310 KFKA
NoCo Morning News is built around ‘The Best of Our Community.’ Unique content. Compelling interviews. Diversity of opinion. Chad Peterson, host of NoCo Morning News, is a third generation Weld County native who advocates for arts and entertainment, education, and business in Northern Colorado from an independent, deliberately non-partisan standpoint.
KRVN Midday
By KRVN 880 AM
KRVN Midday Program
KAZU - Listen Local Podcast
By Listen Local
KAZU produced local news features.
"Gail" on 1310 KFKA
Driving you home weekdays, veteran host Gail Fallen brings you the best in news and conversation.
1310 KFKA Featured Interviews
Each day, 1310 KFKA's hosts welcome great guests onto their shows to talk about a a wide variety of topics.
Youth Radio Podcast
By Youth Radio
Producing top level media is what we do. Providing education and career opportunities for diverse youth is how we do it. Youth Radio merges professional training in media arts and technology with health and academic support, while providing a platform for youth participation in the national dialogue.
Florida Chiropractic Association
By Florida Chiropractic Association
This podcast is a Member's bulletin review of current events for members of the Florida Chiropractic Association. Serving Both Doctors and Patients of Chiropractic in Florida Since 1931
By Diagnostocracy
Have you had your dose of medical news today? Diagnostocracy is a health policy blogcast by medical students. Co-hosts Keifer Walsh and Ti Hoang, along with various guests and advocacy issue experts, help you digest health policy happenings. Available weekly through iTunes subscription or on www.diagnostocracy.com. Take as needed.
De Morgen Podcasts
By De Morgen
Journalisten van De Morgen geven meer inzicht in nieuws, politiek, cultuur, muziek en technologie. Ze brengen interessante gasten mee die ongeremd hun verhaal doen.
Buenos días mercado
By el conquistador
La economía fácil con Tomás Flores y panelistas.
Boston Bar's Issue Spot, with Mike Avitzur
By Mike Avitzur
Mike Avitzur is Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs for the Boston Bar Association (BBA), the Commonwealth’s premier legal institution. The BBA brings together the brightest and most influential people to lead at the forefront of the profession.
By Any Means Necessary
By Eugene Puryear
“By Any Means Necessary” on Radio Sputnik hosted by Eugene Puryear connects the political, social and economic movements shaping the world around us. With a sensibility informed by movements from Black Power to #BlackLivesMatter with a dash of Occupy, the show elevates the people and narratives that while often ignored are driving some of the most important changes in the world.
By Aarhus Studenterradio
Hjørneskuffen er et politisk diskussions/debatprogram, hvor jeg, Jakob Skoffer, i hvert program diskuterer en politisk eller samfundsrelevant problemstilling med min gæst/gæster. Vi kommer til at snakke om DR, alt. right-bevægelsen, populisme og demokrati, feminisme, islam, den offentlige sektor, folkekirken osv. Idéen er at invitere personer ind, der ved noget om de forskellige emner og så diskutere de forskellige aspekter, gerne med nogle filosofiske, historiske og sociologiske perspektiver på. Hele pointen er fjerne den strategiske, positioneringsmæssige og personfikserede kommunikation, der ellers karakteriserer ‘den politiske samtale’ og så forhåbentlig blive lidt klogere.
Heard It From Her - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Heard It From Her is a conversation with a woman in media with a story to tell. Each month we’ll speak with a journalist from RFE/RL or other independent media in our broadcast region to talk about her reporting, the issues she confronts, and the context in which she works.
Polos opuestos
By el conquistador
Espacio de amena conversación en el que se encuentran dos visiones de nuestra actualidad y de la política chilena. Joaquín Lavín y Francisco Vidal analizarán día a día la actualidad nacional e internacional, con la conducción de Bárbara Briceño, para demostrar que… Los polos opuestos… se atraen… De lunes a viernes, a las 17:00 horas y a través de nuestra señal nacional y red digital… Encuentra el equilibrio en El Conquistador… en Polos Opuestos”.
Labour Days: a labour movement podcast
By Labour Days
A podcast about trade union issues and labour history.
Loud & Clear
By Brian Becker
Loud and Clear - the latest news, commentary and political analysis with Brian Becker, podcasts 5 days a week.
Jairo Diaz Pedraza Podcast
By Jairo Diaz Pedraza
Este es un canal que relata las historias de personas que siempre tienen algo que compartir.
Project Vanguard Podcasts
By Project Vanguard
Podcast by Project Vanguard
Next Generation America
By Corey Foister
Covering the latest political and election news.
Radio Frihet
By De Fria
Thijs Niemantsverdriet | BNR
By BNR Nieuwsradio
NRC-journalist Thijs Niemantsverdriet geeft een inkijkje in de Haagse politiek.
Third Eye Inquiries
By Mitch Blackstone
Questioning authority and the status quo, Mitch Blackstone's Third Eye Inquiries seeks answers in the quest for the truth. "I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing." --Socrates
Sherlock Holmes
By English Programme
Daily video and radio show for kids and the family. Broadcasting from England. Featuring books, jokes and loads of fun!
04-10-2017 - Sean Spicer HEATED on Bannon and Kush
By chiki&bella
04-10-2017 - Sean Spicer HEATED on Bannon and Kushner Press Briefing audio English
Views from the Plains
By Views from the Plains
A podcast for Nebraska news, politics, and counterculture
Chaque jour, les grands titres que nos confrères de la PQR de nos régions et de la presse nationale ont choisi de mettre en avant.
Savoir, dès le réveil, ce qu'il se passe à Alès et dans les Cévennes ? C'est dans le Grand Réveil avec Emilie Baylet !
Savoir, dès le réveil, ce qu'il se passe dans la région de Brive et du Bassin de la Dordogne ? C'est dans le Grand Réveil avec Hélène Noizet !
Chaque jour, Olivier Cammas apporte un éclairage à l'actualité du jour avec son invité.
Savoir, dès le réveil, ce qu'il se passe en Lozère ? C'est dans le Grand Réveil avec Marion Nigoul !
Savoir, dès le réveil, ce qu'il se passe dans l'Aveyron, le Lot et le Tarn ? C'est dans le Grand Réveil avec Jean-Charles Virlogeux !
Chaque jour, TOTEM donne la parole à des acteurs de la vie sociale, associative, culturelle ou économique de nos régions pour qu'ils exposent leurs idées concrètes en vue de la présidentielle.
L'actualité de nos régions en fin de journée avec Amaury Tremblay.
Savoir, dès le réveil, ce qu'il se passe dans ce qu'il se passe dans le Tarn-et-Garonne ? C'est dans le Grand Réveil avec Hélène Noizet !
Savoir, dès le réveil, ce qu'il se passe dans le Sud de l'Auvergne ? C'est dans le Grand Réveil avec Fanny Paul !
L'actualité de nos régions à la mi-journée avec Olivier Cammas.
Do you mind? Podcast
By Do you mind? Podcast
"Do you mind?" An informative commentary from the left on thought provoking topics such as local and national politics and current events. A podcast that gives our listeners our opinions on current events, reviews, referrals, new fads and anything else we want to talk about.
Alex Hibbert's Podcast
By Alex Hibbert
Alex Hibbert is a major record-holding polar expedition leader. In his podcast, he tackles subjects linked to the polar regions and the exploration world, and wider topics including ethics, society, science and atheism.
NCR In Conversation
By National Catholic Reporter
In Conversation is an in-depth look at the week's Catholic news as seen by the staff at National Catholic Reporter. Hosted by NCR engagement editor Brittany Wilmes, In Conversation features the top thinkers and journalists who report on the life of the Catholic church in the world. National Catholic Reporter is an independent newspaper based in Kansas City, Mo. Read more at www.ncronline.org.
Fanny Paul sélectionne et teste pour vous les meilleures applis du moment à installer sur vos smartphones et tablettes.
Fade to Brown LIVE podcast with Amish Patel
By Amish Patel
In a polarized world of black and white, YOU NEED BROWN and comedian Amish Patel gives it to you every week, live from Toronto's Kenwood Studios with producer Dave Gibson. Each week Amish talks to guests about the intersection of race, religion and politics from the world's best bastion of multiculturalism: Canada! Follow us on social media for more online comedy and stand up comedy shows:
 Twitter, Instagram /fadetobrown Watch the podcast live and join in the conversation every Sunday at: facebook.com/fadetobrown Produced by: Dave Gibson Book Amish as a standup comic, corporate speaker, actor or writer https://amishpatel.net/booking
For No Good Reason
By Mike and Roland
The podcast featuring Mike, Roland, and Johiah.
BreakThru Radio Weekly
BreakThru Radio Weekly is a weekly hourlong podcast that features regular contributors offering their views on one major political topic and one major cultural topic of the day. Additionally, it features a weekly movie review and discussion, personal stories from people we encounter on the streets of NYC, additional political commentary from the hosts of Radio Dispatch, and a preview of a song from an upcoming episode of BTR Live Studio.