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By 围庐艺话
The Money Podcast offers an irreverent take on the world of finance. We keep you up-to-date with the latest money news, share vital tips to help you prosper and offer expert insight into the world of economics and finance. And we do it all without being boring.
By David Beaudoin
Smart sports betting as seen by Professor MJ, a statistics university professor from Canada! Stop being a gambler/bettor; start being a savvy sports investor instead. We discuss winning strategies, tips, advice and lessons of any sort related to the great world of sports gambling, whether you are a beginner or a more experienced investor. We also interview great minds from the sports betting industry. My brutally honest sportsbook reviews will help you choose good and reliable bookies. We...
By Steve Hart
A weekly podcast about New Zealand real estate with a strong focus on the Auckland market, and reports on mortgages interest rates.
By West Loh and Andrew Grant | Money Mindset Mentors
The Money Mind Set Channel: How to Reprogram Yourself for Financial Riches. The has been put together to guide you through the process that many self-made millionaires have used to take monumental leaps in income by addressing financial mental blockages and improving their financial emotional intelligence. We reveal many of our proven steps, resources, strategies and mind techniques that you won\'t find anywhere else. In this series we talk to several multi millionaires who...
By 子安买房笔记
By 子安买房笔记
インデックス投資の“ミカタ”をさまざまな切り口からお届けする新番組。国際テクニカルアナリスト・福永博之氏が、その日の相場動向からマーケットのトレンドまで足元のマーケットを徹底解説するほか、テクニカル分析やファンダメンタルズなどによる投資戦略を紹介。さらには、日経平均など世界を代表する株価指数のレバレッジ取引のコツとツボも伝授します!皆さんが知りたいことを30分にぎゅ~っと詰め込んでお送りします。 präsentiert euch jeden Monat eine Persönlichkeit aus der Schweizer Startup-Szene. Erfahrene Unternehmer sowie Spezialisten zu verschiedenen Themen erzählen von ihren Erfahrungen, Erfolgen und Misserfolgen. Der Podcast wird produziert und präsentiert von swissminds AG.
By ÁAgela Delcast
This is a program for foodies, farmers, food-lovers, policy makers, industry experts, restaurateurs or aspiring entrepreneurs in food and agriculture in Latin America. The main goal of this podcast is to talk about the best practices, tips and strategies related to agrifood ventures in Latin America. Remember! agrifood means agriculture and food. We’ll do that by interviewing successful Latin American agrifood entrepreneurs whom discuss challenges and lessons learned during their journey. ...
By Christoph Geiler
"Wir können die Entscheidungsgewalt über unsere Finanzen abgeben, aber die Verantwortung behalten wir. Dir dabei zu helfen, dieser Verantwortung gerecht zu werden, ist die Aufgabe der Finanzküche." Obwohl ich mit meinem 89er-Baujahr vergleichsweise jung bin, habe ich die Auswirkungen von Finanzentscheidungen zu Hauf miterleben dürfen – im Guten wie im Schlechten. Wenn ich es schaffe, Dir zu helfen, dass Deine Finanzentscheidungen einen positiven Einfluss auf Dein Leben haben, hat die Finanz...
By Michael Macco
Financial advisors Mike Macco & Patrick Stoa educate, inform and entertain listeners on all aspects of personal finance.
By VoiceAmerica
Deal Junkie focuses on Entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and access capital. Private Equity firms have over $1 trillion to invest and are the dominant form of middle market financing, yet it is one of the least transparent markets. What makes the difference between companies who succeed and those who fail in this market? Join Kevin Fechtmeyer, a 27 year industry veteran and his partners on Deal Team 6 who will dissect the deals that come in with thoughtful but brutal honesty and a...
By David Fantin
The Liberty Real Estate Academy Radio Show is a show dedicated to education on how to Buy, Fix, Flip or Rent Single or Multi-Family Real Estate
By CBCラジオ
『実絵子のつくってみりん』は、CBCラジオの昼の顔『北野誠のズバリ(毎週月~金13時~16時生放送)』のアシスタント 元SKE48の佐藤実絵子が、名古屋市東区のお料理教室CHIE'S KITCHENの代表、廣瀬ちえ先生に、三河みりんを使用したべっぴんメニューを教えてもらうコーナーです。
By Jonathan Davis
Capitalism and Free Markets are the solutions for the people. Socialism and Crony-Capitalism are the solutions for the elite. The Booms and Busts Show discusses what’s really happening in economics, markets and personal finance, and what it all means to you and your money, not the Cronyist/Socialist bias that you get in the mainstream.
By Joctã Gomes
Podcast feito por negros. Sobre a Cultura e a Luta do Negro no Brasil.
By Jason Bracht
My name is Jason Bracht and I am going to let YOU ride shotgun on my journey to building a million dollar online business. I started this podcast because most of the time we get an "after the fact" account of what it took to build a multi-million dollar business. My goal is to share with you my successes and failures, so that you can be inspired and accomplish all of your goals on your journey.
By 코끼리송미녀산적
스타트업계의 라디오스타, 벤처사냥
By Where Colorado real estate entrepreneurs get the up to date information they need for successful real estate investing.
Welcome to “Rockies Real Estate Investing”: The ICOR Podcast… Where Colorado real estate entrepreneurs get the up to date information they need for successful real estate investing. The ICOR Podcast covers real estate case studies from rehabbers, landlords, finance and real estate note buyers. We cover in-depth state and local market analysis from Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins/Loveland, and Grand Junction/Western Slope. Also, hear stories of successful investors just like you from a...
By William Bronchick
The Legalwiz Podcast offers sage advice for people who want to use real estate to earn more money and take control of their financial future. Twice a month, Attorney & Best-Selling author Bill Bronchick shares his 25 years experience on the Legalwiz Podcast.
By Daily Fuel for High Performance Entrepreneurs, with Billy Farrell, Paul McFadden and Stephen McKenna.
The Better Business Show Daily Fuel, the premier podcast for high performance entrepreneurs, where each day we discuss deals, business, marketing, life, and more, to help you fast track your entrepreneurial journey. With Billy Farrell, Paul McFadden, and Stephen McKenna.
By Joseph Carbone, Jr.
Hi, my name is Joe. I will teach you how to make smart decisions about one of the most important financial decisions of your life and take control over your Social Security benefits. You will learn about Social Security, Retirement, Investing, and Financial Planning.
By ラン・リグ
By Randy Lawrence | Co-author with Jack Canfield | Real Estate Investing | Learn the secrets of making money in real estate with the likes of Sean Terry, Justin Williams, and Matt Theriault
Learn the secrets of making money by flipping houses. I’m sharing with you the insights I’ve learned through my experience of getting wiped out in the market crash of 2008 and then building a 7 figure real estate flipping business. Learn how you can reduce or eliminate risk in your flipping, maximize profits on every deal and begin finding real deals even in today’s market! No more excuses for not making the money you want! Straightforward spiritual, mental and real estate strategies that wil...
By 野村羊一郎のお金を生み出す「新常識」 住宅ローンで老後貧乏にならない方法
By Alejandro Vega
Un espacio donde se ofrecen sugerencias y estrategias para mejorar nuestras finanzas personales y alcanzar la libertad financiera.
By Adeline Ee
Australia's favorite personal finance commentator Scott Pape joins the team at CNBC with his own 30-minute television show, "The Barefoot Investor". Visit for more information.
By Тимофей Мартынов
Еженедельная экономическая радио-передача о том, как сделать так, чтобы в России стало лучше? Анализ наиболее интересных и значимых экономических событий. Поиск созидательных решений для России. Длина программы 45 минут, выходит 1 раз в неделю по понедельникам вечером на youtube и на itunes.
By Альпари
Подкасты от Альпари — это еженедельный обзор ключевых событий из мира финансовых рынков, составленный ведущими российскими аналитиками. Данные по ВВП и процентные ставки ведущих стран, важные выступления глав мировых центробанков, статистика, влияющая на курсы валют — эти и многие другие фундаментальные новости помогут вам принимать верные решения при работе с финансами.
By Peter Fritz
Midlife Mastery is for those of us over 40 who’ve completed our apprenticeship – our ‘first act’ – but want our second act to start giving us a LIFE. It's for those who've worked hard and taken risks, climbed the corporate ladder or run their own business, and find themselves asking, “Is this really the life I was aiming for? Is this what I saw in the brochure?” This show inspires listeners to act; to think deliberately about what they're doing, and how they might do it better. And it's her...
By 刘维明
《投资必听》 全球宏观经济分析、财经大事点评、金融市场趋势预测、投资策略构建、金融工具使用。涉及股票、债券、黄金、外汇、大宗商品、衍生工具、投资理财。
By The Virtual CFO Podcast with Brad Turville
Virtual CFO and owner of the successful accounting firm, BJT Financial, Brad Turville shows you how to grow and innovate your business using proven strategies and the learnings of what makes a successful business - so you too can successfully grow your business, increase your profits, improve your cashflow, protect your assets, minimise your tax, build a succession/exit plan, learnt to financially retire and leave a legacy behind. His access to some of the best entrepreneurs and business owne...
By 윤정두
◆OHYESTV.COM◆증권방송을 통해 전하는 생생한 주식교육! 무료 주식방송을 통해 당신도 슈퍼개미가 될 수 있다! 돈버는 법을 알고싶은가요? 수익률대회에서 주도주 또는 급등주로 1위를 석권하고 싶은가요? 오늘의 추천종목으로 주식공부를 한 후 실전매매기법을 터득하여 수익률대회에서 1등할 수 있는 재미! 금융공학도에게도 힘든 지표분석을 내가 할 수 있다는 짜릿함! 여의도 증권가에서 황금 바닥주를 잡아 주식으로 대박냅시다!
By 小雨伞保险
By 잔트가르
개미처럼 열심히해도 내 계좌는 파란색, 시대의 트렌드에 맞게 배짱이처럼 큰 신경안쓰고 투자하는 비법 세 남자의 주식레시피와 함께하세요.
By 대전충청FP포럼
대전 충청지역 CFP AFPK 인증자의 자발적인 모임으로 구성된 대전충청FP포럼의 팟캐스트 입니다. 각 분야의 전문가 회원들을 초대하여 시청자들에게 실제 상담사례와 이슈화되는 경제 금융관련 정보를 제공함으로써 직접 자신의 재무설계를 할 수 있는 능력을 키울수 있도록 하는 도움을 주려고 합니다.
By 투자는 전쟁이다
이 시대 경제시스템의 핵심논리인 자본주의는 탐욕과 공포의 전쟁시스템이다. 자본주의 최전선…
By 벤처야설
벤처야설 시즌2는 김현진,박영욱,이정우, 각각 벤처 3인방과 함께 하는 벤처 전문 팟캐스트 입니다! 벤처에 대한 솔직 담백한 이야기들을 재미와 감동으로 풀어드리도록 하겠습니다! 시즌2 진행자: 김현진, 박영욱, 이정우 벤처야설은 모든 청취자 분들과 함께 만들어가는 방송 입니다! 언제든지, 저희 페이스북 공식 계정을 통해 참여하실 수 있습니다. - 벤처 관련 이야기 하고 싶은 사연! - 이 분 꼭 방송에 섭외시켜주세요! - 방송 녹음할 때, 직접 가서 보고 싶어요! - 벤처야설을 도와주고 싶습니다! - 그냥... 벤처야설팀을 너무 사랑합니다!♡ 물론... 보내주신 모든 의견에 100% 가능하게 만들 순 없겠지만...(예를 들어 저희도 섭외 능력의 한계가... T_T) 최대한 노력해 보도록 하겠습니다! 감사합니다!♡
경제경영 융합전문지 에서 만든 아빠에 의한 아빠를 위한 아빠를 향한 팟캐스트 "아빠, 얼마 벌어" 페이스북이 개설되었습니다. 평소에 가지고 있던 경제에 관한 고민들이나, 허심탄회 프리한 재무상담도 해드리니까요. 메일보내주시거나 페이스북 친구등록해주시고 글 남겨주세요 ^^ [email protected]
By 한재무
한국재무관리센터 소속 금융전문가님들의 재테크 재무설계 전문 방송입니다. 많은 응원 부탁드립니다. 사이트
「なぜ流行るのか」「なぜ売れるのか」成功の背景には必ず理由がある。 『会社を救う!5つの社長力』の著者、久保憂希也が注目の商品に迫ります。 あなたのビジネスを成功させるヒントがここに。 動画も配信中です。
By 阿久澤優一
支出を削る事よりも、収入を増やす事の方が簡単だし、楽しいのです。 では収入を増やすには、どうしたらいいか? 私自身の経験も含めながら、具体的な収入の増やし方や会社員にも出来る副業についてお話していきます。 会社や家庭でお疲れの30代の皆さん!一緒に頑張りましょう!!
A weekly outlook on the US dollar versus the major currencies, hosted by Jason Ayres, a top industry instructor and founder of Learn to trade your views on the strength or weakness of the US dollar.
Forex Price Action expert Paul Langham discusses Forex, interviews Forex traders and brings you the latest about what is new in the markets.Understanding what is going on behind the scenes and in the major institutions is essential knowledge if you are looking for success in the Forex markets.
By Steven Nicklaus
The Moneywise Guys Broadcasting throughout Southern and Central California, the Moneywise Guys break down complex financial topics and explain how they apply to you, making the world of money less intimidating, and helping you build a path to being Moneywise. The Moneywise Guys bring in expert guests from the world of finance and business to give their unique insight to the topic of the day. Past guests have included many financial experts also seen on CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, ABC News, Fox...
By Rob Wilson: Financial Advisor, Personal Finance Expert, Entrepreneur
Rob Wilson from is a financial advisor and frequent contributor to local and national outlets regarding personal finance, investing, career enhancement and entrepreneurship. The Movers & Shakers podcast is an interview show featuring, you guessed it, people who are moving and shaking in sports, business, entrepreneurship, entertainment, politics, etc. Each episode will inspire you into action and will provide you with tips and tools that you can implement immediately in your ...
By Thomas Dall
Novice traders discuss their experience in trading and investing and receives mentoring feedback from a master trader. Think Renaissance master-apprentice relationship in the internet age.
By Mark Honeybone
A free weekly show featuring experts in the New Zealand property investment industry. Find out more at
By Mark Skowron
Mark Skowron is a Real Estate Investor from Chicago who is all about helping you build a lifestyle you desire through the vehicle of real estate investing. Mark’s seen it all – turn-key, property flips, wholesaling, and a ton more. He knows what it takes to get deals, get them done, and to have the buyer’s list needed to move those properties quickly. On the Festival Flip show you’ll learn how to be smart about the way you work your real estate business, how to put systems in place to keep i...
By emy (emy
The official podcast of The Financial Planning Training Academy. Hosted by Steve Martin and Damien Rylett. If you are Financial Adviser or Planner who is passionate about getting better, you have come to the right place. This is a series of conversations with the leading lights in financial services who are willing to share their knowledge.
By Sandra M. Edmond: Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur, Realtor, Tax Deed Expert
Most people know very little about Tax Deed Investing. Banks and Real Estate Agents have no incentive to educate the public about these government tax foreclosure sales and most savvy investors will not create competition by telling others how to be successful at the tax deed sale. Sandra M. Edmond from The Queen of Tax Deed website covers buying properties at the real estate tax deed auctions, investing in tax lien certificates and other real estate investment topics. Sandra has been suppo...
cash Boerse. Wirtschafts- und Finanzinformationen im Klartext - fuer alle die schon immer mehr wissen wollten.
By Quiet Light Brokerage
Ever dream about buying an online business or building and selling an online business? Since 2007, we've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who are doing just that or helping others buy, build, and sell online businesses. In this podcast, we are sitting down to talk about their insights and experiences. Whether you are in the world of SaaS, ecommerce, Amazon, content, or any other online business, we will explore how you can scale, build, sell, or acquire assets in the online space.
By Rob Booker
The Booker Report is a weekday radio show and podcast about the financial markets, with big trade ideas, updates on stocks & currencies, and way more fun than anyone should have talking about the the market.
By Raymond Kerzerho
L’investissement décomplexé vous offre des idées pour la gestion de votre portefeuille en compagnie d’experts chevronnés. Nous expliquons le monde du placement de façon simple, dans une ambiance décontractée.
By Precious Metals International
The Week in Review by Precious Metals International.
By 梧桐理财
Philippe Bloch (fondateur des "Columbus Café"), Arnaud Le Gal (rédacteur en chef aux Echos) : - Une rencontre avec les patrons fondateurs des plus belles entreprises de France. - Les conseils des experts : en fiscalité, banque, business, droit… - Les nouvelles idées de business, repérées par la rédaction des Echos. Le dimanche à 8h00 et à 13h00… L'entreprise BFM, l'émission qui donne envie d'Entreprendre sur BFM !
By Ran Tavory & Ori Lahav
Ran and Ori are musings technology stuff in hebrew
By 阿里正能量
躺着也能把钱赚喽 逻辑思维粉丝进 与主播交流 微信3318189
By Tom O'Brien - TFNN
The Bull/Bear Binary Option Hour, Tom O'Brien, Tommy O'Brien and Darrell Martin, teach you about the exciting Binary Options market, Nadex.
By John Kane
John Kane from the Binary Today investing blog reaveals all of his trading strategies to help traders find new income sources and win trades. John is focused on strengthening the binary community by helping as many traders as he can. He has already helped thousands discover new new methods to help them in their binary opitons trading and this podcast is just another tool he can use to teach. Whether you are a manual trader, looking for automated binary options systems, signal softwares or bin...
Мисли за Пари е седмично онлайн предаване, в което водещите и гостите дискутират, анализират и декодират всичко, свързано с финансите, инвестициите и икономиката на прост и разбираем език.
By 好买商学院
汇集基金常识,让你从基金小白走向理财达人!闭着眼睛也能张知识!全网最牛基金知识科普节目——牛金辞典。 更多内容请关注微信公众号:好买商学院(howbuyie)。
By Robert and Nasar
Learn from different real estate investors flipping houses
By 乐创新零售联盟学院
Финансовая грамота от А до Я. Всё об инвестициях, акциях, облигациях и финансах. Как потратить карманные деньги, а куда вложить свой первый миллион? Просто расскажем о сложном. Разумный инвестор с Романом Романовым каждый четверг в 14:00 на радио Медиаметрикс Воронеж. Интересно не только банкиру.
By 舍予斋_文玩文化
个人微信344900403 主讲人:舍予斋主人舒乔(原小玩爷ANDY) CIP高级注册国际职业珠宝鉴定师 中国红木委员会会员 个人微信344900403
The Fat Wallet Show is a show about questions. It’s about admitting that we don’t know everything, but that we’re willing to learn. Most of all, it’s about understanding as much as we can to make us all better investors. Phrases like, “I’m not sure” or, “Let me look that up and get back to you” or, “I don’t know” don’t exist in the financial services industry. If you ever had a financial question you were too embarrassed to ask, you know what we’re talking about. In this business, appearanc...
Обзор бизнес-проектов и стартапов с Зерой Черешневой в проекте радиостанции "КоммерсантЪ FM".
By 박병주
한주간 가장 많이 검색해서 보셨던 부동산.분양 뉴스중에 신선하고 재미있는 핫이슈들을 모아봤습니다. 금주의 분양소식들은 어떤게 있을까요? 네이버 : 유튜브 :
By 헤럴드경제
주택, 토지, 수익성 부동산의 거래, 사고파는 요령, 유망 투자 소개 및 정책설명 등 부동산에 대한 기초상식 및 생활정보를 알기 쉽게 풀어서 설명하는 부동산 기초 지식 팟캐스트
By 양태영
성공과 실패의 비화를 담아 전 국민이 부자가 될때까지 방송은 계속됩니다.
By 개미헌정방송
개미 헌정방송!! 나도 주식한다. 개미들에게 주식투자의 올바른 방향을 제시하고 시장에서 생존방법을 알려 드립니다., 트위터@[email protected], [email protected]
By Деловерт
На подкасте Деловерт, наш директор по развитию Евгений Власов берёт интервью у успешных предпринимателей, основателей быстрорастущих стартапов, ангельских и венчурных инвесторов. Этот подкаст создан для тебя, предприниматель, начинатель, заводило и Деловой Воротило! Если тебе нужно вдохновение, мотивация и КОНКРЕТНЫЕ советы к действию, пока ты едешь на работу, занимаешься спортом или просто проводишь время с пользой, то Женёк на месте. Каждый эпизод сфокусирован как на положительном так и н...
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