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5 Percent Solution
By Trent Wheeler
The Five-percent Solution shares information on how small, incremental change can bring life-altering results.
Coin Mastery - Building Your Crypto Empire
By Carter Thomas
Coin Mastery is a place for anyone interested in profiting from the digital currency world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and more. We share tips and strategies that help you leverage market movements so you can turn your hard earned cash into generational wealth. Join us!
Empowered Innovationᵀᴹ Podcast with Tamika Crawl-Bey, MBA, Esq.
By Tamika Crawl-Bey, MBA, Esq.
The Purpose of the Empowered Innovation Podcast is to inspire and empower innovators to pursue, realize, and monetize their ideas
Decoding Industry
By GE Australia
Digital technologies have transformed our lives as consumers and now they’re transforming the way every industry works. From the personal to the industrial, GE is working with customers to power the evolution of digital productivity globally. The event Decoding Industry explored how companies are evolving, adapting, and driving change to build this new age of industry. This series is a live recording from the event.
Thinkset Podcast
By Eddie Newland
What are the most pressing matters facing global businesses? Host Eddie Newland of Berkeley Research Group picks the brains of BRG experts and other luminaries about the big issues of the day in finance, healthcare, security and other sectors. BRG is a leading global strategic advisory and expert consulting firm that provides independent advice and dispute consulting around the world to corporations, law firms, government agencies and financial institutions. For more, please visit
Your Resource For Success Podcast
By Kimberly McLemore
The Women’s Small Business Initiative Podcast Program is created for aspiring entrepreneurs and women owned small businesses. Every week you will get the opportunity to meet a new business owner. Each episode will go behind the scenes to discuss their inspiration, challenges and successes of being in business.
Previsión Financiera, con Eloy López
By Previsión Financiera Integral
El Podcast de Previsión Financiera con Eloy López, el Señor de los Seguros.
By GrantCardoneTV
This video series will pull back the curtain on how auto transport really works. John Costelac, founder of Direct Connect Auto Transport, takes us on a journey through the growth of his company and how different customers needs have to be met with expertise and professionalism. Working with private owners, auto dealers and military families, you will learn about how this business comes to touch the lives of everyday Americans, every day!
Job Ready. Employer Says Yes
By Eduvate: Learn with Employers. Be Job Ready. Experience University Lectures.
Learning from employers is the best way to make sure you are job ready. Each week Eduvate will be speaking with employers to find out what it takes to become Job ready in their company. You will receive invaluable insights into the fast changing world of work and how to best use this advice to your advantage.
Eminent Domain Podcast - About Condemnation Law By Clint Schumacher of Locke Lord LLP
By Clint Schumacher
This is a podcast that discusses eminent domain law and policy. We interview the most influential people in the eminent domain community.
Into the Hustle
By GrantCardoneTV
Get the right tools, mindset, and skill set to become a real estate investor, real estate wholesaler, investor, and entrepreneur. Every week Chris Rood will take you into the hustle of personal development and what it takes to build yourself and develop yourself and your business. Grant Cardone TV: Follow us: @grantcardonetv on Twitter
Architectural Millwork
By Ryan Yurek
The Architectural Millwork podcast explores the woodwork industry from the perspective of Ryan Yurek who is learning his fathers business, 1st Choice Millworks. Episodes will range from discussions about the industry and challenges with this line of work to advice for those interested in purchasing millwork for their home.
K.E.R.N – Die Nachfolgespezialisten
By K.E.R.N – Die Nachfolgespezialisten
Ihre Spezialisten für Unternehmensnachfolge, Unternehmensverkauf, Generationswechsel und Unternehmenskauf
Reinventing Professionals
By Ari Kaplan
This podcast is designed to offer ideas, guidance, and perspectives on how to effectively navigate a perpetually shifting professional landscape, with a unique focus on the legal industry and the technology that is driving its evolution.
10 Minute Law Firm Podcast
By Rocket Matter, LLC
A legal podcast featuring business, tech, and all things to make law firms more profitable. The 10 Minute Law Firm Podcast is informative, entertaining, and if you find it absolutely horrible, it will be mercifully over soon. Your host is Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter, who has worked with thousands of firms to improve their efficiency and bottom line.
Voices of Impact with Ryan France
By Ryan France Interviews Austin's Brightest Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Community Leaders
Ryan France, Host of the Voices of Impact Podcast, a business owner himself, had an interest in meeting other smart, savvy and local business owners. Entrepreneurs and community leaders. He started to reach out to these people, started having great conversations and quickly realized that others needed to hear their stories too. These were experts in their respective fields. Passionate and intelligent. Dedicated to making impact in the lives of their clients, customers, patients and patrons. So he asked, “Why not create a podcast and interview these people? Why not build a platform meant to turn a spotlight onto these local stories?” With that, the concept for Voices of Impact was born. For more, visit:
Women in Sales
By Ali Powell of Women in Tech Sales
This is a Podcast for women who work in sales roles. Why? 1. We want to expose more women who work in sales to each other. That way we as women in sales can tell our stories and learn from each other. 2. It is a great way to expose women who don't work in sales to the world of sales. Real stories from real women who work in sales.
By GrantCardoneTV
In 1999 CEO /Founder Edwin Arroyave began a partnership known as “B&E Security”. This partnership grew quickly. By 2004, Skyline Security Management was incorporated. Skyline continued to grow consistently, and by 2010 we joined forces with to bring home automation and remote security services to the masses. Today Skyline continues to prioritize its customers safety and security, using the latest in home security and automation technology from Interlogix and we have created features that enable the customer to view the activity in their homes and regulate the climate, to name a few, all with the touch of a button on a smart phone. As of 2014, together with Guardian Protection Services, Skyline is helping more families than ever, feel safe in their own homes.
Your Credit Matters
By GrantCardoneTV
Rondi Lambeth host of Your Credit Matters brings to you weekly content that gets your credit in the right position to achieve the freedom you want in life. No hassle, no tricks, just simply how do we get your credit right.
British Retail Consortium
By British Retail Consortium
The voice of British #retail.
BTRPodcasts's podcast
By Divya Inna
Catch up on all of the upcoming water technology market news by tuning into BlueTech Research's weekly podcasts.
Korn Ferry Institute
By Korn Ferry
Korn Ferry is the preeminent global people and organizational advisory firm. We help leaders, organizations, and societies succeed by releasing the full power and potential of people. Our nearly 7,000 colleagues deliver services through our Executive Search, Hay Group and Futurestep divisions. The Korn Ferry Institute, our research and analytics arm, was established to share intelligence and expert points of view on talent and leadership. Through studies, books, podcasts and a quarterly magazine, Briefings, we aim to increase understanding of how strategic talent decisions contribute to competitive advantage, growth and success.
Kromann Reumert's Podcast
By Kromann Reumert
Man bliver ikke rigtig klog af at vide det samme som alle andre. Med podcasts fra Kromann Reumert bilver du klogere på viden og læring inden for dine juridiske interesseområder. Besøg også Kromann Reumerts Learning Center, hvor du finder Insights, seminarer m.m. Så kan du blive klogere på præcis den måde, der passer dig:
How Do I Make A YouTube Video
By Fernando
We all have questions but don't know where to find the answers. Some answers are not as detailed as others. Still, without the proper guidance, most answers cannot be executed. In other words, get the answer, do something with the answer: Take Action!!
Murphy On Money
Welcome to Murphy on Money. The podcast where I, Michael Murphy, get to talk with you about money. It’s not get rich quick, it’s about money for the average Joe, And those of us that want to have some mo'
Tower Talk Business Radio
By 90.3 WHPC
Tower Talk highlights the best of Long Island by providing “all access” interviews with the NCC Foundation Business Leaders Council, top entrepreneurs, and local business owners who will discuss a range of topics that impact both owners and executives alike.
By Enrico Nahler
He who wants to be a great leader needs to be a great listener! This Podcast hosts interviews with people that inspire the smart and productive.
Займемся делом
By Вести ФМ
Идеи, которые работают. Идеи, на которых зарабатывают. Люди и их стартапы - в специальном проекте "Займёмся делом". Скоро. На радио "Вести FM".
CAREhER Podcast
CAREhER 聚集頂尖新世代人才的職涯平台,我們累積了超過 300 篇優質好文,70 位以上不同領域的職場女性語音專訪、世界各地 18 座城市的海外工作、無數篇關於個人專業、形象建立等職場議題。職涯有許多選擇、發展以及不同的專業形象,在 CAREhER,不論你在職涯的哪階段,都能找到解答。 CAREhER官網 :
Catch The Flip
By GrantCardoneTV
Ferrari’s Helicopters real estate money follow Ray Abboud through the streets of York Pennsylvania as he closes deals, rebuilds homes resells flies with his helicopter across the state to build his business and get deals done.
Cattle Current Market Update with Wes Ishmael
By Wes Ishmael: cattle business analyst and journalist
Whether you trade cattle once a year or every day, Cattle Current with Wes Ishmael helps you stay in the market with a daily morning snapshot of the previous day's market action and news shaping the market ahead. Cattle market highlights and commentary include: market news; cash calf and feeder cattle price trends at auction; relevant futures prices and trends; cash fed cattle prices; overview of the cash grain market; trends in major Equity indexes. Stay in the market.
Spilling Coffee with Hammy
By Mike Hamilton
I'm Mike Hamilton, financial advisor from Ontario, Canada. My friends call me Hammy. I like coffee, I spill everything, come talk business and markets with me while I try not to spill coffee on my shirt.
By Indiana Chamber
EchoChamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.
Expert Actions for MLOs & Realtors
By Total Expert
There's a difference between a mission statement and executing a mission. Experience and dedication should be expected - expertise gets noticed. Join Joe Welu for Expert Actions and turn your business plan into an action plan.
Expert Strategies for MLOs & Realtors
By Total Expert
Expert Strategies for Mortgage and Real Estate The Mortgage and Real Estate industry has been flipped on its head with a massive shift in technology and new business models. Expert Strategies will explore best practices and key initiatives that the fastest growing and most successful companies and top producers are focused on.
Accounting – Beyond The Numbers
By Northstar-M
“Accounting – We go Beyond the Numbers” is a podcast from Ross Buhler Falk – a CPA and Business Advisory Firm. In this podcast you’ll receive great Business Advice – including accounting and tax tips and a whole lot more that will help you grow your business. Learn how to use your business numbers to manage and operate a successful business.
꼴통쇼-꼴찌들의 통쾌한 승리쇼
By 오종철 , 이영석
오늘도 주저주저하는 청춘들, 언제나 구박받는 꼴찌들에게 전하는 통쾌한 이야기! 소통테이너 오종철과 총각네 야채가게의 이영석 대표가 전하는 돌직구 정신무장버라이티 톡쇼
Рунет сегодня
"Рунет cегодня" — это программа о главных событиях российского интернета, которая выходит в прямом эфире каждый понедельник в 11:00. Каждую неделю ведущие эксперты отрасли обсуждают последние события в Рунете и то, как они повлияли на развитие интернет-индустрии. Это программа для тех, кто интересуется жизнью и внутренним устройством Глобальной Сети, и для тех, кто ведет свой бизнес в интернете или хотел бы его начать.
Law360's Pro Say
By Portfolio Media, Inc.
Pro Say is a weekly podcast from Law360, bringing you a quick recap of both the biggest stories and the hidden gems from the world of law. Each episode, hosts Amber McKinney, Bill Donahue and Alex Lawson are joined by expert guests to bring you inside the newsroom and break down the stories that had us talking.
PwC’s C-suite podcast
By PwC
Through our regular conversations with CEOs, we're able to gain valuable insights into today's business challenges as well as the trends and issues shaping decision-making tomorrow. From our annual global CEO Survey, to our quarterly confidence check, we aim to keep you up-to-date with what’s on the minds of business leaders around the world.
Marketing con Internet
By Marketing con Internet
Descubre cómo conseguir nuevos clientes y aumentar las ventas de tu negocio gracias al poder de Internet.
Martin Healthcare Podcast
By Martin Healthcare Podcast
The Physical Therapy industry is facing new realities in 2017. Check out this preview for the Multi-Clinic Market Leader Series
Memorias de un Emprendedor
By Pedro Sánchez Bonnín
Memorias de un Emprendedor, un podcast diario en el que podrás conocer el día a día de la vida de un emprendedor (Pedro Sánchez) los 365 días del año.
Startup Financial News
By Julien Meyer
Startup Financial News is a podcast started by serial entrepreneur and financial markets junkie, Julien Meyer. In this podcast, Julien helps to make sense of financial news and current events for startups, startup CEO's and Founders, startup employees and small business owners. Participation and call ins are highly encouraged. Thanks for listening!
Subscription Empire Builders
By Subscription Empire Builders
The Subscription Empire Builders are a group of subscription box business owners you’ve probably never heard of changing the world one box at a time. We define our own destiny, we create our own luck, and we build our own empires. All by delivering consistent value to our subscribers each and every month.
Summer Series W/ The Brand Therapist
By Audrey Woodley, CEO
The Beauty of Business partners with female business who influence the market place... Your brand positioning statement should be an influence on how your client will make a decision to purchase your brand’s product or service. We host monthly live events, virtual, masterclasses, and webinars to empower women to owning her space and partnering with business owners to reach a global level.
Summer Series 17 Digital Tour Pt. 1
By Audrey Woodley, CEO
The Beauty of Business partners with female business who influence the market place... Your brand positioning statement should be an influence on how your client will make a decision to purchase your brand’s product or service. We host monthly live events, virtual, masterclasses, and webinars to empower women to owning her space and partnering with business owners to reach a global level.
Building Ideas from Wickersham Construction
By Northstar-M
Wickersham Construction brings you the latest information, insights and Innovative thinking in the building and construction industry. Company leaders and industry experts will share their thoughts about the latest trends, tips and techniques to keep you current in the industry.
Cleaning For Profit
By Daniel Osmore
Free advice and information about how to setup and run a cleaning business. Various types of cleaning business will be discussed, including domestic, commercial and specialist enterprises (like oven, window and carpet cleaning). New episodes weekly.
Lean Management für den Mittelstand
By Michael Habighorst
Lean Management für den Mittelstand.
Julius Baer Finance Talk - current markets made easy
By Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.
A weekly discussion helping you to navigate the complex world of finance.
Redevelopment Now
By David Buchheit
Redevelopment Now is a podcast focused on discussing economic drivers in the market place.
Economical Rice Podcast
By Danny Chrisnanto Koordi
This is the Economical Rice Podcast, produced by a native from Singapore, sharing insights and discussing issues related to finance, economics, and the little grains from our capitalistic society.
By Förlagspodden
Förlagspodden reflekterar över böcker och bokbranschen utifrån en förläggares perspektiv. Varför ser det ut som det gör? Finns det något intressant bakom kulisserna? Varför kommer just den här boken ut? Men inte den? Vilka böcker är intressanta just nu? Vad händer egentligen på ett förlag? Varför bråkar folk så mycket? Varför säger de en sak och gör en annan? Och egentligen allt annat från den här världen som kan intressera bokälskare och andra allmänt nyfikna människor. Högt och lågt och, i bästa mening, provokativt.
Take off with Thomas Gelmi, the expert for InterPersonal Competence
By Thomas Gelmi
Boost your effectiveness in leadership, teamwork and customer contact by developing personal and interpersonal competence. In all three of these areas, the quality of relationships is the key for success. Relational competence has been proven to have a direct influence on the commitment of staff and client loyalty, and so for many companies, it is becoming the crucial factor differentiating them in the market.
On the Brink with Andi Simon
By Andi Simon
On The Brink is a podcast where the goal is to help you better "see, feel and think" about your business, your job, your personal life and your purpose. There will be great interviews and conversations with people who are deeply involved in change—consultants, change agents, managers transforming their teams, entrepreneurs just starting out and CEOs running well-established companies.
Strategic Network Marketing
By Ryan Chamberlin
The official podcast of Author, Speaker, and Network Marketing Success Strategist Ryan Chamberlin. This podcast discusses success strategies for network marketing professionals. For more information visit and get Ryan's Best Selling Book for Free at
Actualités des directeurs des ressources humaines en France
Forex Training Group Podcast
By Forex Training Group
The Forex Training Group Podcast Provides Top Notch Forex Education and Training For Traders. Learn The Essential Skills You Need to Become a Better Trader and Take Your Trading to the Next Level.
Wayne Olson Podcast: Wayne's Words
By Wayne Olson
The podcast that is quick, easy and fun to listen to. Our goal is to help you improve your job, career and reach more customers, clients or constituents. We keep it simple, and try to laugh every once and a while. This is the podcast of Wayne Olson, International Speaker and author of The Disney Difference.
3D Cast
By 3D Cast
Two Manc's and a Geordie discuss fitness and more with very special guests. Welcome to 3D Cast.
Real Estate Rising Stars
By ListerProsTV
No description yet..
SA Game Changers' Podcast
By SA Game Changers
We Profile SMME's, CEO's, Individuals with an intention to connect them. A new way of bringing South Africans role players and game changers in our economy.
Real Estate LIVE! with Michele "The Queen of Real Estate Radio!"
By The QS Realty Group, LLC
Spanish Language Real Estate Show broadcast to 9 Latin American countries and 50 Million Listeners on WWFL/LaMejor 1340AM Orlando, FL. Tune-in Every Saturday at 10:00 AM
Real Estate Sales Mastery
By Lee Woodward
Real Estate Sales Mastery editions - Structural Change - Prospecting, Marketing & Planning Getting the Price Right - Vendor & Buyer Communications Program Your Complete Selling Plan - Listing Presentations, Visuals & Winning Words From Me to We - Building & Working in an Effective Business Unit Working the Floor - Running Brilliant Auctions Staying Motivated - Getting Organised Through Goals, Visions & Auctions
Taking Stock - A Retail Week Podcast
By Retail Week
Retail Week presents Taking Stock, a podcast covering the biggest issues impacting the retail industry. Each month the Retail Week team take a deep dive into a topic using clips from interviews, phone calls and videos.
Talking Tokens
By Kirk Tramble
Publishing 3 shows per month on the 6th, 16th and 26th of the month. Listeners get inspiration and education about cryptocurrencies. You can also get additional cryptocurrency information at the site. The show publishes to the feed on the 6th, 16th and 26th of each month. Send your questions to [email protected] Thanks for listening. Produced by Kirk Tramble. ©2017 Kizata LLC.
Podcast – Goal Boss
By Will Pemble
Goal Boss founder Will Pemble interviews leaders in business, consulting and coaching to uncover the behaviors, strategies, and tactics of communication, teamwork, and leadership.
Trading For A Living with Rob Booker
By Rob Booker
A new podcast for traders - with trading stories, strategies, tips and tricks for trading for a living from home.
UMSATZGURUS Podcast mit Sascha Falk für mehr Kunden und mehr Umsatz in Deinem Unternehmen!
By UMSATZGURUS Podcast | Wir zeigen Dir, wie Du nachhaltig mehr Umsatz erzielen wirst!
Ich zeige Dir spannende Themen zu Vertrieb und Marketing, spannende Tipps und Tricks und ich lasse Menschen zu Wort kommen, die zu diesem Thema etwas interessantes zu berichten haben. Wir bringen Dich und Dein Unternehmen auf Erfolgskurs. Unsere Grundsätze sind ein spannender Mix aus absoluter Ehrlichkeit, echte Authentizität und einer Portion Spaß an der Arbeit. Wir wissen, dass jedes Unternehmen anders ist, daher spielen bei uns Individualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit eine entscheidende Rolle.
Life in the Tax Lane (Canada)
By Video Tax News
These 10-minute podcasts are a rapid-fire discussion of select recent developments in the wonderful world of Canadian tax presented by the Video Tax News Team. For more information go to
Humanizando Mentes
By Humanizando Mentes
Comentarios sobre temas de Derecho Laboral, Liderazgo, Desarrollo Organizacional, Cultura Organizacional, Comunicación Interna, Creatividad, Innovación, Desarrollo Personal y Profesional.
Stanford Brown's Podcast
By Stanford Brown
We will be discussing the issues of the week that are most topical from the perspective of Australian-based investors. We aim to run a fortnightly podcast and we would very much love to hear your feedback.
Yahoo Finance Presents
By Yahoo Finance
Yahoo Finance journalists present insight, analysis and exclusive access to the best and brightest minds in the business and financial world.
Estrategias para Empresas B2B
By Auris Media
El primer podcast de habla hispana dedicado a las nuevas estrategias de marketing y administración de recursos humanos para el crecimiento de las empresas B2B
Sistahpreneurs' Sprint
By Sistahpreneurs Business Coaching
Rapid improvement tips and stories for the Black female entrepreneur.
3 Agents Walk Into A Bar
By 3 Agents Walk Into A Bar
3 real estate agents walk into a bar and talk about the state of the real estate market in Prescott, AZ and real estate nightmares from around the country.
PrimePay Broker Concierge's Podcast
By PrimePay Broker Concierge
Welcome to the PrimePay Broker Concierge Podcast! PrimePay has worked with benefits brokers for nearly a decade. The Broker Concierge partner program was created in part by collaborating with employee benefits industry professionals. We hope this podcast will provide you with topics brokers can use to improve their bottom line. PrimePay Broker Concierge was designed to provide employee benefits brokers with the resources necessary to expand their practice and become a single-source solution for HR, payroll, benefits administration and business services. In recent years, PrimePay has observed some game-changing challenges. For starters, health care reform and other market forces are squeezing your commissions. Your clients are increasingly turning to you for HR, payroll, benefits and compliance support. Meanwhile, national payroll companies have entered the employee benefits arena, creating fierce competition and unprecedented pressure to deliver greater value. In light of those challenges, PrimePay decided to further strengthen our commitment to employee benefits brokers by creating a unique program: PrimePay Broker Concierge Hope you enjoy the broker-centric content!
CRM MVP Podcast
By Gus Gonzalez
Gus Gonzalez, a 5x Microsoft Business Solutions (CRM) MVP, covers subjects rarely discussed openly in the CRM Community. With 11 years of experience in the CRM world and hundreds of successful deployments around the world, Gus brings a real-world fact-based approach to these subjects and how they affect the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM community.
Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig
By Nathan Lustig
Hello and welcome to Crossing Borders with Nathan Lustig, where I interview entrepreneurs doing startups across borders and the investors who support them, with a focus on companies that have some relationship to Latin America.
Business Matters Podcast
By Tim Roberts & Michael Martin
Tim and Michael discuss important business topics that matter to businesses of all sizes. Submit your topics, or questions, and learn from those who have been through the same challenges.
Entrepreneurs Take Action
By Michele Scism
On Entrepreneurs Take Action, serial entrepreneur, best selling author and international speaker Michele Scism shares quick business building yips in 10 minutes or less. Tips to get your business noticed online and turn that online community into cash. ETA focuses on SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Solo-preneurs. Also EMAIL MARKETING, SPEAKING, BLOGGING and much more. Other tips include TEAM BUILDING and HOW TO CLOSE A SALE plus much much more. Each episode gives you easy to implement strategies for instant business building.
Decoding IP Blog
By DecodingIP
Protorae Law’s DecodingIP™ podcast covers intellectual property IP and technology topics, including patent, trademark, and copyright issues, and fun tech and pop culture IP issues making headlines. We don’t deliver canned, boring summaries of lawsuits or use confusing legalese. Instead, we explain what the intellectual property issues that are grabbing headlines mean for you and your business, in plain English.
Reporting on the key specialty-equipment industry stories the SEMA News staff is working on and the trends, topics and business tips that can work for you.
Eversheds Sutherland - Legal updates
By Eversheds Sutherland
Together with colleagues from our international offices, we are pleased to announce our Eversheds Sutherland podcast series.
Race To 9 Billion™
By United Technologies
The "Race to 9 Billion™" podcast series explores sustainability in a rapidly growing and urbanizing world with host John Mandyck, Chief Sustainability Officer for United Technologies Corp.
I Made it in San Diego by Voice of San Diego
By Voice of San Diego
There’s a personal story behind every business. Some succeed. Some fail. Many do both. I Made it In San Diego will introduce listeners to the stories behind the city’s small and well-known businesses, and the people who made them what they are today. It’ll delve into the triumphs, tough times and lessons learned along the way – as well as stories unique to San Diego’s technology and border economy.
De iBucketList Podcast (NL)
By Raymond Kempen
Iedereen heeft dromen maar slechts een enkeling jaagt zijn dromen echt na. Zonde! Wij zijn van mening dat mensen hun leven vaak niet ten volle leven. Raymond Kempen is daarom gestart en heeft nu zijn zinnen gezet op de iBucketList Podcast. De interviews met ondernemers, sporters en mensen met buitengewoon leven gaan jouw inspireren en activeren en brengen je tot nieuwe inzichten. Meer over ons op
Ask a Lawyer with Attorney Joey Franks
By Joey Franks
Welcome to “Ask a Lawyer” with Attorney Joey Franks at the Franks Law Firm in Ridgeland Mississippi. Each week, Joey answers your questions about the law and how it affects you. Call Attorney Franks for a free consultation at (601) 773-7777.
CPA Canada IT and Innovation
By CPA Canada
Overall Learning Objectives for this Podcast Series: • To introduce and discuss current technology trends that CPAs should be aware of • To inform CPAs of how adopting new technologies and innovations can help improve overall efficiencies in their business • To have CPAs understand the importance of planning for innovation and technological changes and how it can impact the future success of an organization.
Carbon Neutral Cities
By Jim Plouffe
The South Australian government has partnered with the City of Adelaide to make the capital of South Australia carbon neutral by 2050. We explore how this can happen.
Der SPONSORs Podcast - im Dialog über das Milliardenbusiness Sport in Kooperation mit Sports Maniac
By Philipp Klotz und Daniel Sprügel im Interview mit Sportlern, Unternehmern und Visionären aus dem Sportbusiness
Der SPONSORs Podcast blickt hinter die Kulissen des Milliardenbusiness Sport: Welche Player das Sportbusiness prägen, welche Technologien den Sport verändern und was das alles für die Zukunft des Sports bedeutet! Die beiden Host sind Philipp Klotz, Geschäftsführer & Mitherausgeber der SPONSORs, dem führenden Informationsmedium im Sportbusiness, Veranstalter des SPOBIS und Initiator der SPOAC sowie Daniel Sprügel, Gründer des Sports Maniac Podcast. Die beiden interviewen interessante Sportler, erfolgreiche Unternehmer und Visionäre aus dem Sportbusiness. Neben einem Überblick über die aktuellen Geschehnisse im Sportbusiness erwarten dich überraschende Hintergrundgeschichten, Erfolgsstorys von echten Machern sowie eine Fülle unerwarteter Fakten und Perspektiven über die glamouröse Welt der Sports. Abonniere den SPONSORs Podcast und sei mit dabei!
Bob Thiel - Bible Prophecy and the Trump Presidency
By Dr. Bob Thiel
Many have wondered what will happen with the presidency of Donald Trump. BBC said you might as well rely on a 'Magic Eight Ball.' Dr. Thiel not only disagrees, he points to a dozen biblically-based warnings he made would happen with if Donald Trump were elected that have already began to come to pass. He also points to biblical reasons why Donald Trump is apocalyptic.
Johan och Kristoffers podcast Vita fläckar
By Johan Staël von Holstein
I den här podden skall vi prata om entreprenörskap och positiva framtidsvisioner. Vi ska träffa intressanta människor och ta reda på deras framgångsfaktorer. Se hur deras affärsmodeller ser ut. Vi skall träffa entreprenörer och konnässörer. Vi ska prata om nytta för samhället och nytta för människor. För även om vi kommer prata om pengar så kommer vi prata med hjärtat om sånt vi brinner för. För det är inte alltid drivkraften är en större lägenhet eller en dyr klocka, det kan också vara att hjälpa människor på flykt eller på annat sätt bidraga till en bättre värld. Staëll von Holstein / Schjött-Quist försök stava till det om du kan...
Hampshire Talks Business
By LINGO - the podcast specialists
Hampshire Talks Business (Hants Talks Biz) is a podcast featuring news and insights for small businesses in Hampshire UK.