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Mi Lugar de Trabajo
By Mi Lugar de Trabajo
Buscamos promover espacios de trabajo saludable, mediante una serie de podcast donde se hablará de temas relacionados al ámbito laboral desde la perspectiva de la psicología industrial organizacional.
Perceived Value
By Sarah Rachel Brown
Perceived Value is a podcast during which Sarah Rachel Brown interviews artists about about their careers, personal lives, failures, accomplishments, and asks the question: how do you make it all happen? They say money can't buy you happiness, but you sure do need it to pay for materials and studio space.
Dominate Your Dollar
By Sammy Ndiyo, CPA
Dominate Your Dollar is the financial empowerment podcast designed to change your mindset surrounding money. Join Sammy Ndiyo, CPA every Tuesday as he offers his insight on how to make your money work for you. This podcast tackles real life money issues and gives actionable steps so you can start putting a strangle hold on your finances.
Regarding Trucking
By Robert Haag
Regarding Trucking is a one-on-one, in-depth, interview podcast with the people who make the trucking industry what it is today and where it will be tomorrow. We dig deep asking them to share their knowledge, beliefs, and leadership skills so that we can also be inspired to do great things.
Vetrepreneur Life
By Dan Dwyer: Veteran Entrepreneur, Blogger, Leadership Coach, Speaker
Vetrepreneur Life shares the stories, experiences, successes and challenges of the most inspiring veteran entrepreneurs through powerful conversations that foster vetrepreneur success!
Via Hustle
By Via Hustle
Via Hustle is a new and upcoming youtube / podcast outlet where I interview successful entrepreneurs. The purpose of the channel is to teach aspiring entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurs by picking at the brains of the interviewees. I believe in creating a community (Hustle Nation) where everyone can learn from each other and give valuable feedback on their current business or ideas.
By Jessica LaShawn
#PhilanthropicEntrepreneur On-Air Host and Blogger for Yahoo ChicagoNow, Lucky, Featured on The Today Show , BET ,MTV ,CBS & NYTimes #Harvard Founder of @MogulAcademy
New Medical Nomads Podcast
By New Medical Nomads
A podcast following a traveling physical therapist, Dr. Dylan Callier, as he interviews other experts within the healthcare field to provide information for other medical travelers.
By Cindy B Brown
Do you want to know the secrets of how to live a rich life? One full of freedom - financial freedom, abundant health, great relationships and most importantly the freedom to find and be your true self. If that is what you want then stay tuned! But let me warn you - this is not a listen only conversation. To create lasting change takes work. Each week you will have homework to track your personal journey. For that you will receive the tools, tips and techniques to create your own rich life. So hang on - the adventure is just beginning!
War Stories
By Mathew Cropper
A monthly podcast, interviewing people from a wide range of backgrounds and careers, exploring a simple question.. "How did you get where you are, and what did you learn along the way?"
"How Does She Do It?" Working Wisdom from the C. T. Bauer College of Business
By C. T. Bauer College of Business
“How Does She Do It?” is a podcast in the Working Wisdom series from the C. T. Bauer College of Business. The podcast focuses on work, life and everything in between, featuring conversations with amazing women who have navigated and overcome obstacles to achieve personal and professional success. From simultaneously building a professional career to nurturing a family (whether that is a spouse, children, parents or other relatives) to identifying creative and personal pursuits, many often look at a successful woman in business and wonder, How does she do it? Through this podcast, we hope to provide an answer — she just does.
The SpectRoom
By Ronen Bekerman
The SpectRoom brings you weekly sessions of insightful, honest and fun discussions with 3d artists, photographers, architects, software developers, content creators and creative professionals that will inspire you from all around the world. Created and hosted by 3d Architectural Visualization & Rendering Artist and Blogger Ronen Bekerman, he's on a mission to explore the creative minds of architectural visualization. Being ever curious about what it is we do, how we go about doing our work and why we do it in the first place! Ronen will try to find out the why, the how and the what of each of his guests.
The Playbook
By David Meltzer,
These are the true stories of the blockbuster sports deals that went down in the locker room, boardroom, and between the lines that made many people very rich. Your host is Sports 1 Marketing CEO David Meltzer!
Aboard The Caravel
By Rettward von Doernberg
Just like Columbus in times past, the composer Rettward von Doernberg is on a very personal, musical voyage of discovery. (More at
Author Platform Rocket
By Jonny Andrews
Welcome to Author Platform Rocket. The highly acclaimed source for actionable business, marketing & mindset strategy for authors, delivered in 20 minutes or less (Most of the time). In other words, this is how you sell more books while building a bigger fan base... the right way.
SalesTipp - Tägliche Impulse für alle die Kunden haben und haben wollen
By Tobias Ain: Verkauf, Verkaufstipps, Vertrieb, Marketing, Marketingideen, Marketingtipps, Salestipps
Mit dem SalesTipp bekommst du täglich kurze Impulse, die du sofort umsetzen und ausprobieren kannst. Eine wertvolle Inspiration für alle Verkäufer, Selbstständige, Gründer, Führungskräfte und alle die sonst mit Marketing und Vertrieb zu tun haben. Dein Gastgeber Tobias Ain ist Verkaufstrainer, Redner und Autor zum Thema Verkauf. Du kannst den SalesTipp auch per Mail, Whatsapp oder sogar als Video per Youtube abonnieren. Schau mal unter:
Surviving Your Twenties
By Surviving Your Twenties
We talk about what its like to be in your twenties this day and age, we will talk about anything from the necessity of college to buying your first house.
Kernel Panic
By David Cohen and Jeff Morski
Have a beer with Jeff and Dave -- they've been working as programmers, system administrators, security engineers, and devops engineers for about 10 years each. In this podcast, they cover technology topics in an accessible way: the tech job interview process, career tips and tricks, useful tech tools, interesting news, high-level introductions to technology topics, and much more.
By Jane Jackson
Kickstart YOUR CAREER - a FREE course to get you started on your journey to find your Dream Job and create a satisfying and financially rewarding career. ✩ Are you feeling stuck? ✩ Are you a graduate and looking for your first job? ✩ Are you in-between jobs? ✩ Are you just fed up with your current job and want a change but don't know what to do? ✩ Kickstart YOUR CAREER will help you to understand what you need to do to find your Dream Job. Start with Episode 1 and enjoy each episode - they are only 5-10 minutes each. ✩ Understand the importance of your mindset, confidence, and self-reliance, what really makes you tick and what you need to know to get out there and secure your Dream Job. Be brave and take that first step with Kickstart YOUR CAREER today! ✩ After you've completed this series of podcasts, for ongoing support and accountablity join the KICKSTART YOUR CAREER Facebook Support Group here: ✩ Jane Jackson is a career management coach, Author of #1 Amazon bestseller, Navigating Career Crossroads and Host of Your Career Podcast on iTunes. Jane has helped thousands of her clients around the world to find and follow their true career passion and direction. She can do that for you too. Visit for personalized career coaching support, webinars and group workshops. For more online courses for your career success, visit
I Got Fired | Lost Job | Unfairly Fired | Fired Without Cause | Unemployed | Employee Rights
By Attorney Tom Spiggle
If you just got fired, or are about to be fired, there are some things you may want to be aware of. Attorney Tom Spiggle shares practical advice for that can help you, in the event that you are fired from your job. Being fired can be a devastating and life-changing event, so being well informed during this time can help you minimize the disruption to your life and your income. Although Tom is a lawyer and deals with legal issues surrounding the loss of a job, this podcast is not intended to take the place of legal advice. As always, if you feel that you need legal representation, please contact an attorney.
EDGY Conversations
By The EDGY Empire
Radical help for people who want it. Join the movement at
Just Start!
By Patrick & Patrick
Der Podcast für Leute die durchstarten wollen ! Wir berichten euch über unseren Weg in die Selbstständigkeit und möchten euch wertvolle Tipps an die Hand legen.
Just The Tips, with James P. Friel and Dean Holland
By James P. Friel and Dean Holland
Just The Tips is a business talk show for entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of listening to the same old stodgy content. Interviewing (and sometimes roasting) top entrepreneurs from around the world, each episode is fun, witty and informative. It's a must listen for anyone wanting to transform their marketing, sales and business while having a laugh instead of falling asleep. We, not so humbly, believe it's the best business and marketing podcast in the world.
Hire Served Recruiting & Career Chat Podcast
By Jean South
The Recruiting & Career Chat Podcast focuses on tips and tactics for job seekers and recruiters alike. We focus on finding and aligning your purpose to the mission of the company you work for and finding great talent amongst those who have previously served our nation - military, law enforcement, first responders, military spouses.
By Wolfgang Pichler
Lange haben wir überlegt, wie wir euch Mehrwert bieten können. Nach einigen Brainstorming Sessions haben wir die Idee der Fireside Chats entworfen. Fireside Chat bedeutet übersetzt Kamingespräch. Dieser Begriff bezeichnet ein informelles Treffen im kleinen Kreis zu einem spezifischen Thema. Die Gestaltung soll eine persönliche Atmosphäre gewährleisten und einen fruchtbaren Dialog ermöglichen. Der Begriff leitet sich von den 30 Radio-Ansprachen von U.S. Präsident Franklin D. Roosevelt zwischen 1933 und 1944 ab. In diesen Fireside Chats werden Menschen und interessante Persönlichkeiten zu verschiedenen Themen interviewt. Wir wollen auch mit unserer Community in Interaktion treten und ihr könnt mit dem Hashtag #askthefireside auf Facebook Fragen an uns Stellen welche wir in einer der nächsten Episoden veröffentlichen werden.
Emerging Women: Grace and Fire
By Emerging Women: Grace and Fire
Real Women. Real Power.
Journey to Beauty Podcast
By Stephanie Flor
A beauty podcast committed to empowering women to reconnect to their heritage and beauty rituals inspired by women all over the world. We celebrate beauty brands and influencers that share with us their journey to beauty. Creating a global impact on diversity, sustainability and how we see the beauty around the world. Whether your beauty obsessed or have a penchant for travel let us inspire you to make a beauty discovery of your own. We dive deeper into the meaning of beauty and learn more about the beauty behind the brand.
Hamline Career Cast
By Hamline University Career Development Center
Our weekly podcast features current student voices and ways for them to enrich their time at Hamline, the insights of recent graduates, tools and resources presented by staff and faculty, area employers, special topics and much more! Get to know us better at
Harmony Podcast with Heba Al-Ghareeb
By Dr. Heba Al-Ghareeb
Harmony Podcast reflects a mix of knowledge and experience in life, business and work. It serves individuals, groups and organizations.. Dr. Heba Al-Ghareeb is a professional co-active coach and certified coach by International Coach Federation (ICF). Coaching is her passion and it’s her way to contribute.. Heba has life mission to help others to explore their gifts within, strength capabilities and uniqueness. Honor it and implemented in their life to reach the harmony fulfillment life they deserve.
Figuring It Out With Anthony Pham
By Anthony Pham
"Figuring It Out With Anthony Pham" is a podcast that I created where I meet with straight hustlers doing just that - figuring out the game, and killing it in their respective fields. I also wanted it to be a place where anyone can use as context of where to start, what to expect, how my guests found their passion and what they recommend for people getting into a new space or new career. I want to share the ups and downs of these journeys so that it inspires people to at least go out and give it a real try.
On The Go With Selaco
The official podcast of SELACO Workforce Board.
OutlierStartup Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
How to Launch, and Build, an OutlierStartup, the Outlier360 Way. Follow a startup from launch. Find out about the logic behind the decisions. How it is set up to be massively scalable. Attracting great people, AND Training of the people to make up OutlierTeams, and make them OutlierLeaders, and prepare them to quickly be ready for greater things, either inside the company, or if the leave to start their own projects. An OutlierStartup is always built on extraordinary people, and extraordinary teams, so training people is the most important thing any business can do, because the better people the faster a startup can take advantage of, and develop opportunities. So, if this sounds interesting subscribe, and follow this project in almost real time.
Overtime Podcast
By Anwar & Azam
Two recent college graduates that are fed up with the daily 9 to 5 grind and looking for a way out
Real Little Giant
By Real Little Giant
The Real Little Giant is hosted by 4'10 Little motivational man who encourages his listeners to overcome the odds by never giving up. The Real Little Giant offers inspirational truths from his personal life experiences as a man of short stature. Gabriel Padilla is The Real Little Giant, he was born with a rare bone condition called "Rickets". He has had to face countless struggles as a Little Man. But he has not allowed his disability to affect his ABILITY. This podcast was created to inspire, motivate and help you think and act more positively.
Real Talk Real Estate Show
By David Huffman
After personally selling over 1,000 homes and over 4,000 coaching calls, David Huffman has perfected an easier way for agents to conduct their real estate business. He has helped numerous agents grow their business to over $500,000 in yearly net profit. David has perfected formulas to help agents choose the right lead generators no matter their marketing budget. David is known for his more fresh and modern-day approach to what most agents currently see as frustrating and impossible. If you are a real estate agent and looking for simple yet powerful strategies to run your real estate business then this show is for you. RealPERTS Coaching and Training was founded by David Huffman to give today's real estate agents a more practical approach to their business by focusing ONLY on what really matters, your personal net income. With all the fluff in our industry of people giving advice, yet not all advice is good depending on each agent's unique situation. You can learn more about David's coaching company called RealPERTS Coaching and Training at or by calling 800-916-7325.
Rock The Reset
By Arlis Albritton
Rock The Reset is a new podcast that creates an environment that embraces change and provides encouragement, resources, and life lessons from real people, for real people that are ready to make a change in their lives.
Vet Hustle
By Brian Zimmerman
Veteran Hustle AKA "Vet Hustle" enables veteran-owned business owners and veteran entrepreneurs to experience faster growth in business by generating more leads and customers for less money. More importantly, helping veterans lead and win in life, business, and personal being.
Inside Music City Podcast
By Inside Music City
Nashville can seem like a big and scary place, especially when you’re trying to make it in the industry. We’re creating an insider’s guide to the music business so all you have to do is listen, apply, and succeed!
One Mind Radio
By The Holy Day
One Mind Radio bridges the worlds of Art & Logic, Creativity & Reason, Fact & Opinion by featuring prominent and growing artists, painters, actors, fashion designers, local business owners and entrepreneurs alike to get their hands-on take about what it means to pursue your goals, create a stable business or brand, and overall maintain your sanity!
Work Talk
By New River/Mt Rogers Workforce Development Area
Work Talk is the official podcast of New Rivers/Mt Rogers Workforce Development Area. The New River/Mount Rogers Workforce Development Board envisions a region where every business has access to a qualified, job-ready workforce and every citizen in the region has the skills needed to secure meaningful employment, competitive wages, and career advancement through an integrated workforce support infrastructure. To learn more, visit
By AirMango
本课程提供了(可能是)中国国际航空公司的客舱广播词,适合于在培或在职空乘日常演练。 (关键词:国航,国际航空,广播词,CA)
AdamsRib is a one hour weekly internet based radio show and podcast Hosted by Tanesha along with Co-Host Stephanie Jones and Valerie Hutchinson. Each week Experts, Entrepreneurs and Influential voices share Keys to Success. Offering a faith based approach the Host discuss topics ranging from relationships, parenting, money matter and other relatable topics. Enjoyable listen, funny, fresh and insightful.
Freelance Universiteit | Train To Freedom
By Erik Train To Freedom
Freelance universiteit is een podcast voor mensen die de stap willen maken om te gaan freelancen. Deze podcast wordt gemaakt door Train To Freedom. Als je meer informatie wilt over hoe je het beste kunt gaan freelancen, ga dan naar
Humble Power
By Derek Wilson
Have you ever been told that in order to have a successful life you would have to sacrifice your values or morals? Maybe youve been told that the only reason why people that are wealthy is because theyve had to step on other people to get there. If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations youre normal. I was told these exact things as well. I was told that the "rich people" only became that way because they had fleeced the working class folks like "us." The people that have that great marriage? Yeah, they probably fight like cats and dogs when they are alone because no one has a relationship like that. I get it. There is bullshit and fake people everywhere. Especially now in the world of social media. Most people only post what they want you to see, not what is truth. We are all jaded to a certain degree because we all know people that act one way online and live completely different in real life. I formally invite you to join our Humble Power movement podcast. This will be a place to listen to people that have been able to have massive success in ALL areas of their life without having to sell their soul. I will also be giving you personal nuggets that I have learned by working with some of the most successful online business people in the world over the past decade as well as my own experiences. We will cover the difficult topics that I have personally struggled with as well as many of my clients; how to "have it all" when it comes to relationships, finances and even parenting. We will be on a weekly journey to prove once and for all that you CAN have a powerful life while still being yourself. Understand this, for years I struggled with the fact that I wouldnt be able to be a powerful person because the self-anointed powerful people that I would see acted nothing like me. Im not brash. Im not conceded. Im not overly confrontational. But I also knew that I didnt have to be. The issue is that most people never learn that. Again, I ask you to join us in this movement. Learn from the amazing people that I will be talking to. Implement these strategies that we will discuss in your life so you can have the things that you have always wanted but have never done because you didnt fit in their box.
Freelancer Podcast
By Lukas Fehling & Yannick Krohn
Im Freelancer Podcast sprechen Lukas und Yannick mit interessanten Personen über das Thema Freelancing und Selbstständigkeit. Hier erwarten dich Interviews, Stories und praktische Tipps für deinen Alltag als Freelancer, Freiberufler oder Kleinunternehmer.
Build Your Network | John Lee Dumas, Patrick Bet-David, Dr. Ivan Misner, and others share tips on ho...
By Travis Chappell
If you believe that who you know is more important than what you know and that purposeful and persistent networking is crucial to accomplishing your goals in any area of life, then this is the podcast for you. Three days a week, we will be having a conversation with top leaders like John Lee Dumas, Patrick Bet-David, Dr. Ivan Misner, and many others. We will hear stories from them on how certain connections with people in their lives led to accomplishing specific goals; we’ll get the best tips and tricks on how to network effectively, gather their thoughts on the importance of networking, and much more! Each episode is geared toward you, the aspiring professional, and helps you to uncover the secrets of networking in order to push you to the next level of success in your life. Consider this the ultimate guide to growing your inner circle, increasing your influence, and assisting others.
Du Bist Groß - Podcast
By Kai-Gunnar Hering
Kai-Gunnar Hering, Herausgeber der Plattform, spricht in diesem Podcast über die spannendsten Themen im Bereich der Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, damit Du Deine inneren Kräfte erkennst, entfesselst und erlebst - auf dem Weg zu dem großartigsten Leben - Deinem großartigen Leben. Hierbei werden immer wieder auch Techniken aus dem NLP angewandt, um den kruzfristigen Erfolg nachhaltig zu gestalten.
Don't Retire, Refire Podcast
By Alf Priestley
Welcome to the Podcast 'Don't Retire, Refire'! If you reject the notion of traditional retirement and want to continue to do something meaningful with your next chapter in life, this podcast if for you! You'll find ideas, tips and inspiration from experts, role models and authorities with host Alf Priestley. Having spent over twenty five years advising CEOs, business owners and professionals on optimising their lives, Alf Priestley serves his clients and their families as an experienced adviser, coach and facilitator. He takes a particularly holistic approach, starting with lifestyle design and execution, through to financial integration and enhanced daily quality of life. He enjoys helping leaders to get clear about what really matter to them, their Why. Then supporting them to take decisive action so they can get their greatest gifts into the world. Alf has worked with some of Australia's leading lifestyle planning, tax and legal specialists, and has been referred to as 'The ideal life Integrator’.
Gumball Love Podcast
By Melissa Leger
Ever had a guy ghost you? He’s into you and suddenly he pulls away or cheats? Does he leave and come back into your life? This is a Gumball Guy. Gumball Love is attention addiction. Attention is just like a Gumball, temporarily intense and sweet but soon the effect is gone. Guys addicted to the “Gumball (any flavor of attention), get a high from the excitement, adoration and validation. During this cycle they appear to be falling in love. When the high is gone and they pull away, ghost or cheat leaving you feeling confused, rejected and heartbroken. This podcast is about finding real relationships and filtering out the Gumball Guys. You will become an expert at seeing the red flags long before you fall in love. This new awareness will bring back the fun in dating, give you confidence again and set you on the course to finding true love while being happily single in the process. Find Melissa Leger at Instagram: @TheMelissaLeger Email: [email protected] SnapChat: @MelissaLeger1 Twitter: @MelissaLeger
Women in the Middle: Loving Life After 50
By Suzy Rosenstein | Actionable life coaching for women in their 50s, designed to help with career boredom, career change, midlife crisis, transition and empty nest issues.
Women in the Middle is a podcast for women in their 50s who don’t want to let life pass them by. You’ll learn from someone who knows what it’s like to be stuck in a midlife funk and want to change but not know what to do. Master Certified Life Coach Suzy Rosenstein shares the mindfulness skills, tools and perspective you need to live intentionally, learn how to dream again, and create a life you love. Download a free guide to help you start living a life without regrets at
Outlier360 Advanced Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
The Cutting Edge of OutlierThinking. Looking at OutlierMentalModels, OutlierTeams, OutlierLeaders, OutlierLearning, and the Almost Unfair advantages that it can give the few who understand them. In 2015 the World Bank were drawing attention to the massive power of Mental Models. However, their studies only scratched the surface of the real power, and how it can be used. But as any powerful tool, it can be used for both good, and bad. Fortunately, the biggest potential lies in the use for good.
Outlier360 Perspectives Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
How Outliers have Almost Unfair Advantages. Outliers are often Extraordinary in certain areas. Their perspectives in the areas they excel are often very very different from the other people. Outliers see things others don't, and what they see, makes their actions obvious to them, but for the others who do not see what the Outliers see, their actions are often hard to understand. And to the Outlier, it is often equally hard to understand that not everyone else sees something that is so obvious to them. The Outlier360 Way is helping the curious to see what the Outliers see, in a whole range of areas. Why Outlier360? Because it is helping to show the structure, explain why, and show what Mental Models Outliers are using, AND Building from a foundation to give great chances, not only to be materially successful, but having real Meaningful Success, and a really Meaningful Life.
OutlierMentalModels Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
How Outliers have Almost Unfair Advantages... Outliers see things others don't... Outlier360 Perspectives helps people to see what the Outliers see...Building from a foundation to give great chances, not only to be materially successful...but having real Meaningful Success...and a really Meaningful Life...
OutlierPhilosophy (Ancient & Cutting Edge Thinking, Unedited)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
OutlierStrategies, Plain & Simple. Cutting edge thinking, that is surprisingly closely connected to ancient wisdom... or maybe not that surprisingly...
OutlierLearning Podcast (Outlier360 Way)
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
OutlierLearners have Almost Unfair Advantages thanks to their abilities to learn extremely fast.
It is one of the only competitive advantages that you really can trust in a changing world. Come along and explore how the OutlierLearners do it.
How they learn new things, refine their understandings, quickly discard flawed beliefs, and find out about their Mindsets, beliefs, and Mental Models.
NLP und Hypnose mit Dr. Ender Aysal
By Dr. Ender Aysal
NLP, Hypnose und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung sind die Leidenschaft von Dr. Ender Aysal, NLP-Trainer und Hypnose Coach. Mit diesem Podcast will er Dir helfen, Dich weiter zu entwickeln und einfach ein besseres und glücklicheres Leben zu leben.
Kommunikation I Konfliktklärung I Führung mit Claudia Davidenko
By Claudia Davidenko - Beratung, Training, Coaching
In Claudia Davidenko´s Podcast dreht sich alles um Kommunikation, Konfliktklärung, Führung. Es gibt Berichte und Geschichten aus der Praxis für die Praxis. Dabei handelt es sich um Themen wie Mitarbeitermotivation, Schwierigkeiten von zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen und Mitarbeiterführung. Vordergründig auch immer wieder Klarheit schaffen bei Konflikten im Team oder zwischen zwei Personen. Das Ganze unter Berücksichtigung der internen Kommunikation im Team und bei der Patientenkommunikation. Erfahren Sie, was im Einzel-Coaching mit Führungskräften herausgearbeitet werden kann und wie professionell Mitarbeitergespräche geführt werden. Sie bekommen Anregungen, wie sich das Team und jeder einzelne Mitarbeiter entwickeln kann.
An Bord der Karavelle
By Rettward von Doernberg
Wie damals Kolumbus, ist auch der Komponist Rettward von Doernberg auf einer ganz persönlichen, musikalischen Entdeckungsreise. Begleiten Sie ihn doch und kommen Sie an Bord der Karavelle! (Mehr unter
10,000 "No" s with Matthew Del Negro
By Matthew Del Negro
Actor Matthew Del Negro (The Sopranos, The West Wing, Scandal) describes his career as being told "No" for a living. Here, he gets up close and personal with top-shelf folks from all walks of life about the 10,000 "No" s they've had to endure and struggles they've had to overcome on their journey to where they are today. Inspiring, raw, honest and funny, this podcast will help you see that the people you think have "got it made" put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you.
Adulting - What's That?
By Kirsten Kohlstedt
A podcast for those trying to navigate life as a young adult. Conversations consisting of adulting fails, pursuing passions, dreaming big dreams, and reminders that you're not alone as we try to live a life of purpose.
By Michał Barczak
Staram się pomagać znaleźć ludziom pracę przez internet, pokazuje różne ciekawe pomysły na biznes oraz opowiadam o skutecznych formach marketingu online.
Get Your Mind On
By Lori Stohs | Human Capital Strategist, Consultant, Facilitator, Coach
Join Human Capital expert Lori Stohs for inspirational and motivational conversation to live a connected, engaging life. Are you seeking ways to make yourself better and looking for something that feels like a fit for you? Gain a new perspective to achieve results in business, leadership, management, performance, and self-awareness. Your human potential and performance is unlimited. Come here to expand your thinking and achieve amazing results.
HRD Leaders
By Chris Rainey
HRD Leaders is a weekly Podcast where Chris Rainey chats with today's most successful HR Practitioners. IBM, Twitter, Google, Mars, Facebook, BMW and Shell are just a few interviews to date. HRD Leaders was created for YOU, the HR Practitioners. If you're looking for ACTIONABLE advice during your daily commute, workout, or ‘me’ time, HRD Leaders has it ALL. Each episode details the journey of a successful HR Practitioner who share their experience, insights, lessons learned and how they attract, retain, develop talent and transform their business. Each episode ends with The QUICK FIRE round where Chris extracts golden nuggets, resources and action steps for you, HR NATION!
Influence and Entrepreneurship with Leah Latini
By Leah Latini
A podcast for everyone that owns a business, wants to own one, or simply wants to learn more about how to make money through their online influence. Host Leah Latini interviews leading influencers and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries to get to the bottom of what drives them.
Really Simple Sales Success
By Mel Schlesinger, Ray Mitchell
Really Simple Sales Success is a podcast for savvy B2B sales professionals who want to close more deals and B2C sales people who want to increase their sales effectiveness. Each week, hosts Mel Schlesinger and Ray Mitchell will discuss practical ways to keep your sales pipeline full and strategies that will turbo-charge your sales performance.
Serious Soft Skills
By Dr. Tobin Porterfield & Bob Graham: Soft Skills Experts
Looking for an edge at work? The Serious Soft Skills podcast gives you tips and tricks for putting soft skills to work for you. Get the latest soft skills news, soft skills research and soft skills insights to improve your career success and develop a stronger organization. Your hosts, Dr. Tobin Porterfield and Bob Graham, are soft skills experts, who share valuable soft skill insights and interview other soft skills experts to give you a powerful advantage at work, whether you are a job applicant, employee, manager, executive, entrepreneur, self-employed or anyone else who interacts with people on the job.
Flurfunk Podcast
By Leonid Lezner
Podcast über Führung und Kommunikation
Beating The Odds Podcast
By Beating The Odds
“Beating the Odds” is a podcast full of inspiration and advice from minority entrepreneurs that have overcome obstacles to build successful businesses. Each episode details their journey to success, and the issues that can sidetrack a business. Many of the challenges are unique to minority entrepreneurs while others are faced by all business owners. Some of the companies featured are large, some are small; but each story provides valuable lessons and inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed on their own. Listen, learn, and beat the odds!
By GaggleAMP
AMPlify is the companion podcast to AMPlify: The Employee Advocacy & Engagement Conference. The AMPlify podcast provides conversations with the leading practitioners and thought leaders around employee advocacy and engagement. Employee advocacy and engagement is essential to any successful corporate marketing effort. In this podcast, you will learn about best practices, trends and strategies that have made impact in the companies currently engaged in these efforts. The AMPlify Podcast and Conference are produced by GaggleAMP Inc.
ISO 9001 Fácil
By Roberto Villegas
A quién está dirigido ISO 9001 Fácil. El objetivo de este show es compartir una mezcla de conocimiento, experiencia, y prácticas efectivas muy específicas, y con materiales cuidadosamente preparados con el fin de no tengas que pasar por los mismos errores, cometer las mismas decisiones equivocadas, ni asumir los mismos costos que los profesionales y organizaciones asumen a menudo por falta de información, conocimiento y experiencia. De esta manera espero contribuir a evitar una curva de aprendizaje larga y costosa para ti, tal como la que tienen que pasar tantos profesionales y organizaciones en México y Latinoamérica. Esto es especialmente valioso para las PYMEs en México y Latinoamérica ya que es crítico para elevar su competitividad tanto regional como globalmente. Este podcast puede interesarte: - Si eres un Dueño, Director, Gerentes que necesita tomar la decisión de iniciar o no un Sistema de gestión de calidad o que ya tiene uno implementado en su organización - Si eres un profesional de la calidad con la responsabilidad de la coordinación de un proyecto de implementación o mantenimiento un Sistema de Gestión de Calidad o que simplemente esté interesado en el tema, pero también, - O si eres una persona que independientemente de tu profesión, quieres avanzar en tu carrera por medio del conocimiento y aplicación buenas prácticas, principios, métodos y herramientas de calidad. Periodicidad y secciones del podcast: En ISO 9001 Fácil hablaré cada dos semanas acerca de un tema de relacionado con los Sistemas de gestión de calidad basados en la norma ISO 9001. Compartiré contigo consejos relativos al tema de cada episodio, que serán de gran utilidad para comprender en lenguaje coloquial las implicaciones prácticas de la norma y que a menudo podrás llevar a la práctica de inmediato. En www.iso9001facil, también podrás encontrar enlaces a todas las fuentes de información mencionadas durante el episodio, herramientas que te permitirán poner en acción los consejos compartidos en el Podcast, además de material adicional que seguramente será de tu interés.
Expedition Markenshop
By Florian Hordan
Der Podcast für Onlinehändler. EXPEDITION MARKENSHOP ist die Show in der Unternehmer und Experten zu Ihrer Geschichte, Werte und Handeln interviewt werden. Hier erfährst Du alles rund ums Leben als Onlineshop-Betreiber. Verstehe und lebe das Spiel mit dem Onlinehandel. Der Weg zum Markenshop ist eine Expedition von und für Persönlichkeiten, die für sich und das eigene Umfeld die Umgebung erschaffen, um großartig im Onlinehandel mitzumischen – Tag für Tag. Umgib Dich mit Mentoren, erfolgreichen und glücklichen Menschen!
Entrepreneur Perspectives
By Eric Kasimov: Founder/CEO KazSource, KazCM,
Entrepreneur Perspectives is a weekly Podcast where the entrepreneur Eric Kasimov, Founder and CEO of KazSource, Inc, chats with many inspiring and influential people in the business world and some not in the business world to help you, the entrepreneur, small business owner, or business professional, build and protect your business 1 Podcast at a time. If you are looking for different perspectives to help you get inside the mind of your audience and help grow your brand, EP is the place to be. Give us a listen on your daily commute, workout, or whenever you have free time.
Writers After Dark » The Writer's Podcast
By Sk Anthony & Raymond Esposito
The Writing Site for Independent Authors: News, Resources, and Advice
Writer Mom Life
By Writer Mom Life
A podcast for indie author moms, featuring and made by indie author moms.
Leadership Done Right Podcast
By Brandon W. Jones
The Leadership Done Right podcast is dedicated to helping you become a better leader at work, home, and in life. My goal is to help you learn steps you can take today to deepen your leadership understanding and strengthen your influence. What Can You Expect From This Podcast? In the Leadership Done Right podcast we will discuss leadership theory, practical leadership, leadership in the news, leadership and personal development, and many other topics related to leadership. Additionally, on this podcast I will interview leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds so you can learn from their experiences. In the interviews, we will discuss how they became leaders, some of the challenges they went through, the lessons they learned, and leadership principles they live by. How Often Can You Expect a Podcast? A new episode of this podcast will be posted weekly on Mondays. I will do my best to hold to that schedule, but sometimes my full-time job requires me to travel and/or is very demanding so there may be times I miss a week. There are multiple ways that you can participate in the Leadership Done Right Podcast. If there are topics you would like to know more about, leadership questions you would like answered, or you are a leader and would like to be interviewed, send me an email at [email protected]
Leading the Factory Forward
By Lynn Friesth
Helping factory leaders create their future.
Liebe DEIN Leben
By Laurent Kalmes
Laurent Kalmes’ „Liebe DEIN Leben“ Podcast richtet sich an jeden der sein volles Potenzial entfalten will um täglich die beste Version von sich selbst zu sein. Fühle dich jeden Tag unbesiegbar und liebe dein Leben! Laurent Kalmes gilt trotz oder gerade wegen seinem jungen Alter (29 Jahre) als echte Koryphäe auf dem Gebiet der Entfaltung innerer Kräfte und der Selbstmotivation. Laurent hat mit 21 Jahren die Diagnose MS (Multiple Sklerose) erhalten. Für den sportlichen jungen Mann brach damals eine ganze Welt zusammen. 8 Jahre später hat er einen Weg gefunden trotz Rollstuhl "Der glücklichste Mensch auf der Welt" zu sein. Als Motivationstrainer reisst Laurent sein Publikum immer wieder von den Stühlen. In diesem Podcast verrät er seine Geheimnisse für ein erfolgreiches, erfülltes und glückliches Leben. Du erfährst wie du jede Herausforderung in deinem Leben mit einem Lächeln im Gesicht meistern wirst. Nimm dein Glück selbst in die Hand und entdecke die wichtigsten Lebensgeheimnisse zu den Themen Glück, Motivation, und Erfolg. Erlebe Laurent live auf einem Seminar oder sichere dir das passende Buch "Liebe DEIN Leben"! Mehr Infos auf: Kontakt: [email protected]
Life Done Different
By Nate Wang
Featuring candid conversations with people who have taken unconventional paths in life, whether in their career, lifestyle or thought process. Hear their stories and honest answers about the trade offs that come with their choices, like, "Can porn stars really change careers?" Challenge your assumptions and explore new perspectives, this is Life Done Different.
Life TK
By Amanda Woytus
Interviews with amazing women writers, editors, and journalists ages thirty and beyond, about professional life in their twenties.
Listen At Your Own Risk
By Society of Actuaries
Hosted by Andy Ferris, FSA, FCA, MAAA, Listen at Your Own Risk, the SOA’s new podcast series, discusses thought-provoking, forward-thinking topics across the spectrum of risk and actuarial practice.
Muse and The Catalyst: Lifestyle | Business | Family | Creativity
By Megan and Aaron Schiller
Welcome! We’re your hosts, Megan and Aaron Schiller. Founders of The Art Pantry and Coach Schiller, we are entrepreneurs, teachers, and parents to two incredible little ladies. Our podcast is all about finding inspiration and taking action to live the life of your dreams. Through our chats and interviews, we cover topics such as lifestyle, business, family, parenting, design, minimalism, mindfulness, art, creativity, education, travel and more. We want to inspire you to create the life you want for yourself and your family, so get inspired and get after it! For show notes visit
Make It Happen With Mike Cleveland- All About The Business of Music
By Mike Cleveland
The goal of this show is to assist anyone trying to have a career in the music business whether as an artist, writer, producer, manager, agent, what ever your desire in the business I hope to be able to help you “Make It Happen”.
By Peter Fallenius | Outlier360 Strategy
How Outliers have Almost Unfair Advantages... Outliers see things others don't... Outlier360 Perspectives helps people to see what the Outliers see...Building from a foundation to give great chances, not only to be materially successful...but having real Meaningful Success...and a really Meaningful Life...
Menschen beruflich verwirklichen mit Tobias Zulauf - Alles rund um das Thema Bewerbung, Karriere und...
Der Podcast für alle Menschen, die den Anspruch haben, einen Beruf nachzugehen, der Dich wirklich verwirklicht. Du erfährst alle Grundlagen die notwendig sind, damit Du weißt, welcher Beruf zu Dir passt,, wie Du Dich auf diesen bewirbst und was Du tun musst, damit dies auch so bleibt.
Consulting Matters
By Betsy Jordyn
This podcast channel is designed to empower smart and purpose-driven organizational consultants to position themselves for maximum credibility, contribution and compensation.
Building an Online Business Ain't Easy with Tammy Adams | Join Me As I Build My Online Business
By Tammy Adams | Small Business Owner, Podcaster, Entrepreneur, Author who is motivated by Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft, Amy Porterfield
Are you building an online business? So am I! Each week I plan on sharing the lessons that I’m learning so that you might learn right alongside me. I plan on sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Hopefully the successes as well as the losses. I hope you will be my accountability partner and I can be yours. Cuz guess what? Building an Online Business Aint Easy! Just ask Pat Flynn, Cliff Ravenscraft, Amy Porterfield, Jill Stanton, Leslie Samuel, John Lee Dumas, & Darren Rowse.
Behind the Bluegrass
By Chandler Lyles, Patch Drury
Behind the Bluegrass is a weekly show that interviews the business owners that make Central Kentucky great. Take our guests tips, lessons and stories and apply them to your own business!
Below the Bar Podcast
By Adam Gorzelsky
An entertaining, informative, and sometime terrifying look into the lives of America's favorite professionals.....lawyers
Best Of Belfast
By Matthew Thompson
Come along with us as we explore Belfast through the eyes (and voices) of the incredible people who call this city home. From market traders, street artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors to strangers on the street - our goal is to champion the diverse mix of personalities and characters in Northern Ireland. You can find written versions of these stories, photos of our guests, social media profiles and news about upcoming events/shenanigans over at
Career Tips On The Run
By Andrew Walsh
Quick practical tips you can listen to on the run and apply fast to create a career that you love.
Boldheart Business
By Fabienne Fredrickson
Fabienne and Derek Fredrickson of The Client Attraction Business School share marketing, mindset and business growth strategies for advancing entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Client Attraction Business School is a school for entrepreneurs who want to get more clients, make more money and make a difference in the world.
Career Talks for Cross-Cultural Professionals
By Samuel Yip
In Career Talks for Cross-Cultural Professionals, Samuel Yip interviews business leaders with diverse cultural background from different industries to discuss how they became leaders and the forces that shape their career. The goal of this project is to help empower cross-cultural professionals to further foster their career advancement and leadership development.
Changemaker Podcast
By Jackie Biederman
Changemaker is for dreamers with a passion to make the world better. Each episode is a collection of stories from social entrepreneurs and innovators about life, business, and lessons learned along the way. If we can learn from each other, we can make a greater impact. Learn more at
College Hacked
By Clifford Stumme & Caleb Childers
In the College Hacked podcast, Clifford Stumme and Caleb Childers explain how you earn your bachelor's degree while defeating student debt by earning non-traditional credit! They explain how to pass any credit-by-exam test, other ways to earn credit, how to get the most out of a non-traditional college degree, and more! The average student debt in 2017 was over $30k! And we know how you can reduce that to ZERO using these methods that the colleges themselves accept and encourage but that no one seems to know about or how to use. And we understand that! Some of this stuff is confusing, so we explain it all for you! Get ready to save money, get your degree, and defeat student debt!
By Pinely
This is a podcast featuring new and interesting ways to include social media marketing into your business with host Jake Yeaton
Sassy Flower Talk
By Jerry Williamson: Floral Designer and Speaker
Whether you are a floral designer, an apprentice in the floral industry or a Do-It-Yourselfer ... we will share some of the most exciting stories about the floral industry. Go with us as we interview some of the top floral designers from around the world to help you understand the art of floral design.
Springboard Zone
By Albert and Comfort Ocran
Springboard Zone is an inspirational podcast service by Albert and Comfort Ocran, award-winning executive coaches, authors and ministers.
Stay Wealthy San Diego
By Taylor Schulte: Award-winning financial expert interviews San Diego's most successful people
Revealing the stories behind the leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who help make San Diego one of the most beautiful cities in America. Award winning financial expert and San Diego native, Taylor Schulte, takes you inside the journeys, triumphs and challenges of these fascinating people. Find out their perspectives and advice on what it takes to live an abundant life and become “wealthy” in your own way. Learn more and stay in the know at
Selfish for Success: Happiness | Lifestyle | Career | Relationships | Health | Self Esteem
By Dr. Steve Orma: Psychologist, Author, Mental Health Expert
Psychologist Dr. Steve Orma flips convention to show you why it's not only OK to put yourself first, but why it's vital to your health, happiness and achieving your dreams. Through interviews and solo-pisodes, he provides actionable tips, tools, and powerful insights to help you succeed in your career, relationships, and health. After seeing hundreds of therapy and coaching clients suffer from LACK of selfishness (self-respect, self-valuing, self-esteem), Dr. Orma started Selfish for Success to free people from guilt, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs—so they can THRIVE. If you want to take your life to the next level, this podcast was created for you. Dr. Orma shows you how owning your own life is the path to success!