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By Outsourced Insiders
We started this podcast to be a resource and inspiration to entrepreneurs. Laura and Jaime now own their own businesses, and want to share their stories because business is always never the same.
By De Papo pro Arq
Entrevista com diversos arquitetos que irão nos dizer um pouco sobre sua trajetória profissional, seus estilos arquitetônicos, como eles lidam com os clientes, quais são seus desafios, além de falar um pouco sobre as tendências do mercado.
By Larry Botha
A byte-size podcast in which the best devs share their strategies for writing great code. We get insight into their passion for programming, the methods and tools they can’t live without, and how they keep up with the industry's rapid pace. Every episode ends with a "Quickfire Question Round": answers to 5 rapid-fire questions provide some invaluable tips on how to become a first class dev. Keep pushing the limits, and keep pushing great code!
By Empreender é pra você
Com conteúdo mesclado entre um minicast curtinho com dicas, insights e assuntos diversos sobre empreendedorismo, finanças pessoais e o AulaCast, aulas em áudio com trechos inéditos, complementando a experiência de nosso canal de vídeos.
By Project Management Institute
Projectified with PMI is your guide to the future of project management. Created by Project Management Institute, this podcast is for people who lead strategic initiatives and collaborate on teams to deliver value to their organizations. It features dynamic thought leaders and practitioners who share their real-world experiences and expertise to inform, inspire and prepare you for success.
By Paul Etheridge
Value Added Leadership, hosted by Paul Etheridge, is a "must listen to" podcast for those who want to improve their lives, both in the professional and personal realms. The premise of the show is simple: interviewing leaders who bring value to other people's lives. The stories shared in Paul's podcast will have you thinking. At this day and age, it's critical to bring leadership to the spotlight consistently. The great leaders, great speakers, and great minds are out there. Paul interviews th...
By StartupHEL
StartupHEL was founded in 2017, but the conversations it's showcasing have been going on far longer. Allan, Keith and Gregory have been involved in the startup, IT and business worlds for more years than is fun to admit. Together they provide insights and thought-provoking arguments while attempting to break through the hype that so often surrounds startups.
By Chris Porto
Join Smart Growth Founder Chris Porto as he interviews top real estate developers who are contributing to the "smart growth" of cities around the world. We focus in on their work developing urban infill, mixed use and transit oriented projects. We also explore and unpack the career paths of these leaders in society. What are their development philosophies for a sustainable future and their mindset as real estate entrepreneurs? And what are their methods for building wealth in this business?
By LiveBig Podcast Network
Hustle Hotline: (855) 898-1305 x100 Email: [email protected] Facebook: @STLHustles Twitter: @STLHustles Website: Airtime: Wed 9-10 AM EST St. Louis is home to the Gateway Arch...a monument known all over the world. The monument represents innovation and expansion westward. STLHustles, just like the arch, exists to promote, inspire, encourage, and educate entrepreneurs in the 314 metro area to "innovate and expand" beyond their horizons. Our podcasts will feature "31...
By Eric Adams
Seed Stage Denver is a weekly podcast focused on pre-seed and seed stage conversations with local Denver metropolitan entrepreneurs. This podcast is for entrepreneurs of all stripes, from young visionaries with little backing but great ideas to seasoned visionaries with large companies— and the people who hold them accountable.
Art Biz Show: Helping artist discover art success.
By Indiana State University
There might be a million ways to make money as an artist, but it's helpful to get some details on a few. In this podcast, hosted by Meredith Lynn and Jodi McCoy, we interview artists and designers who have used their arts degrees to pursue a range of careers. We'll have the kinds of straightforward conversations about money, social media, branding, and building a career that you didnt hear in art school.
By Utah Fan Club Podcast
For all you lovers of the Beehive State welcome to the Utah Fan Club Podcast. A series that's spreading the buzz behind why Utah is the Bee's Knees.
By Chris Lindsey
Based in Nashville, TN, songwriter Chris Lindsey ("Every Time I Hear That Song" / Blake Shelton, "Poison and Wine" / The Civil Wars) has set out to discover what makes creative people tick. Starting with what he knows - writing - and branching out to various aspects of the music industry, Pitch List explores what it means to be a songwriter, and ultimately, a person. Join us as we talk with some of music's hit writers at the top of our Pitch List.
By Lisette van der Valk
On The Leading Lady, business and leadership coach Lisette van der Valk talks to ambitious women who are making it work in their (online) business. How did they get where they are today, and what are they learning about being a leader in their business? It's about getting real on what it takes to create a business that works for you, no matter where you are in the world. A behind the scenes look at leadership & entrepreneurship for women, where you can find inspiration to create your own busi...
By Andy Narracott: Social Entrepreneur, Innovator and Podcaster
Welcome the Finding Impact Podcast, hosted by Andy Narracott - a social entrepreneur living in Kenya. On this podcast, you'll hear interviews with strategies, tactics and tips from guests who have out-sized knowledge or experience on a particular challenge facing social entrepreneurs. That's everything from raising capital and creating successful partnerships, to training a workforce and engaging with government. Also, customer service systems, assessing credit worthiness, revenue collection ...
By John Garrett
"Recovering CPA" John Garrett talks with rock star accountants who stand out at work by focusing on being different in order to get ahead. Accountants everywhere are doing some really cool things after they leave the office. so we discuss their hobby and how talking about it at work impacted their career.
By Barclay Brown
There's never been a better time for a new approach to job hunting. Whether you've just been laid off, have been job hunting for many months or are just looking to improve your career--if it involves finding a job, you've come to the right place. The Job Stalker show is all about Jobs, Job Hunting, Job Searching, Resume writing, interviewing, career development and personal success!
By The Holistic Entrepreneur with your host Bonnie Groessl featuring Josh Trent, JV Crum, Darren Scott Monroe and more every week for the Entrepreneur.
Are you an entrepreneur? Are you thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Do you come from a heart-centered place as you do your work? Then you are a holistic entrepreneur! It's really more a philosophy than what you actually do for a living. Join Bonnie Groessl and her guests each week for tips and strategies you can use on your own holistic entrepreneur journey. The Holistic Entrepreneur show offers inspiration, motivation and valuable insights to help you achieve the happiness and abundan...
By Joey Kissimmee: Online Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist and Blogger
Your host, Joey Kissimmee from talks about anything and everything on blogging, online marketing, podcasting, automation, outsourcing, search engine optimization, niche sites, social media, Facebook, twitter, youtube, ebooks, online courses, affiliate marketing, email marketing, list building, and anything else that has to do with making money online. In other words, this is just another damn podcast show about making money online. Joey has has been making a full time ...
By Casey Graham: CEO, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist
The 7-Figure CEO Podcast is the first and only podcast to focus on interviewing leaders of companies over 7 figures. We will look back into the history books of their organizations and discover what key moments, decisions or lucky breaks they got and how it helped them break the 7-figure mark. The goal is simple: to help business owners break through the existing barriers in their companies. We will focus on 5 areas: • People - Hiring and firing, culture and team development • Processes - Sy...
By Frank Samson
Frank Samson is a Certified Senior Advisor and expert in senior care. His podcast, “The Aging Boomers,” discusses many of the issues facing boomers and an aging population today.
By Jena Rodriguez
Welcome to The Brave Entrepreneur Podcast with your host Jena Rodriguez. Entrepreneurs are leading the way and creating a whole new level of possibility. Each week listen in to hear how brilliant entrepreneurs share their BRAVE secrets to having a thriving business and doing what it really takes to stay in the game. Leave feeling like “I CAN DO THIS” after each and every episode. “Entrepreneurship is not the easy way, it is the BRAVE way!” Let’s get our BRAVE ON!
By Susan Ermisch
Whether you have recently stepped into a management role or you are an executive with 20 years of leadership experience, you are always striving to be The Best Boss. Join host Susan Ermisch in her conversations with "Best Bosses" in healthcare, IT, customer service, and many more industries to learn how they started and evolved into The Best Boss.
By Paul Palmes
Quality Management in the 21st century. Informal discussions of tools, concepts and case studies for continuous improvement. We've all heard the phrase, "work smarter, not harder!" but few explain how to do it. Quality 101 blends humor, common sense, experience and accepted standards to provide insights to working smarter.
By Anne Samoilov: Entrepreneur, Product Launch + Content Marketing Strategist, and Online Marketer
Online Entrepreneur and Creator of Fearless Launching - a program for people launching their first anything, Anne Samoilov shows you everything you need to know to get that idea out of your head and in front of the right people. Using a mix of online marketing, blogging, and offline real world strategies, Anne likes to use the minimum viable tools to launch your ideas -- in the right format, to the right audience and at the right time. The Fearless Launching Show is a podcast for entreprene...
By The Millionaire Network Marketer: Online Business|Marketing|Passive Income|Lifestyle Business
The Millionaire Network Marketer Podcast with Lisa Rooney is designed for online entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Featuring interviews and strategies from millionaires and top income earners. Each week you'll gain insights on how to brand yourself, social media marketing, blogging, marketing, recruiting, leadership, duplication, how master mindset shifts, and systems you can implement in your business. Learn how to make a bigger impact by serving others with integrity, heart, and hus...
By Dr. Gregory Goodman
The ModernMD hosted by Dr. Gregory Goodman is a weekly podcast interviewing today’s most innovative MD’s. We share each MD’s journey from White Coat to Business Suit, Idea to Venture – highlighting success, failures, and lessoned learned. We close each episode with Business Rounds (not your typical hospital rounds), where each MD provides golden prescriptions for your success, recourses, and advise. Join us today, get your doctor recommended dose of MD innovation!
By RadioPI
Private Investigator Will ZPI investigates the times from an investigative perspective. Will ZPI, a Christian, has over 15 years in the investigation field. He is also a former Sgt. at Arms of one of the largest motorcycle clubs in the world. Will ZPI's professional research and life experience provides an interesting show.
By Ag Tech Podcast
We explore the intersection of agriculture and technology.
By vaycasey
a podcast about freelancing through the opinions and experiences of a current full-time freelancer.
By Nick Snapp
The “Make it Snappy” Productivity Show is the only show that combines productivity with purpose, for entrepreneurial parents and ANYONE who wants their time back in this era, where overwhelm is normal and overtime is expected. Straight outta Tampa, Nick Snapp teams with local entrepreneurs and employees (just like you) to tackle the toughest time sucks and progress killers. Whether it's actual, “on-air” productivity coaching, or in-depth interviews with effectively productive people, you'll...
By Kent Julian - Speaker. Author. Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Proud Bald Guy. You can see his work in cool places like,,,, and more.
The Live It Forward show with Kent Julian inspires and equips you to passionately pursue your dream life and calling with clarity and focus. If you want to show up and shine in your personal life, relationships, and career, Kent gives you the success strategies and real-life action plans to make it happen. Don’t settle any longer for a mediocre life…live and earn it forward today!
By ZorCast
ZorCast is driven by ZorSource and powered by The Entrepreneur's Source. Join us each week for relevant discussions about all things franchising! Weekly guests will include some of the biggest and brightest in franchising, making this show a fantastic resource for anyone involved in this exciting and versatile industry!
By Cat Mead and Cindra Banks
BE inspired. GET educated. TAKE action! You CAN be successful, be yourself AND not compromise your life being an entrepreneur or independent business owner. And we are here to show you how! Join us, Cat and Cindra from Two Feet Yoga and The Empowered Entrepreneurs each week as we explore a different entrepreneurial concept, how it works in our business and what you can do to make it work for you. Let's get EMPOWERED! Learn more about us and join our tribe http://www.theempoweredentr...
By The Coaches Studio - Accountability for Business Coaches, Corporate Coaches, Health and Fitness Coaches and Life Coaches
"It's what you DO that will take your LIFE to the NEXT LEVEL Only through intentional strategies and consistent training can you produce lasting results." Personal accountability is the foundational building block for every performance improvement effort and is always the underlying factor of success in every organization. Successful Coaching and Accountability is the guiding principle that defines how we make commitments to one another, how we measure and report our progress, how we interac...
By Rana Nawas
"When Women Win" is a new podcast series where I interview boss ladies from all walks of life to discover their journey, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them... We will deconstruct the tools and strategies they used in a clear and simple way so that women all over the world can benefit from them - both personally and professionally. As I thrive on diversity, you will find that the guests vary widely - that's intentional! From Arts to Humanitarian, to Corporates, to Entrepre...
By The Quit Your 9 to 5 Podcast Show
Timeesha and Damian Duncan are the power couple behind the Quit Your 9 to 5 Academy. They are known for their candid, real life approach to helping entrepreneurs create their personal exit plan from their 9 to 5 and creating their passport to freedom, by showing them how to monetize their passion into a full-time career. In this show, Timeesha and Damian interview successful entrepreneurs on how they ditched their 9 to 5 and grew their business empires. They also share advice on entrepreneu...
By Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC
The Entrepreneurial MD Podcast offers "Conversations with Trailblazers" - interviews with successful physician entrepreneurs, and "Insights from the Professionals" - interviews with professionals who support physicians in business and have business wisdom to share.
By featuring interviews with Josh Katz, Cairo Foster, Greg Lutzka, Shaun Hover, Black Dave and Interviews 1x a week
Skate Motivation is a podcast dedicated to helping skateboarders fulfill their life goals and dreams. Each episode, host STOKED Steve, interviews the most inspiring and motivating professional skateboarders and people in various industries who skateboard in hopes to get skateboarders worldwide to be their best on and off the skateboard. The Skate Motivation podcast came from the #1 Skateboard Motivation Instagram account
By Michelle Villalobos | Superstar Activator, Speaker & Business Strategist
Tune in weekly to expand your mind with the “Awaken Your Inner Superstar” with Michelle Villalobos as she prods, pokes and probes a diverse mix of the planet’s most innovative minds in business, psychology, personal development and more for game-changing ideas, transformational stories, and entrepreneurial best practices. Listening to this show will help you create more freedom, more fortune, more fulfillment and more FUN in your business and life. Guaranteed.
By Michelle Dutro
What does it take to be a Game Changer? These interviews will bring you the stories of their challenges, their successes and most importantly their “why” behind what they do. It is my hope that you are inspired by people who are just like you, who are making a difference. You will see that it doesn’t take a million dollars, quitting your job, or knowing Bill Gates in order to contribute in a significant way. You can do amazing things from where you are right now. And if there are beliefs that...
By Andrea Klunder: Creative Consultant, Media Producer, Entrepreneur
"Impostor syndrome." How does it show up for you - self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, perfectionism, comparison, competition? Or a little gremlin in your head that says, "Who do you think you are? You can't do THAT!" You have something to share with the world -- maybe it’s just the spark of a creative idea or an entire world of inspired vision! Andrea Klunder and guests show you how to be BOLD and take action, to put your creative work into the world, to have your voice be heard despite...
By Scott Krava, Danny Garcia & Spencer Bliven
Sharing the stories of success, failure and the drive to keep pushing forward, The Handcrafted Podcast is a weekly conversation with the talents of the Midwest. Each week, a new guest joins us to talk about their passion and what they're doing to accomplish their dreams.
By Zain Group
A monthly podcast produced by Zain Group HR that is available for Zainers and potential candidates with career advice, interview tips and much more!
By Jordan Gal
The CartHook Show brings actionable insights to ecommerce professionals. Whether you’re running an ecommerce site that does ten thousand dollars a month or a million dollars a month, or you’re an industry expert that works with ecommerce companies, this show will arm you with the latest strategies and techniques. Each episode features case studies and expert advice on conversion rate optimization, paid and content marketing, social media, SEO, mobile strategy, and more to grow your ecommerc...
By Glen Carlson
I chat with Key People of Influence making a Dent in the universe. Personal Branding - Productising Services - Writing Books - Campaigns & Promotions - Pitching - Lead Gen - Revenue & Profit Drivers - Public Speaking - Team Culture & Attracting talent - Giving Back Business owner to business owner, I want to get behind the scenes into the specifics of how people get oversubscribed with opportunity, charge premium prices and do what they love while creating impact at scale. I’m the co-found...
By Zephan Moses Blaxberg: Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Traveler
The Year of Purpose Podcast hosted by Zephan Moses Blaxberg features entrepreneurs, travelers, storytellers and adventurers. In each episode he talks about living a life of purpose and what it took to get there. Zephan is also the author of Life Re-Scripted: Find Your Purpose & Design Your Dream Life Before The Curtains Close. From World Record holders to millionaire entrepreneurs Zephan's curiosity always discovers new ways to be happy and experience life from people who have "been there" an...
"Откровенно про IT-карьеризм" — программа, посвященная резюме, собеседованиям, построению карьеры и просто беседах о разных IT-сферах. Программу ведут Михаил Марченко — программист, начинающий Scrum master и просто веселый человек, и его соведущая — HR-manager, бизнес-тренер, специалист по оценке и мотивации персонала Ольга Давыдова.
By Paul McGregor
Are you looking to become a better man? The Ultimate Man Podcast by Paul McGregor is here to help improve your confidence and unlock your full potential. Paul invites experts in all areas of life onto the show to discuss confidence, fitness, health, style, dating, career, mental health and more. It's time to unlock the ultimate version of yourself and become the best man you can be.
By Jane Barrett | Careers Expert | Coach | Author | Entrepreneur | Founder of The Career Farm
Desperate to change career? Frustrated with your lack of progress in your current role? Thinking about starting your own business? If you're any of these then let me help you. For more than 15 years I've worked with leading Business Schools across the UK and Europe, helping their students identify the work they want to do and giving them the tools they need to make it happen. Nothing makes me happier than getting an email from someone I've worked with who's got the job they wanted. Join me on...
By Melissa Marijnen
Melissa Marijnen interviewt professionele rebellen, die de status-quo in hun industrie weten te veranderen. Ontdek met haar hun persoonlijke verhalen, en krijg inspiratie voor jouw eigen carrière, business of leven. Rebel Radio is mede mogelijk gemaakt door Dag en Nacht, platform voor podcasts van Anne Janssens en Tim de Gier: Met speciale dank aan aan Coyoco en Nate Dizco voor de intro en outro.
By Zawodowy Podcast
Zawodowy Podcast to program o zmianie pracy, zawodu i rozpoczynaniu własnego biznesu. Pomagam w nim kobietom szukającym zawodowych inspiracji, przejąć kontrolę nad tą ważną częścią naszego życia i zacząć działać rozsądnie, mądrze ale cały czas w duchu naszych skrytych pragnień. Sięgamy po więcej, bo możemy i jesteśmy tego warte. Zapraszam :) Zawodowy Podcast możesz znaleźć również na stronie
By Education, discussion and collaboration for 21st Century entrepreneurs
Project Kazimierz brings together some of the most influential minds in Central Europe's growing technology and startup community for discussions on issues that impact small businesses and entrepreneurs.
By Arlina Allen
Hungry to close more deals and advance your high tech sales career? Then you are in the right place with Arlina Allen interviews top sales performers in the high tech industry. These are the people who are consistently in the top 20%. Discover selling secrets straight from the highest producers who are currently crushing it. The goal from these interviews is to deconstruct world class sales professionals and reveal daily habits, lessons learned, and practical strategie...
By Robbie J Frye | Creatividad, Innovación, Emprender, Diseño, Productividad, Inspiración, Motivación, y Éxito = Estilo de Vida
Robbie J Frye, el Gringo Loco está convencido de que la creatividad es el elemento vital de la raza humana. Pasó cinco años con Apple aprendiendo del líder mundial de la creatividad y la innovación. Él es un diseñador, orador, lifehacker, y experto de presentaciones. En su podcast, él analiza los hábitos creativos, momentos, y herramientas que sus oyentes pueden utilizar en su día a día. No olvide inscribirse al para obtener acceso a reseñas de libros, música, ofertas e...
By Dennis Worden: Young Native Professional
The NextGen Native Podcast highlights the best and brightest in Indian Country. NextGen Native profiles young Native Americans who are making a difference in their tribal communities. The podcast features interesting topics for this demographic, including conversations about tribal business, education, personal finance, health, and making a difference in Native communities.
By Dominika Miernik
Welcome to my monthly The Expat Life and Career podcast, the place to be when you want to create a career you love and live the life you want.
By Work FAQ - Andrew Beveridge
With tips and advice for thriving in today's workplace, this is 'Work F A Q', hosted by Andrew Beveridge. In each episode we tackle one of your frequently asked questions about a wide range of workplace challenges. Andrew is joined by different professionals who share their thoughts and advice. Let’s face it - work can be hard. You don’t just want to survive it - we’re here to help you thrive.
By Andreas Biegel & Jonathan Schramke: Begeisterungsmacher und Podcaster
Führst Du bereits ein Leben voller Begeisterung oder geht da noch mehr? Du willst ein Leben führen, das Dich so richtig begeistert und das Du wirklich liebst? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig! Der Begeisterungs-Podcast ist der Podcast für Menschen, die sich für ein Leben voller Liebe, Leidenschaft und Lebensfreude entschieden haben. Bei uns findest du die wirkungsvollsten Strategien für sofort mehr Begeisterung und spürbare, positive Veränderung. Wir verraten Dir, wie genau Begeisterung fu...
By Dave Chesson, Founder of Kindlepreneur and KDP Rocket
Are you ready to increase your book sales, and hit the bestseller list consistently? Welcome to the Book Marketing Show, where in this weekly podcast Dave Chesson will not only show you some of the best book sales tactics but also bring on top-notch guests to show how each tactic taught here was a game changer for their books and how it can be for yours as well. Having created one of the largest websites on book marketing,, he’s also been a book-marketing consultant for top ...
By Naphtali Hoff
Lead to Succeed dives deep into personal leadership journeys. It seeks to understand how awesome leaders got to where they are today, and the challenges and successes that they experienced along the way. It’s purpose is to empower leaders to optimize performance and enjoy sustained success.
By Scott and Brittney Schwertly
We are Rodan + Fields consultants who are focused on helping others live radically with their R+F business. We are serious about about life design, and we want to help empower you so you can empower others.
By Gawoon Chung: Creative Co-Director, Project Planner, and Online Entrepreneur
Join Gawoon Chung in Dear Creators, a podcast that explores what it means to live a creative life. Each episode offers actionable advice on how to embrace your quirks, create meaningful work, and pursue your goals and ambitions.
By MakeWorkWork
A podcast on navigating the professional world including tech, travel, and books. Hosted by Habbi and Hailley.
By Mindful Mavens Podcast
Intentional and wellness based radio for women entrepreneurs navigating this crazy thing called life.
By 苏引华
《总裁商业思维》是当前培训界唯一聚焦“前”的课程。 主要帮助你解决企业经营管理和发展中的三大难题: 1、如何分钱一如何让员工持续跟随!(公司设定的机制必须能成就员工) 2、如何赚钱一如何让客户持续买单!(公司研发的产品必须能造福客户) 3、如何收钱一如何让客户主动购买!(公司设计的销售流程必须傻瓜式) 《总裁商业思维》将帮助老板从人、人心、人性的角度构建持续获利,自动化运营的金三角,帮助创业者解决经营管理中的种种困惑! 接下来让我们来看一下《总裁商业思维》课程的部分大纲: 如何分钱——团队思维: ★[建立依赖]: 如何让员工离不开公司、如何让客户离不开公司? ★[统一立场]: 如何让员工像老板一样没 日没夜、自动自发的工作? ★[解放老板]: 如何打造自动化运营的商业系统、让老板不再辛苦! 如何赚钱——产品思维: ★[满足需求]: 如何让公司的每一款产品都让顾客尖叫并疯狂购买? ★[无中生有]: 如何打造漏斗式的商业模式,让顾客持续不断买单? ★[出奇制胜]: 如何运用巅覆时空的思维模式创造并引领商业潮流? 如何收钱——客户思维: ★[永续经营]: 如何优化企业的三大利润来源、打...
By 吴金志
依托5000余付费学员学习反馈、历经7个月研发“理论+实践+点评”3环学习法,设计出本套课程“吴金志:手把手教你做产品经理(第3版)”。 本套课程从“量”和“质”上均进行了大幅度的提升和优化,更加符合“0基础小白”用户的口味,是你全面系统深入认识产品经理的绝佳方法。 同时,我们承诺: ①通过微信随时随地为你答疑、指导(请添加微信号 domainner 为好友) ②邀你加入专业的PM交流微信群,和数以百计的PM同行交流知识”。 ③本专辑前71集是系统课程、从72开始是加餐内容,预计会更新120集。 ⑤本专辑是知识分享也是在线教育,学以致用是目的哦。 本次课程包含“手把手带你做1个APP(鲲鲲APP)”的全流程,大家可以体验到产品经理真实工作的全部流程和在实际过程中每个环节可能遇到的问题以及应对办法,最真实的感受和亲自操作的过程。 学会游泳最关键的环节是:你要跳到水里,开始游。 学习PM知识亦如此,通过本次课程带你学习理论知识并真实地做一个APP。 懂和做,具有天壤之别;自己做出来的才是自己的本事。 本套课程有吴金志老师独自完成全部的录播,让你学习过程更容易,不用适应不同课节时不同讲...
By 领测老贺
领测老贺聊测试之【正本清源】,本栏目主要和大家聊聊对软件测试的看法,聊聊老贺心里觉得正确的软件测试观点和软件测试理念.新浪微博:领测老贺聊测试 微信公众号:领测软件测试网 QQ群:领测老贺聊软件测试 22386432
By J. Thorn and Rachael Herron
Two authors come together to share their successes and failures. Join Rachael "The Petal" Herron and J. "The Metal" Thorn every Wednesday for short conversations dedicated to the writer’s life.
By 公关界#山石#
By hanazawa kazutaka (花澤和隆)
激動の中国上海で15年約7万人と、リアルに接客した美容師がお伝えする 仕事とプライベートをハッピーにする「自分育て心理学」 小学生にも分かるココロの育て方をお伝えします。 ゲストを迎え、笑いあり・感動ありの人間模様をお伝えする番組です。 仕事・親子・男女・自分に関する問題を、サクッと解決しちゃいましょう 視聴者に無料でプレゼントする機会もあります! も要チェック!!!
By 乐作职介所
By 田辺聡の起業家的思考法 〜自分の人生は自分でプロデュースしよう〜
By Pro Charisma
Pro Charisma, Julia Sobainsky und Fynn Fenselau, geben hier jede Menge Tipps für Selbstständige wie sie ihr Marketing verbessern und um ein Vielfaches leichter Kunden gewinnen können. Persönliches Charisma, Sichtbarkeit und Marketing sind die Zutaten Deines Erfolgs! Menschen wollen Deine Dienstleistung und Deine Waren vor allem wegen Dir als als Person - es geht niemals nur um die Dienstleistung oder Ware selbst. Du steht im Mittelpunkt, Deine persönliche Ausstrahlung, Dein passgenaues Ma...
By Robert Oxborough
Some famous, some who are just interesting
By Business in Black
A weekly radio program answering questions and discussing topics about being in business, starting a business and growing a business.
By Annette and Sarah
Break Form is a podcast that challenges conventional narratives about career, creativity, and success. We, your hosts, are Annette and Sarah, two former(ish) lawyers turned writers. We're on a quest for deeper meaning and fulfillment. Follow along as we navigate our changing identities and careers.
By Sean Risen
Just launched web site, looking to generate traffic via podcasts and other social media outlets.
By Heritage Radio Network
Each episode, join Eli Sussman as he hosts a one-on-one conversation with a chef or restaurateur about his/her childhood, first jobs in food, and the path they chose that led them to become the chef or restaurateur they are today. From how it all began, to where they are now and everything in between. This is The Line.
『社労士教科書 社労士 合格問題集 2011年版』(ヒューマンアカデミー著、翔泳社刊)と連動したポッドキャスト番組です。社会保険労務士の資格を取得するために必要な法律の知識をやさしく学んでいきます。ぜひ書籍をお手元においてお聞きください。
『社労士教科書 社労士 完全攻略ガイド 2012年版』(ヒューマンアカデミー著、翔泳社刊)と連動したポッドキャスト番組です。社会保険労務士の資格を取得するために必要な法律の知識をやさしく学んでいきます(基本的に週に2本ずつ配信されます)。ぜひ書籍をお手元においてお聞きください。
By Paul Akers
Paul Akers, of FastCap, travels the world, and speaks about ideas, Lean principles & Lean manufacturing.
By Insentra
The Download with Ronnie Altit featuring talks and discussions from top people in IT industry in Australia and New Zealand
By We Are Next
Advice and insight from the advertising industry to help students and fresh talent start their careers with confidence. Natalie Kim, Founder of We Are Next, sits down with people from all agencies, roles and levels to understand what they do, how they got there, and what they've learned along the way. It's equal parts actionable advice and reassurance that everything is going to be okay.
By California Realty Experts
Success does not happen overnight, but you need to start TODAY! Follow Geno Diegelman and Alesia Amodio as they, the founders of California Realty Experts, take you along their journey as business developers and bring you weekly updates on how to succeed in being an Entrepreneur Today.
By Paul Charron: Golf Blogger, Golf Addict, Golf Swing Coach, Chaser Of the Little White Ball
The GolferOnFire.Com Podcast is your home for the hottest golf talk on the internet. We'll cover everything from golf instruction, golf fitness and golf etiquette to the latest gossip on the PGA tour. Each week we'll interview a variety of golf professionals, celebrities, athletes and business leaders who have had golf influence their lives. We'll hope you'll join us each week and let us set your game ON FIRE!
By KMT Partners
Ahead of the Game brings you actionable business insights from entrepreneurs, founders, business owners and leaders. Each episode, these passionate people will take you on their journey, revealing stories of starting companies, growing pains, successes, failures and living their values in the midst of the many challenges. These are real business stories that will inspire and help you grow. The show is brought to you by KMT Partners, a South Australian accounting and wealth management...
By Petra Velzeboer
Petra Velzeboer is a therapist, facilitator and executive coach. She skilled up after a childhood with no education living in a religious cult that erased her identity and future. Through depression, anxiety, alcohol dependence and suicidal thoughts she reached her rock bottom at 25 and decided she had a choice: to learn how to truly live or to end her life now. Over a decade of experimenting on strategies for success and learning everything about mindset and psychology, her life is 100% di...
By David Giller, Brainiate
Are you struggling to keep up with all the latest features and functionality available in Salesforce? Subscribe to this podcast to get the best tips and tricks from other Salesforce professionals to increase your confidence and boost your productivity on the Salesforce platform.
By Laurie Sudbrink
Leading With GRIT is a practical business series for transforming the workplace, offering pragmatic insight on value-based strategies that improve the individual and the business. Based on Laurie Sudbrink’s proprietary principles of GRIT – Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth – this series shares how working toward individual improvement produces better organizational results than traditional approaches that focus on collective improvement.
By Antoine Perry
The Most Extraordinary Ordinary Podcast brings you stories about life, business, significance of relationships, overcoming obstacles, and success from various Pro Athletes, Coaches, Business Owners, Media Moguls, and Sports Agents. This Podcast produces Tangible Inspiration for the audience through detailed interviews that comb through the journeys of our guests.
By Todd Schnick and Rayanne Thorn
Welcome to intrepidHR - your one-stop shop for information about human resources, its surrounding technologies, and innovative HR processes and Ideas of today into tomorrow. intrepidHR was founded to keep executives, as well as HR professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, or industry leaders abreast of what's happening now in HR.
By Chris Batz and The Lion Group
We discuss life and leadership. Learn from corporate defense law firm leaders such as the chairmen, managing partners, executive committee members and law partners along with their legal consultants. We interview these men and women across the United States who practice law and provide leadership at the largest law firms to elite corporate boutiques. Glean wisdom, new ideas, relate to their stories and follow along as we talk about current legal industry topics, firm management, their persona...
By The Grommet
The Grommet is the place to Discover What's Next. The Grommet Meet the Maker Podcast is the place to hear from the inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses making what’s next. Listen to the Maker stories behind the most innovative products shaping the Maker Movement and helping you Buy Differently.