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Girls Talk Podcast

By Girls Talk
Girls Talk is a discussion podcast where taboo and hard topics are covered by two girls - J and S. See them tackles subjects such as Sex, Relationships, Abuse, School etc and be part of the conversation too!

Looking for Lindy

By Commodore James
In an effort to catch the eye of his celebrity crush, Commodore James discusses dating and being a hopeless romantic with a new guest each episode.

DP with Rigo

An Audio journey into the human individual experience where lessons learned, experiences well earned, and some leafs turned. Join your host Rigo as he collects everyone's story and talk about absolutely everything he can to only realize it's all a collective journey... and he is still on a budget.

Gay Culture

By Jacob Edward
You're new GBF! Jacob and his random friends talk about everything LGBTQ+ from the 'week' gone by! It'll be fun, silly, weird and awesome!

Sin Etiquetas – Sinapsis Radio

By Sinapsis Radio
Porque de vez en cuando es necesario re-inventarnos, re-educarnos y re-pensar nuestra realidad. ¡Todos los viernes a las 11:00 am echemos el chal y conversemos de diversidad en radio por internet! Vivamos sin miedos y sin prejuicios. Vivamos en diversidad.

Romantically Imbalanced

By Gotham Podcast Studios
Delving into the changes, experiences, and thoughts of dating, relationships, and sex from the viewpoint of Millennials with different POV's.

So Many Feelings

By Sanaa Hyder
Welcome to the So Many Feelings podcast! I’m your host Sanaa Hyder. I’m a psychotherapist who works with couples. I also write, blog, and talk about emotions and relationships (visit for more on me). I’m joined by my colleague, Dr. Fritz Galette, a psychologist who works in NYC. Subscribe to So Many Feelings, write in, comment, and stay tuned for more episodes. Let's collaborate on cultivating the most important relationships of your life.

Cell Transport

By Malakai Thomas / Anchor
Kai and Collins magnificent podcast that will go viral on any site possible

Cold As Ice Advice with Matty and Nikki

By Matty and Nikki
Cold as Ice Advice is a relationship advice podcast for people looking for straight-talk and open conversations about relationships, dating and finding and keeping that special someone in your life. Matty and Nikki are lifelong friends who are polar opposites and have been sharing their unique, outside-the-box expertise for years. Their unique approach helps you better understand your partner and how to cultivate a healthy relationship no matter who your partner may be. No judgement, just re...

Not Your Mother's Sex Talk

By Hannah
The uncomfortable talks that were too much for your parent's to have with you

Live A Conscious Life

By Cameron Airen
helping you live more consciously


By Friends4Fun
In 2010, Barefeatz and Dani Sapphire opened their marriage and began a journey into what is called "The Lifestyle" by many in the swinging community. For 6 years, they journaled many of their experiences in a podcast called "LifeStyleLife." In 2018, they rebooted this podcast into a completely new show called the "Friends4Fun" podcast. The purpose of the show is to share some more of their fun experiences with swinging, and to connect with other swingers all over the world. Each episode is a ...


By Jenayalynn
I discuss all family drama through a different series every few weeks. Co-parenting, how society views FOC's, cheating, breakups, marriage, divorce, kids, school, etc. I will discuss current events relevant to the POC community.

WIR MÜSSEN REDEN! Der Beziehungs-Podcast

By Beziehung auf den Punkt! Andrea Harbeck und Dietmar Hellwig - Beziehungscoaching, Paartherapie, Alpha-Intuition
WIR MÜSSEN REDEN! – Der Beziehungspodcast mit Andrea Harbeck und Dietmar Hellwig. In unseren Podcast-Folgen reden wir über Beziehung. Darüber, wie Beziehung geht – und wie manchmal eben nicht. Im Zweier-Team, in der Familie oder im Business... Wir sprechen über Beziehungen im Allgemeinen und unsere im Speziellen. Manchmal zu zweit, manchmal alleine. Manchmal ein bisschen geplant, manchmal ganz spontan. Regen an – zum Lachen, Schmunzeln und Nachdenken. Und zum selbst reden. Unser Ziel haben...


By Allison Moon
Artgasm is a podcast all about the intersections of art, media, and sex. Episodes feature interviews with working artists, sexuality professionals, and cultural critics. We talk about representations of sexuality in media and artworks that move the needle around the way we discuss and perceive sex. Host Allison Moon is a sex educator and writer. She's the author of four books including Girl Sex 101 and Bad Dyke.

Hot Mess

By Renee Baldwin & Juanita Dillard
Living young at 50 plus . Re-writing the stigma attached to our age. Covering topics such as health, beauty, style , sex and the challenges of being single and dating. The changes we have and might go through .

The Priory Society - A Sexy Lifestyle Podcast

By Eros and Isis, Swingers and Podcasters
We're Eros and Isis, a happily married 30 something couple that shares our experiences in the swinging lifestyle. Curious newbies and seasoned swingers will both enjoy hearing about the silly situations we've been in & the mistakes that we've made as we explore our newfound sexual non-monogamy. We tell it all in juicy detail. We chose the name Priory Society because being in the swingers lifestyle is like being part of a Secret Society. We keep our activities private from family and vani...


By John Henry
This is the story of a man who was convicted and imprisoned for a sex crime

Ruthlessly Committed

By Ryan and Luci Lampe
Connection. Passion. Freedom. Married with 4 kids, sh*t is REAL! Raw, real conversations with Ryan and Luci about marriage, sex, and parenthood.

Women's Guide to Living the Orgasmic Life

By Megan Riley / Anchor
This is Women's Guide to Living the Orgasmic Life where we discuss all things empowerment, sacred sexuality, and relationships!

The Love Drive

By Shaun Galanos
The podcast on sexual health, intimacy, and freaky kinky shit is here. Your host, Shaun Galanos, asks guests to join him in shedding some light on topics that we should all be talking about more. If it has to do with your heart, or your genitals, we’re talking about it.

In Loving Color

By Alec Speckenbach & Sierra Faulkner
Alec and Sierra are an interracial polyamorous duo living in Brooklyn, New York. Join them as they pursue acceptance and meaning as a modern day couple. Nothing is off the table as they dive into race/racism, dating and sex, societal expectations, and cultural nuance -- all through the lens of their relationship.

Find Your Feminine Fire

By Amanda Testa, Sex, Love + Relationship Coach
Are you ready to have more energy and sexual desire again, but feel stuck because you are too busy, feel exhausted, and don't want one more thing on your "to do" list? Congratulations brave one. Find Your Feminine Fire Podcast is for you. Listen in as Sexual Empowerment Expert Amanda Testa and her guests talk Sex, Love, Relationships, and how to connect with what lights you up from the inside out.


By Lisa Schrader
The feminine is rising, speaking out, reclaiming her body, and stepping into leadership like never before. But today’s women also suffer from record levels of stress, adrenal fatigue, depression and sexual dissatisfaction. Yes, we’ve learned to win, but in the wrong game. Our most valuable resource has been there all along: our sacred sensual body, fiercely loving heart, and the inspired guidance of our soul. This is our authentic feminine power. By returning our Source, we more effortlessly ...

Toxic Masculinity

Brad Downing and Tom Van Schingen set out to have powerful conversations about masculinity that will stimulate your mind and have you reconsider what it means to be a man in today's complicated world. They will discuss a variety of issues surrounding the topics of masculinity, femininity, sexuality, relationships, and more.

4x25 with Flor Del Soul

By Yayaa Juarez: Flower of the Soul
4x25 with Flor Del Soul is a no-holds-barred podcast that dives into topics that aren't readily discussed with so much candidness. We speak about life struggles, happiness, relationship problems, self-love, astrology, duality and other topics. Learn how to fall in love with yourself and everything about you. 4x25withflordelsoul flordelsoul Yayaa

The Way We Connect

By The Way We Connect
Exploring the way we relate, date, and communicate. What does it mean to be a human being in the 21st Century? Grab a cup of tea (or wine) and join us as we explore relationships, friendships, family, workplaces, societies, sex, and our relationships with nature, technology, and ourselves. We'll look through several lenses - psychology, sociology, maybe even physics or biology - and invite experts on social connection (in other words, pretty much anybody who has interacted with other people...

Queer As Fiction

By Girl Ship TV
Queer As Fiction is a podcast where three adult women (Amanda Holland, Kirsten King & Ashly Perez) read queer erotica out loud and talk about it, all whilst trying not to giggle at the dirty words like a bunch of school children.

The Smutlancer Podcast

By Kayla Lords
The Smutlancer podcast is a weekly discussion for writers and other content creators who focus on sex, gender, relationships, sexuality, kink, and anything else on the sexual spectrum. In each episode we'll discuss ways to make money from actionable items to inspirational big ideas. You can also expect interviews with editors and other creators, discussions about books, rants and philosophical discussion, as well as everything I've learned working as a freelance writer in the sex industry.

You & Me and Our Mutant Friends Podcast

By Spazz & OT: Friends, Joksters, Dummies, Podcasting
Longtime friends, Spazz & OT explore their unique history as they navigate through the stories of their lives. Each trip the duo bring in a third party, "mutant" friend to add to the oddness, humor, viewpoints, and anecdotes. "You & Me and Our Mutant Friends" is an honest and amusing examination of life and friendship and all the "weird" that just naturally happens. Expect beer.

Purity Hacks Podcast

By Jeff Fisher / Anchor
Jeff Fisher, director of invites you into an awakening. If you are a sexual struggler or are helping strugglers, you need this podcast. Jeff has been free from his his own sexual addiction for 10 years, and is now able to help others with coaching, support, tips, and strong action plans. Purity Hacks cuts through to the core of the sexual struggler. How to change. How to stop the bad stuff and start the good stuff. How to find healing for your struggles. How to find fu...

Was man so nicht sagen darf, der Podcast zum Blog

By Paula Deme
Was man so nicht sagen darf, wird hier auf den Punkt gebracht. Der Podcast zum gleichnamigen Blog.

Camel Toe Candor

By Mimi Flores
Camel Toe Candor is for people who want to experience open, honest and sometimes uncomfortable conversations about things that the everyday woman (and some men) experience. Join Mimi Flores while she talks candidly with others about being broke, aging like a cheap wine, HVP, seasonal depression, adulting and much more. This show won’t shy away from anything and will attempt to find humor in even the most awkward situations. Camel Toe Candor is for the funny new-aged feminist who enjoys girl t...


BØLGEN ER RADIO, DER HANDLER OM AT VÆRE MENNESKE. Alt er i bevægelse. Alt har en lyd, og du er ved at lytte til det allerførste afsnit af Bølgen. Lyden af længsel, sex & kærlighed: Det er Kærlighedsbølgen. [LYTTES BEDST MED HØREBØFFER. MENS DU LIGGER NED. ELLER GÅR.] Og vi elsker at høre din stemme, så send lyd eller ord, ideer, skønhed, lyrik eller lort til os på [email protected] SES I BØLGEN. LYDSKABER: SOFIE VOIGHT. TILRETTELÆGGER & HISTORIEFORTÆLLER: BELLA SCHEFTELOWITZ.

Not Your Girlfriend's Podcast

New Podcast about Sex, Relationships, Love and FuckBoys made for #Millennials by Millennials. Crafted for you by B+L

Global Seducer Quickie Podcast

By Sebastian Harris - Your daily dose of attraction, pickup, seduction, and dating advice
Sebastian Harris, the founder of and author of Rise of the Phoenix: How to Get the Hottest Girls in a World That Wants You to Fail shares his experience picking up girls in dozens of countries on five different continents. If you struggle with approach anxiety, fear of women, fear of rejection, and the popular “what should I say next” syndrome, Sebastian’s daily10-minute rants about pickup and seduction will change your life. It doesn’t matter if you want a girlfriend, frien...


Nikki wants to learn more - and wants everyone to unlearn everything they know - about the ambitious girls who are making move$$$, owning their bodies, and bossing up…however it makes sense for them. In this intimate interview series, Nikkibot and co-host Nonoyup talk with exotic dancers from different cultural backgrounds to explore female sexual identity and gain insight into the life of the modern day stripper.

Working Out The Kinks

By Something Random Media / Anchor
"Working Out The Kinks" is a feminist, LGBTQIA+ friendly, kink positive look at sex and sexuality! Its funny! Its informative! Its heartwarming! Episodes release every other Humpday.

Call Me Taboo

By EDGE Podcast Network
A podcast created to spread positivity in all things "Taboo". Hosted by Sarah Taboo and special guests having discussions on different topics and having plenty of laughs while doing so!

Entre Marte y Venus si existe la tierra

By Adrian Salama
Este podcast es una divertida manera de explicar las diferencias entre los hombres y las mujeres. Conducido por la intrépida Gina Zerboni ( y el Marciano favorito Adrián Salama ( Los planetas se alinearon para que este par, nos diviertan y enseñen con su humor característico Página oficial

The Transgender Scientist

By The Transgender Scientist
Science applied to current transgender issues. Hosted by Thomas (Dana) Bevan, who holds a Ph.D. in biopsychology and has authored 3 books on trans science.

Science Boobies

By Brian and Jen
In each episode, Hosts Jen and Brian will de-construct the anatomy of the universe, either on the quantum level, or the political correctness level, whichever is messier. Jen is an anti-marxist subversive and Brian is made of stardust.


By Una vida de boda
Una Vida de Boda es un programa interactivo pensado para ayudar con herramientas y recomendaciones en la organización de bodas. Podrás escuchar experiencias personales, entrevistas a profesionales del mundo nupcial, Tips de Feng Shui y una selección de temas musicales que harán que la banda sonora de tu boda sea inolvidable.

3 Dollar Podcast

By Jessica Ensign
A witty college girl in a witty college world who is not to be taken too seriously but also to be taken as seriously as possible. I'll give you three dollars if you give me the time of day for an hour on my 3 Dollar Podcast. Some have gone on record to say "They call you Madame Tootsalot. You like podcasts. Give her Snickeres," (Cited from my girlfriend).

Queering Desi

By Queering Desi
Queering Desi is a podcast that celebrates the unique experiences of South Asian LGBTQ+ people. Each week, a guest will chat with long-time community activist and writer, Priya Arora, about their journey and what it means to be true to who you are. To help us share our stories in our own words, and take the burden of representation off each individual, this podcast aims to be a breeding ground for discussion and a platform for being loud and proud, no matter who you are! (Platform & Marke...

Hot and Bothered

By Vanessa Zoltan, Ariana Nedelman, Brigid Goggin, Julia Argy
On Hot and Bothered, we encourage people to write Romance novels as a sacred practice. Each episode, we follow the experience of one of Vanessa Zoltan's friends who is writing their very first romance novel. Vanessa is joined by Julia Quinn, her favorite Romance novelist, to discuss romance novel tropes and what it takes to write a Romance novel. Along the way, we find meaning in the mundane, treat the secular as a sacred, and build communities of supportive and creative friends.

Nobody Dances Here

By Nobody Dances Here
Imagine yourself at a party, tucked in a corner with four of your friends conversing about a week's worth of pop culture, politics, and hot button issues... with a cocktail.

Masturbation Monday

By Masturbation Monday
Monday might suck but Masturbation Monday is the best day of the week. Smutty authors write and share their sexy stories. You can read the hundreds of stories shared since 2014 on the website, but this is the place to listen to sexy stories. Every Monday John Brownstone will read a different piece of smutty goodness from one of the many bloggers and writers who participate in the Masturbation Monday link-up.

The Kink Academy Podcast

By Kali Williams
Real Talk from the best Kink and Sex Educators in the world. This podcast features content from, founded in 2007 by Princess Kali.

Spiritual Woman | Spiritualität leben. Frau sein. Mama sein.

By Julia Reinecke
Spiritual Woman - ist für alle Frauen, die sich für weibliche Spiritualität interessieren und spüren, dass es da mehr für sie zu erforschen gibt. Dass es vielleicht sogar ein Schlüssel für ihr Leben ist oder sein könnte. Mit diesem Podcast möchte ich Dir helfen, Spiritualität leben zu lernen, so, wie es Dir entspricht. Frau sein, Weiblichkeit stärken und leben, Sexualität heilen und lieben sowie Selbstliebe und Heilung werden Kernthemen sein. Mein Ziel ist, dass Du eine tiefe Beziehung zu Dir...

Quilombo Podcast

By quilombopodcast
En Quilombo Podcast podrás viajar, recordar tiempos mejores, conocer costumbres de Caracas o tener sexo con nosotros. Todo de manera amena y entre amigos.

Queer Podcasts

By Queer Podcasts
Introducing Queer Muslim Sex Worker A one-off documentary podcast exploring the real life of Maryam, a queer Londoner who identifies as Muslim and does sex work. Produced by Amy Ashenden.

Queer Lives

By Queer Lives Podcast
Queer Lives is a (usually) live storytelling podcast featuring the real stories of LGBTQ+ people uploaded bimonthly.

Harlei and Eliza Podcast

By Harlei Eliza
Two pretty cool chicks podcasting. | LOVE | INTIMACY | DATING | SISTERHOOD | LIFESTYLE | [email protected] IG: @harleieliza

Queen City Poly

By BB & Coach Kaey
Queen City Poly is a podcast dedicated to connecting real people with real solutions for their relationship goals. Focused on communication, consent, and autonomy, we discuss polyamory and ethical non-monogamy as well as broader topics concerning open relationships of all structures and configurations (polyamorous and otherwise). We even call on monogamous friends and special guests to share their views on love, sex, family, psychology, sociology, and other tangents that spark our curious min...

Queer Studies

By Simply Syndicated
LGBTQ is quite a handful of letters, yet it represents at least 9 million people in the US alone, and that was as of 2011. There are certainly millions more people under the rainbow flag in the world today, and millions more being born every year. Yet straight, cisgender people tend to know very little about what LGBTQ folks go through every day. And that’s where Queer Studies begins. This show seeks to educate straight/cisgender folks about how to be good allies to the LGBTQ community. Peopl...

Ill Behaved Podcast

By Ty and Meg
Girl Talk

Quick and Dirty Marriage Podcast

By Dale and Heather Aceron
Dale and Heather have been married since 1999. The first 2 years of it was like a very bad roller coaster that didn't seem to end. But that all changed for the better. And now, after learning and applying a lot of great marriage concepts and setting a strong foundation, their marriage is so strong that they want to help you strengthen yours. The Quick and Dirty Podcast Episodes are about 10 minutes long, funny, and contain practical and effective ways that you and your spouse can start ap...

Queer and Fabulous

By Ilene Over
An LGBT podcast hosted by the lovely Miss Ilene Over. Topics include political commentary, interviews with various members of the LGBT community, and a lot more!

The Hidden Swing Podcast

By The Hidden Swing
Sharing the ups and downs of the swinging lifestyle

Fat AF Podcast

Fat AF is dedicated to sex positivity and fat liberation. Our aim is to stimulate open dialogue about fatness and sexuality by focusing on a new topic every episode, interviewing guests, and speaking frankly about fat sex. We believe fat bodies are a sexual asset and strive to help others see the possibilities fat bodies hold.

Gender Stories

By Alex Iantaffi
Every body has a relationship with gender... What's your story? In this podcast Alex Iantaffi, author of "How to Understand Your Gender: a practical guide for exploring who you are" will reflect on how gender impacts different areas of our lives, such as relationships, spirituality, parenting and more. They will have guests to explore these topics as well as reflect on their own experiences as a therapist, writer, educator and trans masculine, non-binary person (don't worry if you don't know...

Kinky Peas Podcast

By Angel, Little V, Pearl & Owen
Your kink is not my kink, and that's cool. We want to hear about your kinks, and we want to tell you about ours, and maybe share a little wisdom and common sense along the way. So join us, The Kinky Peas (and Owen).

RealSouls with Peggy Bennett

By Peggy Bennett
This is Peggy Bennett - I am a Clarity Coach, Matchmaker and Stylist. Join me each week as I host Real Souls, a show that is as diverse as I am. Everything from dating and relationships to manifesting the life that you desire. The conversations are raw and unfiltered. The topics range anywhere from in-depth spiritual discussions to candid sex talks. You’ll be hearing from specialists and experts along with every day men and women. These people share their wisdom, their triumphs, their pers...


By Project Six19
Hear from multiple voices on a variety of topics; sex, shame, social media, pornography. Nothing is left unturned as God’s grand design as the sex maker is revealed. Bold. New. Unique. Captivating. Every tape is usually no longer than 10 minutes! It uses the power of story, spoken word and interview to discuss some of the most difficult issues a teen and young adult might face. Get started today!

Our Queer Experience Podcast

By Our Queer Experience Podcast
This weekly podcast objectively looks at numerous LGBT issues and highlights the diversity within the LGBT community.

We Won't Be Silent

By Nats Esther
A podcast for survivors of sexual abuse to have their voices heard. Nats Esther is your host and will be interviewing a range of guests and asking them your questions. If you want your voice heard then this is the podcast for you. Together our voices are stronger.

Relations & Relationships

By BlkDiamond
Relations & Relationships is a place where women can be women; discussing sex, love, friendships, relationships and intimacy from a woman's perspective. BlkDiamond explores these necessary yet sometimes uncomfortable conversations and shares tips on how to keep it sexy for your partner in the bedroom. It's a raw & uncut show where sex is discussed in a grown and sexy manor that both men & women can appreciate (not to mention learn a few things)!

Jesse Bourgeois Show

By Jesse Bourgeois
Stories, tips, tricks and tactics to improve your health, fitness and happiness.

Fat AF Podcast

Fat AF is dedicated to sex positivity and fat liberation. Our aim is to stimulate open dialogue about fatness and sexuality by focusing on a new topic every episode, interviewing guests, and speaking frankly about fat sex. We believe fat bodies are a sexual asset and strive to help others see the possibilities fat bodies hold.

Unchained. Unbothered.

By Keturah Kendrick
An interview show that centers the voices of black women who make choices based on what is in their best interest. A bi-weekly coffee conversation about releasing yourself from the confines that stand in the way of freedom.

Relevate Presents: Scholars Ship

By Eric Goodcase
“Ship” (v): 1. To have a strong interest in the romantic relationship of characters from fictional stories.2. The desire for two or more fictional characters to become a romantic couple.“Ship” (n): 1. a vessel larger than a boat for transporting people or goods by sea.But really… We all know Hollywood doesn’t always portray love realistically; however, we still have our favorite tv show and movie couples that make us feel a sense of connection, hope, admiration, or just utter annoyance. Join ...

Casual Sundays

By Jake, Joe & the Cleaning Lady
A Comedy podcast featuring Jake, Joe & The Cleaning Lady as they discuss various topics and comedic observations on a Casual Sunday

Dear Abby

By Herald Sun
Former WAG and social media star Abby Gilmore joins Herald Sun Page 13 columnist Alice Coster to answer your questions about love, relationships, family and more. Do you have a question for Abby? Email: [email protected]


By worthwhile productions
A safe space for everyone to talk, listen and learn. JaJa is having the conversations that many are too timid, too embarrassed or too scared to have. NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMITS - But bashing of any kind is prohibited. Step into a world free of shame, an open conversation by every day people navigating their way through sex, love and self pleasure. It's safe, it's kind, there are laughs and a lot of love.

Pay No Mind Podcast

By Andrew Pan and Dea Wilson
We’re a podcast addressing intersectional feminist issues and how they manifest in daily life! We also try to answer advice and other questions while also talking to guests about their passions and reviewing media through an intersectional lens!

touchpoint true stories

By touchpoint labs
Since 2016, thousands of people in New York City have attended the touchpoint town hall, an open forum conversation about love and sex. It's real people sharing the things they've experienced in bed and in love amongst a room of a hundred perfect strangers. Everyone can be anonymous and anyone can share. This podcast will feature some of the stories that are shared as well as some narration from touchpoint founder, Jared Matthew Weiss. At touchpoint, our mission is to cultivate emotional,...

Relationship Cocktail Hour Podcast

By Michael & Carey
Hang out with Michael and Carey as they explore relationships, and a new cocktail recipe with every episode.

Háblame Sucio

By Anjo Nava y Olivia Aguilar
Háblame Sucio es el podcast de Anjo Nava y Olivia Aguilar, producido por Rafael "El Pana" Pérez. Hablamos de las cosas que se dicen en privado, sin tapujos ni censura.

Joel and Randy's Texas Tea

By Joel and Randy's Texas Tea
Two Mature gay men dishing the dirt on all things G-A-Y!!! We got news. We got pop culture. We got comedy and we got things to say that maybe gays like us need to hear.

Young Feminists & Allies

By National Organization for Women's (NOW) Inaugural Virtual Chapter
Young Feminists and Allies (YFA) is the National Organization for Women's (NOW) inaugural virtual chapter, specifically focused on the future of feminism. With the support of one of the most influential feminist organizations in history, we have free reign to take local and national action on issues that matter to feminists of all ages. One year ago, our nation endured a very painful reminder on why leaders should be elected democratically -- not appointed by a select few. We agree, whether ...


By Tanner Uselmann & Joey Johnson
There are countless dating advice shows out there that are made to actually help people. This is not one of those. This show is about two friends who rediscovered the magic of just how weird internet dating can be, and said “dude, we should do a show about this.” Well, here it is. This is it. This is LoveTaps.

All American Lesbians's podcast

By All American Lesbians
Life, lesbians, and beer. Tune into our weekly Podcast to enjoy all the colorful antics of your neighborhood All American Lesbians.

Wolves In The City

By ShoutOut Network
Wolves in the City is a podcast for black men who are exploring their sexuality in the city. Hosted by Visual Artist Urban Wolf, Youtuber Lee Gray and Grime Artist Karnage. This podcast is not suitable for the workplace. You have been warned.

Sex Talk Happy Hour

By NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault
Welcome to Sex Talk Happy Hour, a podcast hosted by the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault. We hope you'll subscribe and join us as we talk with amazing and brilliant people to talk about sex, sexuality, consent, violence, gender, gender norms, so on and so forth. Subcribe, and follow us on Instagram (@NYCAlliance) and/or on Twitter (@NYCAASA) and let us know what you want to hear about. Use our hashtag, #SexTalkHappyHour.


By Cyndi I. and Jesse E.
Cyndi and Jessi venture out in the colorful, vibrant city of Toronto, recording their conversations with local stand-up comedians, street performers, writers, artists, cannabis enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and some of their eccentric friends.

Ball Busters

By Titty Talk Show
Ball Busters is a small segment of the Titty Talk Show. It's 10 minutes segment discussing one topic for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Dirty Talk

By Dirty Talk
“Dirty Talk” is a sex and romance podcast hosted by Chapman Croskell and Tatiana Parafiniuk-Talesnick. On the show, Chapman and Tati share personal experiences, discuss feminist theories and interview professionals to gain a better understanding of the realm of relationships. Questions? Comments? Email [email protected] Or find Chapman and Tati on Twitter: @Nescwick and @TatianaSophiaPT. Music produced by Joshua Horner.

Nerds Who Swing

A Swinger Lifestyle podcast, hosted by the sexy Margo & Miller.

Conditionally Unconditional

By Conditionally Unconditional
A podcast about love. Searching for it, finding it, keeping it, and falling out of it. We listen to true stories of real people trying to find and keep love as well as look at how science views our romantic life. Tune in every other Thursday for new episodes!